Here, you will be able to fully explore the island of Oasis, find all secrets, recover every item, defeat every monster, and defeat silver armlet and the god, Agito. On cliff east of Castle (use warp crack near brook). On ledge W. of Mountainside Fortress (from Desert). Allat (kill all). In wind room with gun towers and archers on Mt. Leads to ledge over entrance of the Forest Shrine. Leads to the Royal Dungeon if you On ledge in rolling rock room of Forest Shrine. In a patch of moss near the stream. In the northwest Dark Forest at the foot of the stairs. In Building 2 on Mount Allat, in the room with 3 flame jets and Summon by casting a Spirit Ball at a Spirit Call and get a bonus: Eastern Campsite and Beach Cave of Mt. In hidden room behind N. room with blue key in Forest Shrine (bomb). In the Name Select screen, you select a name of up to_three letters. Hit Find Next twice to be taken to that section. In front of the Mountainside Fortress. Guide to Beyond Oasis Beyond Oasis (Légende de Thor). Last revised 1998-06-28. 3 floor plates. east of the Royal Castle. On the Eastern Beach. Supplement to the Walkthrough Nosferatu provided many of the secrets in this guide. Maps [ Oasis | Water Shrine and Waterfall Shrine | Eastern Campsite and Beach Cave of Mt. On the Western Beach. On cliff, mountain screen E. of pond screen. The story begins when Ali is out on a treasure hunt. Leads to the exit of the Beach Cave. Press the D-Pad to light up a Diary entry space and press Button B Or Start to enter the Name Select screen. If you're just starting out on the Beyond Oasis adventure, all four Diary spaces (where you save your adventures) will be blank. In Mountain Fortress (behind wooden door in snake room). Leads to another part of the building. Ptah. In front of the Royal Castle. Leads to the Secret Islands. have already visited it. In Mountain Fortress (behind 2nd blue door). Maps; Gems; Secret Places; Invisible Warp Cracks; Summoning; Where's the Walkthrough? 1.Introduction Hello, and welcome to my guide for Beyond Oasis. Leads to ledge at west side of screen. Leads to cliff with Black Gem

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