16) The fruit is on the table (the fruit isn't fresh) My birthday is _on_ the sixth of May. 10) The girl works in a bank (the girl is from India) 9) The man is in the garden (the man is wearing a blue jumper) But instead seeing a future author in the young boy , English teachers his school were very disappointed his work. ___________________________________________________________________ Fill in the gaps with a correct preposition . Mary isn't quite ready yet. ________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Instead sitting here complaining about having nothing to do, go and do something constructive! 8) They live in a city (the city is in the north of England) no solo respondemos, también te explicamos, Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition. Your mother is looking forward going on that trip to Australia, isn't she? For each sentence, write in a preposition. Do you always travel about the town car? Share By Email. This was also the reason his great success. __________________________________________________________________________ I have always been able to play games well. Preposition Gap Fill. a. 2. Tell your friends about us! AYUDA !! Gap-fill exercise. I would rather go to the disco stay here at home. Prepositions - PREP012 Gap-fill exercise. The Wampanoag lived villages the southeastern coast North America. Alfred Hitchkock's movie Man from the South was based a story written Dahl. (after, through, into) d. There is an apple in … 15) The television was stolen (the television was bought 20 years ago) 7. (About, behind, above) c. They all ran after the farmer’s wife. He said that children's jokes still made him laugh . How much do you want a holiday? 3. (In, on, at). Fill in the correct prepositions ! Role of Preposition Prepositions are important when constructing sentences. 10. 2. ________________________________________________________________________ Tell me the new job you started today. Exercise on prepositions – The Wampanoag. 13. The boy was hiding behind the door. I'm not surprised he took that job. It is a container for butter. 5. Your mother is looking forward going on that trip to Australia, isn't she? Although prepositions are small words, they are very important ones. (In, on, at) 1. Their name means ‘ people of the … ________________________________________________________________________ In some Mediterranean cultures, respect your elders is the most important part of family life. Alfred Hitchkock's movie Man from the South was based a story written Dahl. button to get a clue. 3) I sent an email to my brother (my brother lives in Australia) 3. It rains a lot _____ winter. She is in the kitchen looking her car keys. I don't have as much confidence in myself you seem to. 1 I don’t agree y ou on this matter.I think you are wrong. Stella often goes to the movies without telling her parents. 6. One cannot help but admire his courage. Can you come_____ Monday? I will have tea instead of coffee. ________________________________________________________________________ 1. Example: 1. My family went to São Paulo___ July because my brother and I were on vacation___. He always wrote pencil and when he started writing the day, he insisted having a few sharp pencils in a box his side. 4. 2. 1) She worked for a man (the man used to be an athlete) Fill in the gaps with the following prepositions ! 12) The waiter was rude (the waiter was wearing a blue shirt) His short stories adults are known their unexpected endings. Answers. It was a cultural week. nathaliacamila1526 está esperando tu ayuda. 7. He has always been allowed to do what he wanted. 8. __________________________________________________________________________, ayudeneme a elavorar 20 oraciones donde se muestre la estructura basica del verbo to be en tiempo pasado (INGLES). 1. 3. 1. This material is different from that. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions. Fill in the blanks. ________________________________________________________________________ Preposition Exercises for Class 10 ICSE with Answers. ________________________________________________________________________ Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition. He always worked for two hours: 10 until 12 in the morning and 4 to 6 in the afternoon. A little girl sat under the tree. 3 The vase was so lovely.Mum fell in love it immediately. Roald Dahl, who died 1990, is still one the world's best-selling authors. Answers 1. (The preposition ‘for’ shows the relationship between butter and container). 4) The customer liked the waitress (the waitress was very friendly) Fill in the gaps with the correct prepositions of time (in, on or at). Fill in the blanks with an appropriate preposition. 13) The money is in the kitchen (the money belongs to John) 7) She loves books (the books have happy endings) Roald Dahl was a very organised man. the morning, we went to parks and___ the afternoon we visited museums and galleries.___ night, we went to some concerts. Dahl enjoyed writing for children. Añade tu respuesta y gana puntos. They often go fishing instead of going to school. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. Are you really happy the life you have here in San Francisco, Jane? 3. ______________________________________________________________ 2. Test your knowledge of prepositions with this grammar exercise.

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