Subscribers get access to our archives with 800+ interactive exercises! Mother and Father are driving me to New Orleans. I feel very very happy to look at this. Similarly Either clause could stand alone as a sentence. : and: I like tea and coffee. Conjunctions List!!! Accordingly What was its problem? First thank you. Moreover; Example: Smoking is a bad habit; moreover, it … So Just as important Such as After; Example: The day after tomorrow is Mary’s birthday. Conjunctions List: Top 100 Popular Conjunctions in Sentences, List of Conjunctions in English | Picture, Correlative Conjunctions: Useful Correlative Conjunctions List and Examples, Conjunction Words: How to Use Both and – Either or – Neither nor in Sentences, Problem Synonym: 18 Words to Use Instead …, Merry Christmas Wishes: 35 Best Merry Christmas …, EXCITED Synonym: Wonderful List of 40 Synonyms …, Collective Nouns List: 100+ Most Important Collective Nouns in English, WHOM vs WHOSE: How to Use Whom and Whose in a Sentence, List of Verbs: 100 Most Important English Verbs in Writing. 100 Conjunctions List, Definitions and Example Sentences. (Since is a subordinate conjunction joining a less important thought to a more important thought. English detailed Conjunctions list, example sentences and meanings. either: I'm sorry, Peter is ill and I can't come either. Also. : As you couldn't see the film, we'll tell you something about it. Similar conjunctions; connect two objects, subject, verb, or sentence. In this use, it is optional to put a comma before the ‘and’ connector. Are you searching for synonyms for Excited? By using Conjunctions, you can link two separate sentences related to each other, sort words, or create meaning integrity between two separate sentences. Because, when, although, however, as soon as, even if, just as, so that, by the time, while and whereas are examples of these. Now we have ‘world Englishes’! The coordinating conjunction goes on a dotted, vertical line between the things that it connects. There are 100 conjunctions in this list. For example You have been successfully subscribed to the Grammarly blog. When it enters between two sentences, a comma is used at the end of the sentence before it. Whether; Example: Whether you drive fast or slow, please drive carefully. the expression after the’ nor ‘binding begins with the auxiliary verb, as in the question structure;’ nor ‘ gives a negative meaning. Before Besides She wiggled her arms even more and it stepped right under. The independent clause could stand alone as a sentence; the dependent clause depends on the independent clause to make sense. In fact Because of this, especially adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, such as patterns are very confused with each other or the way they are used, and their meanings are easily forgotten. The next week Sam and Allie are practicing for the play tonight, Problem synonyms!!! For this purpose Thank you kindly for any help. 100 Conjunctions List in English; Conjunctions allow you to create clear and elegant sentences. On the contrary As you learn English grammar rules and grammar issues, you encounter many new things: tenses, verbs, passive-active sentences, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, and many more. Subsequently “I waited for the train when I saw some flashing lights.” Is this sentence correct or not. The main clause, we’ll go without you, can stand alone as a complete thought. Therefore, you can make patterns more memorable by classifying them according to their meaning and how they are used when working. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); It can be much easier to establish the relationship between your sentences when describing events when English conjunctions are learned or with a certain grouping. *While I was waiting for the train, I saw some flashing lights.*. Mike dropped the TV and his mother shouted at him. A conjunction joins words and groups of words. The cage struck it on it’s back, and the rat went down. She stat up, swung around and kicked at the cage.

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