Besides some truly excellent birding, there’s plenty more to do at Biggest Week, including presentations, socials and expert-led birding walks. Aside from the Dusky Warbler, which is very unlikely to be found in Pondicherry, the sound you describe does not fit any of the other leaf warblers. Hear the song of the Chestnut-sided warbler. Casually, I played a sound-recording of the bird made by Karel Hoogteyling and then it all happened… My heart skipped a beat and I got a lump in my throat. Bright yellow plumage is common among warblers. Hood and in the central Cascades. The similarity to the Vlaardingen warbler is striking. Nitidus is the only one that ticks all the boxes! Greenish Warbler ssp viridanus in worn plumage © Mohanram K, Green Warbler in fresh plumage © Ramit Singal. Similar to Green Warbler which co-occurs on wintering ground, best separated by call and Green's brighter green back and yellower underside. Calls of nitidus, Sümela monastery, Trabzon, Turkey, 22 May 2002 (Magnus Robb). Here it seems every brushy area or mixed conifer/hardwood forest with dense undergrowth has at least one male singing just beyond the reach of binoculars. It is otherwise a rare migrant or vagrant statewide, mostly in Spring. The. Furthermore, I have studied many recordings published on websites like Xeno-canto and Macaulay Library. Calls of nitidus, Sivrikaya, Düzce, Turkey, 27 May 2002 (Magnus Robb). It is occasionally seen in winter west of the Cascades. , dull whitish below with some mottling and, , but it may appear broken, weak or missing in the most extreme cases. Green Warblers have a trisyllabic call that can be transcribed as a “chi-su-wee”. Hereafter, I will discuss the various taxa and illustrate the most important differences with sonagrams; for a good comparison I have made them on the same scale as those of the Vlaardingen warbler above (0-9 kHz, 0-3.5 sec). Like its relatives, this small passerine is insectivorous. Can be very unobtrusive and difficult to spot. There are numerous variants, including phrases consisting for a large part of just one very long song unit. Calls of the Vlaardingen warbler could be confused with those of plumbeitarsus (Two-barred Warbler). However, the previously mentioned characters are still conspicuous (see for example descriptions in Irwin (2000) and Kovylov et al (2012)). This inhabitant of riparian thickets and brushy clear-cuts and pastures breeds from northeast British Columbia across southern Canada to the east coast and south to Georgia. Songs of nitidus differ from those of all other taxa by the very few repetitions within their phrases. Nice blog, Ramit. The nest is on the ground in low shrub. Considering the difficulties involved in identifying the two species in the field, I hope the few pointers here are helpful. Cape May warbler. Bill: Similar for P. nitidus and P. t. viridanus (pale lower mandible in both birds). Black-throated gray warbler. Don’t let the name fool you! Do note that the species are best separated by a combination of  call and plumage*. They are “green” because both males and females have olive backs. (800) 720-6339, Do you have a question or comment for ODFW? Journal of Evolutionary Biology 21: 435-448. Warblurs ID is till difficult for me in the field.But above information is quite helpful for me.Recently I saw warblures with Chick…Chur call & active as mentioned above,w.r.t. When there are two these are different. There are fewer fall records than in spring most occurring between mid-August and mid-October. The foothills of interior southwestern Oregon come alive in late April with the bold song of this bright yellow warbler. that can be transcribed as a “chi-su-wee”. (Read more: 5 Tips for Spotting Warblers During Spring Migration). Listen for the wichity-wichity-wichity song, and look for the male’s distinct black mask. Any help would be appreciated. Evolution 54: 998-1010. Her bucket list bird is the painted bunting. A - Z. App. Main Phone (503) 947-6000 Similar to Green Warbler which co-occurs on wintering ground, best separated by call and Green's brighter green back and yellower underside. Warblers headed for Canada for the summer stop here to refuel and rest. Its songs, in particular, are very different from those of the Vlaardingen warbler. Hear the song of the MacGillivray's warbler. So you think is it possible for you to filter out Phylloscopus plumbitarsus records from Greenish Warbler map? The cap and throat are black, as is the cheek which is outlined in white. It sings even as it darts through the canopy and understory in search of insects. The Greenish Warbler complex is a very interesting one and has been well studied, more than once before.

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