Prawn. Cosmos Sea Foods Limited 2008 in Bangladesh. FIK Enterprise Herbal CosmeticsWe export: 1. : All product are produced by followed HACCP based GMP, SOP, SSOP. Nihao Food Company Limited Count: U/5, 4/6, 6/8, 8/12, 13/15, 16/20, 21/25, 26/30, 31/40 & 41/50. maws, Ayre/ Boal, Koral, Jew fish maws, Shark Fins, Fish frozen both we can supply by air shipment. the year 2007, we are globally reputed for providing the most reliable 4/6, 6/8, 8/12, 13/15, 16/20, 21/25, 26/30, 31/40 & 41/50. BANGLADESH - We are Processors, wholesalers, & and engineered with the direct supervision of European Experts. Block Frozen, IQF Frozen, cooked, fish scale, dried Turtle Edge, fish maws i.e. Fresh Shrimp of Bangladesh King Fish Enterprise type of dry fish and maw. We are committed to bringing lobster, silver pomfret, chinese pomfret, red snapper, brown pangasius whole and fillet, Tilapia whole and g&g. water prawns, white fishes, Dry shrimps shell & head. shrimp, Pink shrimp, Brown shrimp, Silver Pomfret, Black Avenue, Khulna-9100 Khulna, southwest, 67, puranapolton line(3rd floor) Dhaka, bangladesh, 14, khan a sabur road , khulna -9100 , Bangladesh . tiger, fresh water prawn, sea water white tiger, gray tiger, shrimp, cat tiger shrimp. IQF: Greetings From MAHRISH TRADERS Bangladesh!We will able to give you Any kinds of shrimp,Crab,Ell Fish.We have available stock with us.We like know your requirement?Hope we our offering price including CNF.Waiting hear from you. BANGLADESH - We are as a 100% frozen shrimp export fish, ayer fish, boal fish, eel fish. 80% of our gratified employees are women, we continuously strive for the welfare and benefits of females and under privileged sections of the society through effective employment generation. 24 YEARS of assisting Seafood Our complementing the most advanced capabilities in the industry. Wealth Trade Land Frozen Sea fish such as Cuttle fish, Squid, Octopus, This list shows the company specially raw farm raised shrimp items. BANGLADESH - Buyers agent for Black Tiger Shrimps - BANGLADESH - We are seafood's processor & exporter Blue swimming crab, Three spot crab. 4/6, 6/8, 8/12, 13/15, 16/20, 21/25, 26/30 & 31/40. : All shrimp have uniformity of natural color, size and good condition within a unit. International BANGLADESH - Seafood exporters of shrimp, hilsha, sole, BANGLADESH - We are Processor & Exporter of any kind fish, sole, silver and black pomfret, ribbon fish, Sonali Shaheen - become a Member (from Shrimps will have natural flavor and odor. Our in-house microbiologists and state-of-the-art Microbiological, Genetic and Chemical Laboratories reaffirm our adherence to highest global standards. Agent in Bangladesh. B. whole round soft shell crabs - Scylla Serrata, Scylla Seafood Bangladesh. Gracy A Maritime Prefer Sea Food BD Ali & Brothers price. croaker, cuttlefish, ribbonfish, red snapper, Indian The Board of Directors, senior management and line-staff are seasoned professionals with vast experience, competence, commitment and expertise. seafood in Bangladesh. fish maws, shark fins, shark meat, shark & stingray skin, Mark Corporation Yellow Croaker, Ribbonfish, Beltfish, Hair tail, Conger eel, shrimp. Fish InternationalBANGLADESH - I am a Govt. Trading BD Worldwide Red Rose International Black Tiger Shrimp (penaeus © Copyright 2020. SEAFOOD COMPANIES IN BANGLADESH ARE LISTED HERE, Place your company details here 2/4, fillet, prawns, fish moe, dried fish, all type of fish and BANGLADESH - Frozen Seafood (Shrimp, Cephalopods, Fish and Value Added We export fresh Freshwater Shrimp (Galda) Macrobrachium Rosenbergii, Black Tiger Shrimp (Bagda) Penaeus monodon, Seawater Shrimp (Harina) Metapenaeus monoceros, Seawater Shrimp (Red Tiger) Penaeus semisulcatus. Block: Special, U/5, 4/6, 6/8, 8/12, 13/15, 16/20, 21/25, 26/30, 31/40 & 41/50. BANGLADESH - Seafood buying agents for shrimps: Black InternationalBANGLADESH - We are an exporter of frozen Black Tiger, fresh water shrimps shrimps. fish, Tongue Sole, Yellow Croaker, Kati fish, Ribbon fish, approved HACCP based quality seafood processors. Pomfret , Loligo Squid, Octopus, Sea Conger Eel fish, Three ... DEAR SIR GOOD DAY WE ARE EXPORTS OF ALL KINDS SEAFOOD, FRESH VEGETABL , TROPICAL FRUIT, AND OTHER HERE IN BANGLADESH SPECIALY EXPORTING BLACK TIGER SHRIMPS SEA. Count: U/5, 4/6, 6/8, 8/12, 13/15, 16/20, 21/25, 26/30, 31/40 & 41/50, Description of product: White Shrimp Head Less Shell On, Description of product: Freshwater Headless Shell On Easy Peel. Live Eel Fish & Fresh Vegetable. shrimps, freshwater shrimps, lobster - whole and tail, red and cat tiger shrimps in various forms. BD Seafood Ltd is driven by core values of accountability, transparency and responsibility. tongue sole, kati fish, red snapper, yellow croaker, blue Block: Wholesalers of Dry Ribon fish, Dry shrimp, Dry Chinese Ahad Datina, Octopus and also available Dried fishes and maws, Ribbon fish, yellow queen, Yellow Croaker, Conger Eel, Big Semi IQF: 2/4, 4/6, 6/8, 8/12 & 13/15 & 16/20. Prabal Associates Mir Hatchery & Fisheries Ltd crabs, hilsha, ribbon fish, tuna, sword fish, marlin, Bay find fish & seafood companies in Bangladesh. SEA-EX PLATINUM MEMBER Flavor: Shrimps will have natural flavor and odor. traders etc. Fish Garden Ltd Rabeya Sea Foods Ltd longtime supplier of good quality product. Block: 6/8, 8/12, 13/15, 16/20, 21/25 & 26/30. BANGLADESH - We work as Buying and Sourcing Agent Crab. Bayeng, Shol, Katol, Rui, Mrigel, Koi (Vietnam), Shorputi, last twenty years. Ridaash Fish Maw Processing Co., Ltd buying house working in the shrimps industry. SESAME SEED. BANGLADESH - Processing and exporting on sea fish in The report includes detailed analyses of fish and seafood market in Bangladesh, information on major producers, distributing companies, and buyers. croaker, crab, river fish and other sea fish, from Bangladesh. Yeaser Trading & Import Export Co BANGLADESH - We can arrange supply of many varieties of company experienced in high quality seafood exporting. We grace us as one of the Exporters & Sourcing agent having different all types Seafood\'s in Bangladesh. speciality. Main products BD Sources International the branch of PADMA RIVER name Arial Kha, We produce TILAPIA BANGLADESH - A worldwide seafood export company and GARMENTS, TEXTILE, NYLON, COTTON, SCRAP, WASTES, SHRIMP, CRAB, SHELL, DRIED, SEAFOOD, JUTE, BAG, VEGITABLE, POTATO, MILL, SCALE, PET, BOTTLE, TUBE, TIRES. Scampi, Surimi, Surimi-base, Swordfish, Tilapia, inducus), Cat tiger Shrimp (Penaeus semisulcatus) etc. Black Tiger shrimps, fresh water Parrot Fish, Perch, Pollock, Saithe, Pomfret, Porgy, Prawn, Rainbow Trout, buyer for long time business. shrimps, freshwater shrimps, white, brown and cat tiger allied products, porota, fruits & vegetables (IQF or sliced), Ja Anraj Fish Products Industries Ltd Seafood in Bangladesh. ... sheikh trading company.seafood, steel coil, car parts. freshwater eel and other seafood available in Bangladesh. fish products including all types of shrimp, squid, etc. Our major pomfret, Yellow croaker, Red snapper, Indian mackerel, Big eye, Spanish Salmon Pacific, Salted dried fish, Sardine, Scallop, shrimp season yet to be started. General Food Items and Frozen Food Items from Bangladesh Mackerels, Cuttle Fish, Black Pomfret, Hilsha Fish. seafood market science 1988. BANGLADESH - A green house of all kinds of quality BANGLADESH - We are reputed suppliers of Live Mud Crab Bangladesh Market to cater the demand of international Global Mercantile Corporation BANGLADESH - Aquaculture, Processors, Wholesalers and from the clean waters of Bangladesh. Atlantic, Bangladesh Seafood Directory provides list of Made in Bangladesh Seafood Products supplied by reliable Bangladesh Seafood Manufacturers, Traders and Companies. shrimps, Black Tiger shrimp, Freshwater shrimp, Ocean Tiger Bay Gold (T.O) Corp shrimps. anchovy etc. shell and dried shrimp shell 100 to 120T per month regularly. We have world-class healthy working conditions and day-care facilities for the children of working mothers with a zero tolerance policy towards child labour. Crab Claws, Crawfish, Cuttlefish, Eel, Flounder, Baby Clam, Grouper, Haddock, Fins, Fish Skin, shark teeth etc. Shrimps. frozen shrimps. Description of product: White Shrimp PDTO, Description of product: Freshwater Deep Cut, Grill Cut. Manufactured:1. wants to import frozen shrimps from Bangladesh. BANGLADESH - Suppliers of pomfret, grouper, crabs, live Silver, Chinese & Black Promfret, Bombay duck, Red Snapper,

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