You might also apply another coat of insect repellent to keep bugs away, especially when storing wool rugs. Have them hold it up, and beat the back of the rug to knock out excess dust. Making sure that it is off the floor and doesn’t have anything else stacked on top of it. Enter your email address below and we'll send you a link with instructions. Finally vacuum the piece before setting it up in its new home to remove any lingering dust or odors. You'll begin receiving the newsletter within a week. Protect the rug from moths and other insects. Follow these instructions to keep your rug in the best condition possible over the long haul. This is highly inadvisable as pesticides are acidic and toxic … DO NOT wrap in plastic. If the rug gets wet during the cleaning process, let it dry completely to avoid any mold or mildew problems later on. If the rug is valuable, check on it once or twice a year to make sure it is still in good condition. This is something you’ll want to do with a partner if possible, so that one of you can hold the rug after you’ve rolled it, so that it won’t unroll or loosen too much. To keep your rug safe and protected, follow these steps to prepare it for storage. More information on her writing and work can be found at Apply insect repellant. Once the rug is dry, roll it up, with the pile on the inside, the bottom on the outside. A climate-controlled unit rents for about 25% more than a standard unit, and is well worth the price. Of all the types of household items you may need to put in storage, rugs are one that can easily become ruined if stored improperly. Step 2: Roll up your rug and secure it with twine. Follow these guidelines to prepare a rug and keep it in excellent condition while it’s not in use: Continue reading for a more in-depth explanation for each of these rug storage tips. Here’s How to Prepare Your Home For a Baby, How to Invest in Self Storage Real Estate, Moving Advice for Seniors and People with Disabilities, Keepin’ It Cool: How to Store Vinyl Records, Antique Home Show: 7 Items You Might Have That Are Actually Worth Something. Most insects will perish after just a few days when the temperature dips below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. This will get some of the dust and debris out. When you roll the rug up, keep the top part of the it on the outside. Paper breaths whereas plastic does not. Most self storage facilities offer units with climate control, and these units are designed to keep items like rugs, art, clothing, and even musical instruments safe and in their best condition. You should be able to roll it nicely into a tube shape. That can crack the bottom or cause the carpet to become misshapen. Attics tend to get very hot in summer and are not a good place to store your rug. To avoid these, apply an insect repellent made for use on rugs. Do not store anything on top of a stored rug. So, for the next step, we recommend you spray your rug with an insect repellent, like Off! Wrap a few strips of polyester twill tape around both ends and in the middle of the rug and tie snugly. “I have seen improperly stored textiles reduced to threads and dust in just a few months because of poor handling and storage,” said Alex Roach, a pest management consultant. If you do note some pest infestation on the material, you can try freezing it, explained Roach. Fold the rug in half one last time, with the head and bottom touching. Don’t fold it, as a folded rug could easily crack or get creases in it, noted Jones. Vacuum and clean the rug. Follow this step-by-step process to become an expert on how to store rugs: Step 1: Give your rug a thorough clean. Wrap in a paper cover. Store rugs in a clean, dark and dry environment. “Not all materials fare well in freezing temperatures, but this can be an option for some textiles,” Roach said. Continue reading for a more in-depth explanation for each of … Otherwise, take the rug out once you have a new place for it, and take it home. Roll up the rug, with pile on the inside. “Depending on the condition, you can vacuum the piece or take it outside to beat out the dust,” advised Harriet Jones, a cleaning supervisor at Go Cleaners London. With all this done, your rug should stay in good condition indefinitely. Next, roll Kraft paper around the rug, then duct tape around that in several spots. When you put your rug in storage, make sure nothing gets stacked on top of it, and that it is off the floor. The … Wrap the rug in a protective fabric or plastic. If possible, you should do this next part with a friend. Roll up the rug, with pile on the inside. Wave it a few times, like a sheet. “Common rug-loving pests are silverfish, moths, and the appropriately named carpet beetle,” explained Roach. If the rug has serious stains, you may want to contact a cleaning service to take care of them, and to get it completely clean. Or Repel. On a dry day, take the rug outside. Professional cleaning can be costly, so you can try using a gentle detergent like Woolite to spot clean any stains. The paper will allow the carpet to breathe, while the duct tape will allow the roll to keep its shape. Boxes and other items can cause cracks and destroy a rug’s shape.

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