I could see me rolling up a CoH elec/elec PvP stalker named Gankenstein :). I changed it to SkylArc. WestCurves Electric Co. Essentix Electric Co. DailyVibe Electric Co. SmiggySin Electric Co. WhiteStaples. Arc Angel would be totally different and you had different powers. Electron Chaos - warcabbit. If you don't already have your own copy of the loader, Sign up for City of Titans and download the Character Creator at our store: https://store.missingworldsmedia.com/, Join the conversation on Discord: https://discord.link/CityOfTitans. I made an electricity hero in DCUO called Tess LaCage. Cathode. SUBSTRATE - for a character that is a vessel / conduit for the electricity, especially if the aesthetic draws power from another source (ground, the air, other people) and it flows over them in the process of the attack. Electric? Solar industry is also on the Boom and achieving a higher level of growth rate day by day. I used this for many other characters though; Twilight Rampart a FF/Dark defender; Starbolter, my Peacebringer; Arctic Black a Dark/Ice defender; etc. Galvanic When developing your business name, it’s useful to do a competitor analysis. A Creative name gives more attention and Attraction to your Business. A support character might use words like Shield, Guardian, Protector, etc Ignition World Prematurity Day: Messages, Quotes & Greetings, 8 Steps to Start a Vacation Rental Business to Earn Side Income, 81+ Best Strong Women Quotes and Sayings, 34+ Best Get Well Soon Messages After Surgery, 40+ Best Thank you Notes for Life Partner, 25 Most Common Mistakes That People Make With Paid Promotion, 101+ Top Social Media Bios for Decorators, 101+ Best Social Media Bios For Actor/Actress, 101+ Best Social Media Bios for Investors. Arc Right Hand Rule (nice for villian or vigilante maybe?) I made him JUST before Electric Armor and Electric Melee came out as powersets, so I wound up making him as an Energy Melee/Energy Aura Brute, and just kept trucking along until years later, when I saw Electric Armor and Electric Melee and went "What the-!? Volt The name Amaury is a boy's name of German, French origin meaning "work power". The Capacitor (he shouts out "Resistance is Fusile") Photo-electric Shǎndiàn (Chinese) Also, you need to keep in mind that there are a number of factors that help you determine a good name for your company. I kidnapped his lady, now his power's are zero. Especially if it's set up like the one I linked. Brainstorm Thundercat (okay, maybe not) Sadly, General Electric probably won't pass. Your name is such a critical part of your brand. Powerful boy names might be those that literally mean power or strength, such as Andrew and Ethan, or those that simply sound macho: Rock is an exaggerated example. Venus Electric Co Young Ignite Electric Co. Mysteva Electric Co. Tinytrex Electric Co. hestinn Electric Co. Office Trails. Umbani (Zulu) Pik4chUxx98. Kill it if you have to. A Creative name gives more attention and Attraction to your Business. Check out the names which we have mentioned below. Piso-electric OK, You are making a lightning based hero. While your business may be extremely professional and important, choosing a creative company name can attract more attention. The Volt Aegis I had a Kinetic/Electric Defender once named Arc Angel. The Rectifier (I level the field) Just don't clone the costume. Trebbo. A Creative name gives more attention and Attraction to your Business. Read More. So, without further thought, make sure to keep in mind that you can start this particular company successfully. It'd be neat if CoT had a random name generator built in. And finally, Mr. Moore, whose powers double every year and a half. Along with Ethan and Andrew, other powerful boy names in the US Top 1000 include Brian, Everett, Garrett, Griffin, Harvey, Kenzo, Merrick, and Zane. (Got told by a friend "Since I-7," and I was so ticked... :P ). Solar energy has become the ultimate source which you can take and use it freely everywhere. :p, Well I guess that's lore now, due to some fluke obsolete law every hero with electric powers is hereby forced to be named 'Me Thunder'. So, starting an energy company would not be a bad idea at all if you plan to start your own company. There are various names from which you can choose. There are a number of chances that you can earn a good amount of money at the year end. He had angel/bird wings and shot lightning out of his hands. Though it'd probably be tough to set it up as to not produce any copywritten names. Blitz (German) I don't really have any suggestions, but I'll detail how I generally create character names, maybe it'll prove useful to someone. How long have THESE been here?" One of my favorites. 50 Cool Electric Run Team Name Ideas That are the Best Ever. Here we tried to suggest some Catchy Energy Company Names ideas for your Inspiration. Voltagious Kitsune. What are some electric associations? Herald of the Storm The Big Short Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Powersurge Bliksem (Dutch) Class C (type of electrical fire). Tesla Travel Power: Parkour Secondary: Atrophic Aura Has anyone seen my mind? This is the ultimate thing that you must keep in mind. Read More, The name Arnold is a boy's name of English origin meaning "ruler, strong as an eagle". Every Energy Business entrepreneur should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name. We will discuss the factors one by one, and you will be able to formula to a good name after going through all of them. Sister transistor A lightning gunner Schottky, whose trusty gun is named Schmitt. Circuit Other strong and powerful names for boys that may appeal include Evander, Fort, Oswald, and Quinlan. You need to choose good and a creative name which is catch enough for your company. Speaking of which... http://www.seventhsanctum.com/generate.php?Genname=superheronameorg. If you're looking for a decidedly powerful name for your baby boy, consider these boys' names that have strong or powerful in the meaning or give the impression of conventional masculinity. Cool names are remembered easily, while names that describe what your company does sound like all the rest. So she came from Underhill to Paragon City to conduct experiments on Hellions and the rest is alternate history. Ranger: Gunner Generator Sounds like something a random name generator spat out. MAGIC HELMET - the Elmer Fudd character as inspiration, COULOMB - or variations with GIGA- or MEGA- or JIGA- etc (might be neat if your powers needed to "charge" up...). Make sure to check out the names which we have mentioned below so that you will be able to get an idea about naming your company. The wifey had an elec character named "Sultana Surge". Millennium City Refugee. To prevent automated spam submissions leave this field empty. Following rumors of a huge city in Massachusetts that is teeming with supers. Zeus, Raijin or any of the thunder gods of mythology Astrapí (Greek) Long considered Mr. Hall's exclusive property, it's now ready to be adopted by others. either melee or ranged, the key here is electric based attacks. So, make sure to keep that in mind and finally choose the name which looks ideal for your company. - Pushkin, "One piece of flair is all I need." A blaster might use Bolt, Blast, Strike, etc. Electric Run is a 5K run where you're surrounded with music and beautiful lights. Switch Breaker My main Redsider in CoH and the first guy I shifted to Rogue was Power Breaker.

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