Slam that gas pedal and make the engine roar! Highway Racer The game covers urban and rural driving and lets you experience hazards, adverse weather and night and motorway driving. Working with obstacles works as follows: use mouse to choose an obstacle and spawn it somewhere on the map. The possibilities of fun are almost endless, you just have to choose! Car Driving School Simulator is one of the most realistic car games available on mobile! It rains pretty heavily and terrain is extremely difficult. You can now experience that feeling virtually as we list the best city car driving games below: Accept challenge, earn navigation experience, develop driving skills and become a legend among perfect parking drivers in this awesome 3D vehicle simulation game. You have to shoot them as fast possible, because they affects the way how car is controlled. Mario Kart 8 Assetto Corsa If you collide with another vehicle, the bomb will explode! Get ready for the craziest driving destruction war of all time. Certainly a lot! Before you begin, choose your weapon and upgrade its features, such as armour and engine and then whenever you complete a race, you can earn money to spend on improvements. 3. Scrap Metal 2 is a 3D driving game featuring six classic race cars: Dodge Challenger, Chevrolet Camaro, Audi S3, Subaru Imprezza, Nissan GT, Ferrari 250 GTO V12 from 1962 and a Lamborgini Huracan. We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user experience. Press SHIFT to accelerate using nitro. Get ready to test your driving skills in our new driving game; City Car Driving Simulator! Roam around the big city in the night and watch out for police patrols. More driving games…, The city is covered by darkness. Rocket League Test out several cars, offroads, and a bus, each with its unique driving model, and have fun. The good old demolition derby, where only the most hardcore players will succeed. This is mostly the work of hard surface coatings such as diamond-like carbon and titanium nitride. The highly anticipated sequal to Madalin Stunt Cars, this top driving game cranks everything up a notch with more cars, bigger maps and multiplayer mode. Have fun. Do you dare to try their challenge? You now have an opportunity play online games such as Subway Surfers, Geometry Dash Subzero, Rolling Sky, Dancing Line, Run Sausage Run, Temple Run 2, Clash Royale, Talking Tom Gold Run, Helix Jump, Minecraft 3D, Block Craft 3D, Clash of Clans and Pokemon games, all these games you can play online at Drive Through Explosions Passez derrière le volant et commencez vos leçons dans le simulateur de conduite urbaine le plus réaliste du moment ! If you are still hesitating about playing this game, you are making fatal mistake, because others are already playing and enjoying the game. There is nothing better than the smell of burning tires. These guys probably missed their dinner pause, because they are extremely petulant. The Free Roam mode allows you to explore the city and challenge competitors at will to races on different tracks. Decent performance and handling will make you sure that driving this car is always fun. However, we are looking for a real pro! When Jen Horsey, one of two English-language co-drivers, cheerfully calls out “and left five over crest,” it’s a bugle call. game. If you hold ctrl button and use your mouse again to move the obstacle, it will rotate into certain direction depending on which axis you are dragging. Sunny or rainy day, it does not matter, buggy cars are suitable for racing in almost all conditions including heavy snowing. BoomBit Games Can you keep up with the craziness? Android requis: Android 5.0+ (Lollipop, API 21), Signature: 51ce198869b2c4c82eb63b78e0f4258d52d7dcb7, Fichier SHA1: 73e940700818bb7f78cc01063801e9715b350f5a, Fichier SHA1: 35f1860df9d715db1aedf6fc7be46e519120dc96, Fichier SHA1: 30013111c516b3b26f0f706ad0d69ad375c5dc42, Fichier SHA1: f0517fdd24c16c7de3c8cc14318a6689ed3982af, Android requis: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16), Fichier SHA1: 8a3206ab28bf6b81f31aa73208b2ed2cfa87dd46, Fichier SHA1: a3ab987381ff44f238a5d7c8399118d160724ad3. 4. In this game, everything is possible. And he disappears. Midtown Madness Forza Horizon 3 There is also an option to turn on/off the music . These cars are great choice for races in various conditions as well. Huge playing area, other players which will try to crash your car, jumping over highways, demolishing all kinds of vehicles from BMW across minivan to a bus, and last but not least, races without any rules . Passez derrière le volant et commencez vos leçons dans le simulateur de conduite urbaine le plus réaliste du moment ! They might understand imperial units. Speed Racing Pro 2 controls More driving games…, Our latest 3D Car Simulator game is out! Earn money to buy better cars and power-ups! And these guys are looking for a new blood to join their team. The goal is to run over marauding gang members as you traverse a desolate future landscape. So, you should definitely head there, and test it out! Your aim is to build a vehicle of destruction and compete against other drivers in a race to the death. DiRT 4 covers all sorts of off-road disciplines, not purely rallying, and offers a huge amount of variety for girly thrill-seekers to get their fix! |. First of them is free ride where you gain access to a huge map and absolute freedom in what you are about to do. Have fun. Each pro will has his own style, but most games will not allow you to complexly modify the cars behavior. Pitch your skills against your opponents and see who the real Aryton Senna is. You say you have not seen anything like this before? An absolute freedom, a lot of various cars and a really large map of a city in which you can also find a terrain. En utilisant ces derniers, vous acceptez l'utilisation des cookies. More driving games…, Car parking: Real 3D Simulator is a new free game, where your aim is to drive your car through the checkpoints in order to reach the target parking position without hindering your path with any obstacles. Enjoy the high speeds, the drifting, and the crashes! A little bit bloody, but this is how Josh makes things done – tough style. Take role of a young farmer who has one big goal. If you want to get some practice in while you’re on the move or when you’ve got a few spare moments then Drift Hunters is a great opportunity to quickly learn car control for those secret practice sessions your boyfriend doesn’t need to know about! Some kids don’t understand metric units. More driving games…, NASCAR – home of roaring engines, insane speeds, and glorious victories. We also have a knockout race here, where you should try to take place between the last two drivers and grasp the chance to become a total winner. Anyway, the opposite is true. More driving games…, You guys wanted another sequel of Scrap Metal series, and here it is! Prepare to give those thumbs a workout! There is a space between two containers somewhere at the warehouse. It is quite simple, you get a car, and you park it on a given spot. Expand the panel with options for setting up your car and you will find out exactly what is really going on here. The game offers also new obstacles located in the inventory. You can race your opponent at high speed for up to a mile or sign up to compete in a tournament with your fellow speed freaks. - Manual gear shift! Have fun. You can also race other drivers online. Do some damage to other players, and see how their vehicle gets demolished right in front of your eyes! City Rider 3D Press T to see your position and other players on the map, R to respawn and C to change camera view. F1 2017 is the latest offering from Codemasters,…, We dig deep and come up with the 7 best driving games for PC. Finishing first or receiving a medal will get you a new car. Let’s race and drift as long as you fancy.

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