The remnants of civilized nations are waging a war of control over what remains. The fun is diversified by the possibility of using weapons and the need to replenish fuel supplies. Production is an action game with a third party perspective. A shooting in which we observe the action from a top-down perspective. Without having to follow physical laws, vehicles can move with tremendous speeds. They were completely crushed, though, and the player assumes the role of the sole survivor on whom the further fate of the humanity depends. The production is distinguished by an interesting control, in which the left analog knob is responsible for movement, while the right one is used for targeting and shooting. The production story takes place in a distant future, on a cosmic colony, where the evil pastor created a cult condemning science and preaching an imminent apocalypse; in fact, he himself intends to bring the world to an end. An isometric action game set in the future, created by the creators of Shock's cybernetic system. The production is maintained in the style of science fiction and is distinguished by its original visual setting, combining rendered backgrounds and target-shade character models. A first-person shooter set in a science fiction realm, created by id Software studio, previously known mainly for the arcade series Commander Keen and the groundbreaking Wolfenstein 3D. The production became famous as one of the most cult parts of the cycle, offering a heart-gripping story and many solutions adopted later permanently into the genre. It was originally released in 1995 for PlayStation and MS-DOS, and later in 1996 for Sega Saturn, being a launch title for the PlayStation (in Europe only). In 2100 the Earth is plunged into total chaos following the global nuclear catastrophe. The action of Quake II takes place in the distant future where humanity established contact with a biomechanical race of the technologically advanced Stroggs. When it turned out that the alien secretly plan to conquer Earth, a special space marine unit was sent into action. When, in the fallout of an interdimensional gate experiment, the base gets overrun by bloodthirsty monsters from outer space, we have to provide reconnaissance and, of course, eliminate all potential threat. In Machine Hunter we play the role of a soldier equipped with a special suit allowing him to take control of the robots, which in turn gives him access to the arsenal used by them. Eighth installment of the popular series of Japanese RPG games. As well as their science fiction setting, futuristic racing games take the racing format to extremes, often involving weapons. The title abandons the assumptions of previous productions with the famous Duke, but retains the characteristic climate of the cycle. The game features a large dose of brutality, claustrophobic atmosphere, and three-dimensional graphic design. As Anakin Skywalker, Qui-Gon Jinn, Queen Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi and other Star War heroes, the player has to face the dangers lurking on the planets of Naboo and Tatooine, as well as in the capital of the Republic - Coruscant. The production depicts the fate of cloned Ellen Ripley and a group of mercenaries trying to survive the clash with bloodthirsty aliens. The player plays the role of a former soldier of the Empire, now a mercenary, whose task will be to stop Darth Vader and his elite army: Dark Troopers. The story tells the story of a cosmic warrior who tries to stop the rebellious artificial intelligence. It was re-released as a downloadable game for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable via the PlayStation Network in 2007. Among the opponents there are iconic xenomorphs, small hugger guys and hostile soldiers. In the game we sit at the helm of 6 futuristic cars, competing on 6 different routes, full of shortcuts and branching. A licensed science fiction action game with a third person perspective. A shooter with elements of horror, based on the popular Alien: Awakening from 1997. Rollcage is an arcade-style racing game for Windows and PlayStation, developed by Attention to Detail, and published by Psygnosis. A dynamic TPP action game in a science-fiction setting, in which we face criminals as a police pilot of a modern combat vehicle. An unusual combination of adventure game and survival horror. The first FPS game from the LucasArts stable, set in the world of Star Wars. This time the protagonist is Squall Leonhart - a cadet of the military academy, involved in warfare with the neighbouring state of Galbadia. The production is distinguished by the specific mechanics of rolling clashes and the fact that they take place in oval cages where warriors levitate. A science fiction-based futuristic racing game, a side-project of the experienced Bullfrog studio. The production allows players to play four different heroes, and each of them has a unique equipment. The Confederacy loses the war with Kilrathi on all fronts. Tube Slider is a futuristic racing game where the player pilots a hovercraft through a track and competes against other racers (human or AI controlled) in various futuristic tracks. The main article for this category is Racing game. Converted from slot machines, a three-dimensional fight in which people endowed with extraordinary abilities fight. An action adventure game in which we play Zaka Kingston - a hacker infiltrating a secret research facility in Siberia, where works on a new weapon of mass destruction are carried out. The sequel to the groundbreaking first-person shooter by id Software that, just like its predecessor released the year before, set new visual standards thanks to the enhanced idTech 2 engine. Motorhead (PS1) Racing 20 April 1998 Motorhead is a dynamic, arcade racing game maintained in a futuristic style, in which what counts is primarily reflexes and the ability to drive on winding routes with the accelerator pedal pressed into the floor. A series of improvements to the FPP adventure, which was originally released in 1994 on the PC-98 platform. Motorhead is a dynamic, arcade racing game maintained in a futuristic style, in which what counts is primarily reflexes and the ability to drive on winding routes with the accelerator pedal pressed into the floor. They may feature alien environments and abstract vehicles such as hoverbikes. It has an interesting graphics, specific atmosphere and undeniable playability. PS1 In each of nearly 30 levels of the game the player's task is to find an exit, the keys to open it, and to eliminate all encountered monsters using a wide arsenal of both classic and futuristic weapons. Motorhead (PS1) Racing 20 April 1998. The fight is played in a turn-based system, and the game focuses primarily on an extensive feature layer. The levels were also greatly expanded, following different stylistics than in the previous game. Lieutenant Christopher Blair, stationed on the aircraft carrier Victory, may change the course of the war. PS1 Action of Doom takes place in the near future, and players play the part of a cosmic Marine who, for insubordination, is sent to UAC corporation's secret research facility on Mars.

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