Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. We all know about the regenerating and revitalizing power of coconut oil. If this still doesn’t help, you could add a spoonful of your favorite liquid sweetener. Thank you so much! Help spread the word. Creamy, sweet, nutty… It’s a genius ingredient that is everything you could ever want! These energy balls are not only simple to make but they’re tasty too. An easy, no-bake recipe for healthy snacks, In a food processor, blend the dates and the water until mostly smooth (leaving behind some chunks is perfect!). . These can be subtle or strong in flavor depending on your taste. Keep these energy balls on hand because they’re best for busy days! If you’re wanting to continue with the dark chocolate for true healthy ‘bounty’ vibes, then – once you’ve formed all the balls simply chill to firm them for about 20 minutes. Thanks for sharing. Add an almond in the center. But, they’re not! You’ll have to press down slightly for the coconut to stick. . These coconut energy balls come together quickly and are a quick burst of flavor and energy when you need one. Also, if you like coconut energy bites, you might love these Cacao and Almond Protein Balls. Wow, this recipe is a real find for me! How in the world does one get these to actually stick together enough to make them into balls?!? ... My favorites are all protein and coconut energy balls that contain only healthy “stuff”! It works as both a sweetener and a healthy fat. During this time you can clean your apartment or wardrobe. 11 dip recipes – delicious and low in calories! What is so amazing about these 3-ingredient healthy coconut energy balls is that they taste unhealthy. Course Snack Cuisine international Keyword dairy free, glutenfree, healthy, sugar free, vegan Prep Time 20 minutes. For keto coconut balls, use the stevia option listed below instead of the maple syrup or agave. Healthy Coconut Energy Balls. Your email address will not be published. My passion for natural, safer alternatives has also been fuelled by the fact that my mum died of cancer when she was very young, something that could well be attributed to the prevalence of potentially harmful ingredients commonly used in hair products and skincare, food additives and chemicals found in the environment. I made my own condensed coconut milk with monkfruit sweetener. Healthy Coconut Bliss Bites for Family Dessert Snack | These 3 Ingredient healthy coconut bliss balls are the perfect healthy ‘bounty’-like bite-sized treats but so much healthier. Your email address will not be published. Hair, nails, skin… everything looks better! It seems easy, I’ll try it soon. I use these, a lot when we’re out and about either for energy (playing at the park) or to keep kiddos entertained while we’re running around #snackssaveslives haha, dairy free, glutenfree, healthy, sugar free, vegan, « How I changed my life using the Law of Attraction. Simply, mix the condensed coconut milk and shredded coconut together. Honestly, I can’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t been absolutely obsessed with coconut. I then leave them to dry on a wire cooling rack. . The condensed coconut milk makes the mixture very sticky as it has sugar added to it. Without me procrastinating further, the recipe for these coconut energy balls is as follows! I was searching for low fructose treats I could make when I came across this and maple syrup has too high a fructose content for it to work for me. This energy balls looks inviting to me not to talk of my kids. Thanks. Place the balls in the freezer for one hour to set.

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