“Basketball Chandelier,” by David Hammons. Two new exhibits, each culled from the permanent collections of their respective institutions, take the temporal as their measure. However you read Mr. Hammons’s recent art, and many ways are possible, one central fact holds true: He is messing with — expanding, exploding — ideas of what art means, and especially what “black art” means, making it broad enough to be borderless, useless as a descriptive label by a controlling and abidingly racist market culture. David Hammons was born in 1943 in Springfield, Illinois, the youngest of ten children of a single mother. Mostly, though, his turf is inner-city America, mapped out in abject fragments: the torn-off hood of a sweatshirt hung like a hunting trophy high on a wall; a coiling Minimalist-style sculpture made from bottles of skid-row wine. (More recently, the Ghanaian artist El Anatsui has tapped a related format to bring new African art to the West.) Janet Yellen to Treasury? Click to see the original works with their full license. The room and screen begin in darkness in David Hammons's mesmerizing "Phat Free" (1995/1999): We hear only traffic and what sounds like a can being kicked along a city street. It is tempting to compare American Artist’s exhibition Black Gooey Universe at HOUSING gallery to Black Mirror, even though the connection risks limiting the vastness of the former’s critical engagement with technology to a Netflix series. A vertical swath of gold-colored fabric, carefully draped on a cast-iron stand, it looks regal until you notice burn holes in its surface, and cigarette butts poking through and scattered on the floor. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. For all she tells of her curating, however, Rankine is remarkably silent regarding her cover art selection, David Hammons’s 1993 In the Hood. And he has never tried to separate it from class. The British artist Darren Almond has made a sort of 12-minute-long music video with "Schwebebahn" (1995). Not only a terrifying, sobering moment, it also brought … An untitled 1987 wall sculpture made of hundreds of beer and soft-drink bottle caps worked into decorative patterns suggests a kind of “African” fantasia. The 1990s brought a subtle shift in thematic emphasis in Mr. Hammons’s art, from race to class. Who can evade an inevitable reference to Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror while speaking about technology and dystopic future? A second show soon followed, this one of big, studiously bland abstract paintings that Mr. Hammons had shrouded in industrial tarps, frayed blankets and plastic sheeting. A detail of an untitled sculpture made from bottle caps, by David Hammons. To the left, with a title both punning and descriptive, is a piece called “Smoke Screen” (1990-95). “Orange Is the New Black,” left, and an untitled work, part of a career survey of David Hammons at the Mnuchin Gallery. (One is included here.) Trump’s Flynn Pardon: Will the Judge Accept It? Blackness As The Original Technology: American Artist’s “Black Gooey Universe”, State Of The Institutions: “20/20: The Studio Museum In Harlem And Carnegie Museum Of Art”. The show then leaps to the 1980s, after he had settled in New York, picked up assemblage as his primary medium, and based it on materials grounded in black urban life. And then, simply, the film reverses, and the fingertip appears to wipe the letters into existence. An untitled sculpture made in part of human hair, by David Hammons. Then why do you make it? The arrangement is only vaguely chronological, though there are early pieces near the start. In fact, it seems to be a tentative step in the right direction. Using a hand-held Super 8mm camera, he followed the course of a suspended railway in Wuppertal, Germany, later altering the footage and adding bouncy techno music, which is delivered to the viewer by a large speaker hung from the ceiling in front of the video screen. There’s a lingering myth that beauty and politics can’t coexist. On the other hand, "Closed Circuit" (1997–2000), Lutz Bacher's single-channel video, represents the contraction of a year. For, as reductive as it feels, it is in what Rankine does not say but submits to the reader’s imagination—as the visual artist must—that she … Sports are another way up and out, but again uncertain. David Hammons Is Still Messing With What Art Means. Immediately after walking out of the Carnegie Museum of Art’s 20/20: The Studio Museum in Harlem and Carnegie Museum of Art, I glanced down at my phone to read the news that a homicidal alt-right-er mowed down a group of counter-protesters in Charlottesville, killing Heather Heyer. And what unites these works and distinguishes these "new media" pieces from those in other media, is that they unfold over time. At the time, the new work, with its visual variety, humor and fulsome collage effects, generated cryptomodernist pleasures of its own and was hugely, and predictably, popular. “I, too, dislike it: there are things that are important beyond all this fiddle. David Hammons, Out of Bounds *Literally made by dropping a dirty basketball on to paper; Flickr Creative Commons Images. But the truly conceptual pieces dominate here. Reminiscent of David Hammons and Bruce Nauman — who is quoted in the series’ title — the video is starring Strother himself, actively confronting the public in the role of the performer. An untitled sheet by Lee Bontecou (c.1958) looks remarkably like the scaled-armor plating of one of her sculptured works, although here she has used a blowtorch on paper and then scraped and polished various areas. However, the visitor sees only one, changing incrementally over the course of a 24-hour period. He was creating — in public places with found materials for non-art-world audiences — odd, witty, barely graspable objects that were also emblems of wealth, class and race.

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