Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour: Cultural Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour. 30 samples were taken from each village. The Marketing in India, The Economic Times. Friends and family members' recommendations had significantly more impact on buying decisions of lower income consumers than high income consumers. Instead, they need to devise rural specific strategies. The goal of this study is to check the watching behavior of TV notice, to find the impact of women's buying behavior while making decision of purchase and to check the influence of TV commercials on various dimensions of buying behavior. The findings similarly show that convenience of the merchandise is additional factor which is vigorously influenced on females purchase choice. In other terms, celebrity attributes do impact the purchase intention of consumers. This paper focuses on understanding factors that affect the rural purchase of FMCG in South India. the major factor to prefer a particular brand in w, available, customers buy the available brands. You are currently offline. estimated that ten per cent of the grocery bill can be saved through purchasing distributor brands [6]. Social factors 3. 1. It moreover changes their opinion toward the goods and administrations image and likewise rises the demand to increase the percentage of sales which incline to more revenue. It was found that factors effect on rural, consumer vary with age and income and found increasing, income consumers. Marketers use celebrity, in order to increase their sales and extend their market, quality, verity, comfort, price and expectations, therefore, appropriate pricing of the product is crucial for, market entry and penetration. The rural consumer is economically, socially and psychologically different from his urban counterpart. Marketers need to have a good knowledge of the factors affecting the consumer behaviour. All rights reserved. Purchase behavior of the rural consumers depends upon the nature of occupation and the consistency in the generation of income. Cultural factors 4. & Jha, M. Nagaraja. However, it will be slow (Kannan, 2001). Definition: The Consumer Behavior is the study of how an individual decides to purchase a particular product over the other and what are the underlying factors that mold such behavior. Rural Consumer Behaviour  Study about the behaviour shown by rural consumer about acquisition, consumption and disposition of various products. Study identified the eight factors i.e. market is not all about low price point and PR building. Celebrity endorsement business has become a multi-million industry in India. Study identified the eight factors i.e. At present, consumer knowledge and use of foreign brands is low, and Indian consumers are price-sensitive. This made the author curious to explore the impact of celebrity endorsements on consumer buying behaviour.This paper focuses on examining the perception of Indian consumers about celebrity endorsements, examining the celebrity attributes likely to influence consumer purchase intentions and finally the impact of celebrity endorsements on their purchase intention.This project begins with the review of existing literature available on celebrity endorsements, which provides an insight into the research topic and clarifies many important aspects related to the subject. Insights for global retailers, Teenagers’ Influence in Family Buying Decision Making of FMCG Products: A Case Study of Rural Market, An insight into teenagers' influence on buying decision making process of rural families, Influence of Teenagers in Family Purchase Decision Making of Cell Phones, RM64-04-04 Brand Aspirations and Brand Switching Behaviour of Rural Consumers A case study of Haryana, Celebrity Endorsements and Its Impact on Consumer Buying Behaviour, What Are Product Bundles and How to Bundle Products. In making a final decision, and indeed throughout the whole decision-making process, consumers are influenced by a wide range of factors, not just those relat­ing to the obvious features of the product. Data was collected using self administered questionnaire via personal visit to the consumers. Present study aims at identifying the factors affecting buying decisions of rural consumers and whether importance of these factors varies with age and income of respondents. ased awareness along with rise in income levels, Population by Rural Urban Residence (in crore), the rural market. Semantic Scholar is a free, AI-powered research tool for scientific literature, based at the Allen Institute for AI. From the selected districts two villages were chosen on the basis of distance from, The objective of the paper is to examine the impact of perceived quality and emotional value on the purchase behavior toward branded apparel in India.

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