; Rosenfeld, R.N., To solve this problem, we use Hess's Law. J. Phys. [all data], Stull, 1947 Soc., 1989, 111, 1849-1854. Cetini, G.; Gambino, O., Laser Photoelectron Spectrometry of Ni(CO)n-, n=1-3, the All rights reserved. [all data], Miller and Grant, 1985 . [all data], Boxhoorn, Ernsting, et al., 1980 3. , U. S. A. E. C. NP-13862, 1963. H° − H°298.15= A*t + B*t2/2 + SRD 103a – Thermo Data Engine (TDE) for pure compounds. Chem., 1967, 6, 2082. Am. The standard enthalpy of formation of carbon monoxide is -99 kJ/mol. Enthalpy measurements in organic solvents by photoacoustic calorimetry: a solution to the reaction volume problem, Connor, J.A. Ligand effects in organometallic thermochemistry: The sequential bond energies of Ni(CO)x+ and Ni(N2)x+ (x = 1-4) and Ni(NO)x+ (x = 1-3) [Data derived from reported bond energies taking value of 8.273±0.046 eV for IE[Ni(CO)4]], The enthalpies of combustion of carbon and carbon monoxide are 393.5 and - 283 kJmol^-1 respectively. ; Ono, Y.; Ng, C.Y.,     t = temperature (K) / 1000. Nolan, S.P. Pilcher, G.; Ware, M.J.; Pittam, D.A., Int. ; Luo, G.; Ng, C.Y., The results were quoted from, solvent: Decalin; Calculated from equilibrium and kinetic data, solvent: Decalin; Calculated from data for the reactions Os3(CO)10(H)2(solution) + CO(solution) = Os3(CO)11(H)2(solution) (hrxn [kJ/mol]=-39.7±1.3, srxn [J/(mol K)]=-80.3±3.8) and Os3(CO)11(H)2(solution) + CO(solution) = Os3(CO)12(solution) + H2(g) (hrxn [kJ/mol]=-37.7±9.6, srxn [J/(mol K)]=-32.6±27.6). [all data], Werner and Prinz, 1966 J. Chem. The results were quoted from. ; Smith, G.P., The reaction enthalpy at 298 K relies on an activation energy of 163.2 kJ/mol and assumes a negligible activation barrier for product recombination.     S° = standard entropy (J/mol*K) . C(s) + O₂(g) → CO₂(g); ΔH = "-393 kJ" 2. Miller, M.E. Pedley, J.B.; Rylance, J., J. Phys. Free energy to 5000°K. InChI InChI=1S/CO/c1-2 InChI Key UGFAIRIUMAVXCW-UHFFFAOYSA-N Formula CO SMILES [C]=O Molecular Weight 1 28.01 CAS 630-08-0 Other Names. [all data], Mullins, Kirk, et al., 1963 [all data], Al-Takhin, Connor, et al., 1984, 2 J. Eng. 71564-27-7 • 4294967295CO) + CO = CAS Reg. Free Energy to 5000 K from Spectroscopic Data, Fis. Organic and Inorganic Compounds, 348-448 K; solvent: Heptane; Temperature range: 298-328 K; solvent: Heptane; Temperature range: 307-337 K; The reaction enthalpy was calculated from the enthalpy of the reaction W(CO)6(solution) + py(solution) = W(CO)5(py)(solution) + CO(solution) in cyclohexane, 27.4 ± 2.9 kJ/mol, together with the enthalpies of solution of W(CO)6(cr), W(CO)5(py)(cr), and py(l), 35.7, 36.4, and 7.9 kJ/mol, respectively. 71564-27-7, By formula: (CAS Reg. ; Stufkens, D.J. J. Chem. Carbon naturally exists as graphite and diamond. . Am. J. [all data], Hiraoka and Mori, 1991 ; Smith, R.T.; Zheng, Y., [all data], Chong and Franklin, 1971 solvent: Decalin; The reaction enthalpy and entropy were identified with the enthalpy and entropy of activation for the reaction of W(CO)6(solution) with PBu3(solution). 21 2 2 bronze badges $\endgroup$ add a comment | Active Oldest Votes. Soc., 1993, 115, 3174. From spectroscopic data, Heat of Vaporization Vapor Pressure of Solid and Liquid. . J. share | cite | follow | asked 48 secs ago. Morse, J.M., Jr.; Parker, G.H. Chem. This page allows searching Phys.-Chim. Phys., 1971, 54, 4, 1487, https://doi.org/10.1063/1.1675043 M - Michael M. Meot-Ner (Mautner) and Sharon G. Lias Soc., 1995, 117, 44, 10976, https://doi.org/10.1021/ja00149a021 Soc., 1979, 101, 5569. [all data], Engelking and Lineberger, 1979 [all data], Nakashima and Adamson, 1982 Thermodynamic Properties of Condensed CO, [all data], Meot-Ner (Mautner) and Field, 1974 ; Popov, V.K. How do you calculate the ideal gas law constant? Microcalorimetric studies.

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