Canines have an incredible sense of smell that allows them to detect the presence of bed bugs even when they aren’t visible. The bed bug eggs can go dormant, also, surviving the most lethal chemical, simply waiting for the ideal conditions to hatch. After you schedule a complementary bed bug inspection, Pine State Solutions will contact you to make an introduction and schedule the best time to come out to your property. Gary Alpert, Harvard University,; TrustedDogs are trained to work for food and love—not profits. Without lifting up a carpet or moving beds and furniture around, they cannot accurately identify a bed bug infestation. Kills every life stage from egg to adult. Since then she has had no ticks on her while on our property. While trained bed bug inspectors are skilled at identifying bed bug infestations, they are limited by their visibility. Trained bed bug dogs can. At Pine State Pest Solutions, we specialize in bed bug detection and remediation. MAINE’S SPECIALISTS IN BED BUG INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT! (The treatment will take between 7 and 12 hours depending on the square footage of the infested space.). In addition to the bedroom, bed bugs like to hide out in the following spots: Bed bugs will not go away unless treated. A Warning from the Federal Trade Commission, Integrated Pest Management In and Around the Home: Bed Bugs, Getting the Bed Bugs Out: A Guide to Controlling Bed Bugs in Your Home, Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs: A Summary for Consumers, Preventing and Treating Bed Bugs brochure, Guidelines for Dealing with Bed Bugs in a School Setting, Preventing and Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Safely; A Guide for Property Owners, Managers and Tenants, Prevention and Control of Bed Bugs in Residences: Information for Homeowners and Tenants, What's Working for Bed Bug Control in Multifamily Housing: Reconciling best practices with research and the realities of implementation, Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention, Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, University of Maine Cooperative Extension IPM for Maine Homeowners, Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Home. We use a patented heat treatment to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs. You can also give us a call at (207) 806-5449. Maine Title 14: Court Procedure—Civil, Part 7: Particular Proceedings, Chapter 710: Rental Property. Skip First Level Navigation | When you choose this bed bug treatment option, we’ll also install special monitoring devices and high quality, flexible fabric, water proof bed bug certified mattress and box encasements. Cost EffectiveBug detection dogs generate much quicker and more accurate results, meaning less expensive remediation costs. Our integrated pest management solution for bed bugs is ideal for light infestations or as a preventative to keep these biting insects out. Inspect your luggage carefully when packing to leave. Bed bugs were given their name because they are most typically found in the bedroom hiding in bedding, mattresses and box springs as well as bed frames, headboards, night stands and dressers. Reasonably priced and great service. Engorged bed bugs leave reddish-brown colored blood smears when crushed.). More than just excellent climbers, mice have all sorts of talents. Terms & Conditions  |  Site Map   |  Accessibility Statement, Pine State Pest Solutions 508 Washington Street NAuburn, Maine 04210 (207) 795-1100. Your bedrooms, especially, should not be subjected to chemicals. At Pine State Pest Solutions, our dogs were rescued from the Florida Humane Society, and trained at the Florida Canine Academy by legendary trainer Bill Whitstine. A Warning from the Federal Trade Commission regarding bed bug products, [Photos, left to right: While on-site, our professional bed bug experts will perform a detailed 10-point inspection of your home or office to locate the infestation. … They will climb brush, shrubs or grass up to 24” high and wait for a host. Given that summer still feels far off, we thought now would be a good time to introduce you to some of our state bugs. In addition to offering K-9 bed bug inspections and highly effective and eco-friendly bed bug heat treatments, Pine State Pest Solutions provides conventional bed bug treatments that are more than just spraying pesticides at the problem. Here are three major signs to look out for that indicate you may have a rodent problem—and stop it before it gets out of hand. That method to use is heat. Bed bugs in Portland Maine have reached epidemic proportions. In addition to offering K-9 bed bug inspections and highly effective and eco-friendly bed bug heat treatments, Pine State Pest Solutions provides conventional bed bug treatments that are more than just spraying pesticides at the problem. Nymphs are almost translucent and also about 1mm long, Adults are about ¼ inch long and reddish-brown, Flooring, carpets, baseboards and wood trim. Once attached, a tick will find a warm area on the body. Here are some helpful tips to help you identify bed bugs in your bedroom or hotel room: Remove the sheets, checking for blood spots. Our expert team of bed bug dogs and handlers travel across the state of Maine and are ready to help you find out if bed bugs are a problem in your home or business. Wondering if rodents have set up residence in your home? Areas we target include mattresses, box springs, furniture, and any other areas where our team is able to see bed bugs and eggs. Finally, you will receive a follow-up call to ensure your inspection experience went well – and if you had any additional questions for our technicians. Be sure that any product used is currently registered and follow all label directions. Skip All Navigation. Bed bugs seek out people and animals, generally at night while these … Bed bugs are small wingless insects that feed solely upon the blood of warm-blooded animals. Gary Alpert, Harvard University,; Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,; More than man’s best friend, dogs are leading the charge in bed bug detection and with good reason. All rights reserved 2020. BIW battling bed bugs – Portland Press Herald Posted on July 4, 2020 by admin Click Here For Article BATH Bath Iron Works is dealing with a bed bug issue, but a representative from the shipyards largest union said steps have been taken to control the pests. Unfortunately, they use these talents to get…. Check inside all drawers, crevices, and narrow spaces. —Provides links to many additional resources and a few videos. Bed bugs are not known to transmit any diseases to humans. We have listed all of the bed bug reports and hotels we have found in Portland, Maine below. For extra precaution, consider washing your clothes in hot water and drying for at least 20 minutes on high to ensure any hitchhiker bed bugs are killed. none]. Heat treatments have been found to kill many other insects and also remove odors. 4.6 Read Google Reviews. We have listed all of the bed bug reports and hotels we have found in South Portland, Maine below. Did you know that they can swim? Lastly, our technicians will strategically apply kid-safe and pet-friendly pesticides to kill hiding bed bugs and unhatched eggs. Look under electronics, behind pictures, and in stacks of clothing. We start with a full inspection of the house, including areas around the bed and living spaces and then move on to treat infested areas with steam and/or vacuum. All rights reserved 2020. © Website Design and Hosting by Lobster Marketing Group, LLC. An integrated pest management solution, this option is best way to protect homes, offices, apartment buildings, etc. University of Kentucky: Bed Bug Information, Did you know that mice can jump a foot into the air? Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,; Pine State Pest Solutions uses Thermal Remediation®: a safe, effective, chemical-free process using dry heat to kill the entire life cycle of bed bugs. These 10 Bugs Found In Maine Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine . How to tell if you have a rodent problem. These minute blood suckers reproduce constantly, and often remain dormant for several months. If you're concerned about bed bugs and want to schedule a free bed bug inspection, simply fill out the form below and we’ll contact you soon.

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