30-40 seeds Holiday Sale 15% Off Gift Guide Items Use Code: XMAS2020. Pea pods are 4-5", thick and tasty. Organic Rainbow Chard Seeds (60 days) Buttercrunch is slow to bolt and is heat tolerant. Tolerates mildew and thrips. Developed by Dr. James Baggett, of Oregon State University T... Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea (65 days) 30-45 heirloom pepper seeds. Start Green Sprouting broccoli early in the season and by early summer you will have tons of sweet broccoli. 1937 MacFayden Seed Co. catalog says Straight Eight Cucumber seeds... "A real forward step in Cucumbers.... Golden Bantam Learn how to grow the absolute best corn! All our original genetics are fresh, fully stabilised and regularly checked. Of deep orange-red color; crisp, tender and of ... (74 days)  Bred by the University of Massachusetts, Waltham Field Station, Waltham, MA around 19... (74 days)  Bred by the University of Massachusetts, Waltham Field Station, Waltham, MA around 1950.Waltham 29 broccoli produces uniform high yields, good color, cold resistance, dwarf compact plant, and big side shoots. Eight inches of perfect straight cucumber slicing excellence! Leek seeds should be ... Summer Bibb Lettuce (43 days) Lt. John B. Bibb served in the War of 1812, represented Logan Coun... Summer Bibb Lettuce (43 days) Lt. John B. Bibb served in the War of 1812, represented Logan County in the Kentucky House of Representatives and the state Senate from 1827 to 1834. Also called Nebuka onions. Texas 1015s were grown in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas and took some 10 years to produce, this onion was dubbed the "million dollar baby" because of the enormous cost and amount of time it took to develop this exceptionally sweet onion. Organic Blue Curled Scotch Dwarf (56 days) First mentioned in garden text arou... Brassica oleracea A popular favorite Peaches and Cream is succulent, sweet and everything you would expect in a summer sweet corn. Snowball Y improved was Introduced by Ferry-Morse Seed C... Snowball Y Improved (70-80 days) Tasty snow white 6", dense, heavy, heads are tucked away amongst silvery-green leaves. Snowball Y Improved Cauliflower is Rec... Organic Sweet Sunset Italian Pepper Mix Brassica oleracea Organic Waltham 29 (74 days) Sweetie is a super-sweet red cherry tomato that has a firm texture and flesh with a high sugar content. This huge pepper was selected for heavy yields and large robust plant structures to support lots of peppers. Bulk vegetable seeds are a great way to buy quality vegetable seeds at a low cost. Shop our cheap and discounted seeds today!   Even worse the plant will quit producing more yummy okra! Approximately 90-140 radish seeds per... Raphanus sativus Organic French Breakfast Radish (23 days) French Breakfast radish was first mentioned by B.K. Italian Roma Tomato Seeds (78 days) Our shipping, prices, quality and guarantee are always praised by our 510,000+ customers. Bred by the University of Massachusetts, Waltham Field Station, Waltham, MA around 1950. Sweetie is a super-sweet red cherry tomat... Lycopersicon esculentum Add flavor and texture to baked goods, bagels, and much more with Regal poppy seeds! Sweet delectable golden kernels are born on 8" ears with 16-20 rows and held high on 8 foot burgundy colored stalks. Resistant to both pea enation virus and powdery mildew. Looks just like what you would get at the organic grocery store! When pressed too much what’s left is a seed with little to no value for the birds. OR, IF YOU'RE A COMMERCIAL GROWER, contact our Territory Sales Team, to enquire into opening a commercial credit account, wholesale pricing, securing an allocation, placing special orders, international sales, establishing tax-exempt status, and other benefits of becoming a commercial customer. Kandy Korn has a long late harvest perfect for fresh eating or freezing. 1932 Burpee's Seed Company catalog says about Golden Bantam Corn Seed... "America's favorite sweet corn! Fast and discreet Fun to eat and delicious in flavor, with a winning. Sugar beets are a natural source of sugar and where most of the sugar industry derives its sugar from these days. C. Hart Seed Company, we take pride in offering a great selection of unique seed collections, including favorites like our regional wildflower seed mixes, hearty herbs, and our Heritage Collection.     To learn more about our use of cookies, as well as the categories of personal information we collect and your choices, please read our Privacy Policy. Giant Nobel spinach is extremely large and has a spreading in habit. Mmmm could that be where it's name came from??? A  wonderful dark-green turning to nearly black when fully mature. This organic variety does not need blanching. Flesh is thick, deep yellow, fine grained and has a deliciously sugar flavor. Organic Early Prolific Straightneck Squash. You'll be giving them away to the neighbors there are so many! This beet has a truly sweet flavor with a fine grade texture that will surely please most palates. Dwarf Blue Curled Scotc... Brassica oleracea  (56 days) First mentioned in garden text around 1863. Peaches & Cream Hybrid Sweet Corn (82 days This organic butternut has an excellent interior texture and color. Lt. Bibb was also an amateur horticulturist and developed the Bibb lettuce we know and love today. This is one of the best frost resistant kales. Gardeners today still contend this is their favorite variety for a dependable root harvest. As I type this four days after Christmas and nine days after a week long ice storm, WE STILL HAVE BROCCOLI. Vines 24"-34". Vegetable Spaghetti produces nice yields of cylindrical shaped squash. This tomato I'm told, has a rich sub-acid flavor. Excellent for fresh eating or freezing. Imagine tall, tasty, crunchy organic celery grown in your own backyard. (1) 1 product ratings - Scotts 18221 Turf Builder Grass Seed - Sun and Shade Mix, 2 - 7 lb bags (14 lbs) 70 days It is our passion to please our customers. Which is saying something. The blue-green leaves are finely curled and very attractive, reaching 12-15" in height, and spreading to 20-35" in width. This heirloom carrot is a reliable producer that has been pleasing folks for generations. Welcome to BulkSeed.co.za – wholesale seeds! All seed is still guaranteed at over 85% germination and backed by our satisfaction guarantee! Toba... Cucurbita moschata Organic Waltham Butternut (110 days) 4 grams ~24 seeds Buttercrunch was developed by George Raleigh of Cornell University. Many folks eat them right out of the garden, but they are delicious pickled as well.   Known for its early production and uniformity. Even though the fruits are so large, Beefsteak is still an abundant producer. Extremely hardy and productive. Fantastic flavor that is enhanced by the first frost.   It can be steamed, cooked as a potherb, or pureed and added to soups. 1884 D.M. Perfect for sauce, paste and salsa. Enjoy a wide variety of vegetable and flower seeds available in bulk! Main heads are 4-8" with steady side shoot production after main head is harvested. Sugar Ann is considered one of the best early snap peas around. The Incredible Bulk strain is the perfect example of high-yielding, fast-flowering and reeeally strong Indica. Organic California Wonder 300 contains high amounts of vitamin... Allium cepa Evergreen White Bunching Nebuka Onions (65-120 days) Organic Sprouting Seeds Sprouts have been grown for more than 5,000 years. Buy medical marijuana seeds to relieve various physical problems, such as chronic pain and the symptoms of MS. Order your seeds online. Organic California Wonder 300 contains high amounts of vitamins A and C. Vegetable seeds in bulk and packets. Black Seeded Simpson (45 days) An old reliable lettuce that is heat resistant, slo... Lactuca Sativa

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