You may take any path through these broad topic areas. You’ll see that it’s broken into sections: Foundations, Representation, Advertising & Branding, News & Celebrity Culture, Globalization/Transnationalism, Media Activism/New Media/Media Labor. Syllabus. You are required to post at least 4 entries over the course of the quarter. You are required to post, at least 4 entries over the course of the quarter. Keep in mind that academic dishonesty includes buying papers online, outsourcing your academic work to someone else (paid or unpaid), and submitting the same paper to more than one course. Finally, what are the narrative, formal, social, and artistic innovations of the project? These presentations will generally take place at the very start of class. Second, comment on the collaborative experience. 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + ''; stream Given the short duration of the quarter, we will not have time to consider a number of major cultural, technological, and formal issues that are relevant to the study of video games. Critical media studies Syllabus. 627 0 obj <>stream You should get into the habit of writing down ideas that will strengthen your participation in our group exchange. CRITICAL VIDEOGAME STUDIES SIGN 26038/ ENGL 12320/ MAAD 12320/ CMST 25945/ GNSE 22320 . Critical media literacy is an educational response that expands the notion of literacy to include different forms of mass communication, popular culture, and new technologies. Students absent for more than one class risk lowering their participation grade; students with more than three unexcused absences will be given a final grade of incomplete or fail. Every week will feature a major research theme and method from the field, … While novels and poems are often written by individual authors, most videogames depend on partnerships among writers, artists, programmers, and designers. As you explore your topic, you may turn to formal approaches as well as a cultural theory or philosophical methodology of your choice. Advertising and Propaganda: Critical Approaches Posted on July 19, 2013 by tony Here’s my syllabus an intermediate level undergrad class introducing critical media studies approaches to advertising and propaganda. This syllabus represents research that has been foundational in developing the field of critical race and digital studies since its origins in the 1990s and cutting edge scholarship that can help us to tackle emerging changes and shifts in the media landscape. This was the first time I taught this syllabus, and I … Proudly created with, Since the 1960s, games have blossomed into the world’s most profitable artistic and cultural form. Your project does not need to be completed, at this stage, but a mockup or selections from the final piece may help. The penalty for plagiarism might include both failure on the paper and failure of this course. Along with your actual group project, I’d like each of you to turn in a brief (2-3 pages) individual reflection about your project that does two things. 3 (2)  Niall Flynn  University of Lincoln   Recent developments in universities have led to high profile cases of academics clashing with institutions and student bodies across the world protesting … Continue reading →, Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier   Critical Pedagogies in Neoliberal Times Vol 3 (2)  Hunter Hargraves  California State University, Fullerton   Over the last year, many online (and offline) spaces have taken up the question of trigger warnings – statements that prevent … Continue reading →, Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier   Critical Pedagogies in Neoliberal Times Vol. Critical media pedagogy methods included a negotiated syllabus, student-designed and led learning units, and arts-based pedagogical methods with a kinship to critical pedagogies. � d�e:��MD+�Y>�m\%9W�}�ɐ�J�M 4��|����}Z*�� {���HQ�Z~H&&�� During the final week of the class, we’ll engage in two presentation and critique sessions. Short Presentations on Critical Videogame Studies Topic (In Groups of 3). When you think about a video game, on the other hand, you might consider elements including (but not limited to) aesthetic style, interface design, navigability, (non-)interactivity, game mechanics, platform affordances, networked dimensions, and so forth. The blog will be publicly available. For all course related questions, you should contact me or the TAs via Slack INSTEAD of email. In writing this response, consider the following questions: What was it like working with peers from other disciplines? Critical media studies Syllabus. Each student must make one presentation during the semester. Given the short duration, this overview should orient the class to your area with a handful of appropriate examples, dates, and concepts. I do grant extensions (especially in cases of major life events or emergencies) but you should talk to me about this possibility well in advance of the deadline. These posts are intended to influence and extend the conversations we have during our shared meetings. / 612.626.7721 office hours (253 Ford): TuTh 10­11:15a, W 10­11:30a, and by appointment. Semiotic analysis (10%) This was the first time I taught this syllabus, and I will surely refine it in the future. To produce your work, you might consider turning to software such as WordPress, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Twine, Unity, Unreal Development Kit, etc. The best papers will combine 1.) Course Location: Stuart Hall 105. New Media Each entry should respond to that week’s digital narratives or theoretical reading, expand substantively on an ongoing topic of class discussion (without simply reproducing or documenting an exchange), or call our attention to articles or media about related phenomena. Final Project In-class Presentation and Critique (5 minutes). All readings and games are to be completed for the date on which they are listed. This course bridges lower level COM courses with upper level CMS courses by providing students an integrative foundation of core concepts in critical media studies and research methods. Syllabus for examination in 2020. The grade will continue to drop at a comparable increment every 24 hours thereafter. Course description and objectives. 6��� �� ������i 0!R�b2�� B����g�@���3H��X$���q�� Software Narrative analysis (10%) )�IY]�lj�e)�D|��jy1�_��sY���K����=��W�ק���}؃&��%��/�zא�D��}\˃����џ��������}�_�ɒ���=���L�qM|���}���_,�ny��>o���û]n���>��Ϝ���76�9��By=��E�'-`�K��>����ö��n�uIt���C���(�y��{��j�i3�i��׏�_��iuWVwy�4abq�y���/ q���ӼGӐ���q!�-���]�42��B.z����4������A��F� �i�AB%�Vh� �y�����1�uׁH]���I�-Gr��LX0��B�rr�g(�ʑ��v]}[�/�EM��37����5���k&���'l�iӯ�����P���!�Ʌ��i>zLd�eX>���ѵ�}&4�c�)�S��˲�����#7�cn�&ՙ�I!����L�Hk%U��u�x�Aic[�g�5W���1�#�t����*�ue`�VhS������bcz�T�g%��>2����X1f�X�B�G!z����ބ,t���D���B���I���u@ݕ5��f���ͱ ��^B��S��$:X�2*��&4�� �ߘ~�7+���-�uMMąi���[��Έ�[IX��D(x��?��4Oh�2���-��/;��=&�Y�{L��2gr�Y-����*���0m>[�Z�,vD��@�9�{���k1�E���Bi$5F�_�C[�Ē��� Your task with this review is not merely to produce a rhetorical version of a “like” or create a consumer-level review that amounts to a “thumbs up/down.” Instead, I would like you to think about what more intelligent popular short-form writing about video games might look like. The course applies approaches to inquiry and research practice that students will encounter in a range of courses offered by the program.

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