It's so mature and beautiful. Though I've read unreasonable bad comments about her (again, bec. Similar scenarios occurred to both couples (a male texted the girlfriend), but the responses were totally different. He hands her some money to use as allowance, and Ik-soon bursts into tears. Lee Ik-jun (played by Cho Jung-seok) is the life of the party and super hilarious. Genres. Pretty please, Also GW doesn't look to be any close to getting her date at new year with a worthy guy at this point. I wonder how chaotic everything will be this week. The fact that Ik Jun low-key confessed at the end of the season is enough to give us a heart attack! An alternate to how everyone got together in episode 1. He suggests waiting for a brain-dead donor, and the father seems to accept Ik-joon’s recommendation. The simplicity and the positive tone of the drama. And I say this as someone who adores Gyu-wool. Lol. The guardian explains that she already saw her child but asks Gyu-wool if the surgery went well since she was too frazzled to comprehend the doctor. His duo with Kim Jin Won was really nice. Like the marriage issue between Jun-wan and Ik-sun, Jeong-won's priesthood dream, or Seok-hyung's family problem. She almost tried dating someone else, but her heart always led her back to Jeong Won. At the restaurant, Chi-hong waves at someone, and the camera cuts to Song-hwa who waves, too—though they might not be waving at each other. I guess I am the only one who thinks that Jung Won does in fact like Gyu-Wool, he just likes God more. I love watch these two bickering like school kids! You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Song-hwa leaves the group to make her rounds, and the last patient she meets is the thirteen-year-old and her parents. He also asks for some cigarettes and a lighter, and Jung-won hands him all the items, though he’s set on getting them all back. Childhood friends, Ik-jun and Jun-wan, Jeong-won and Seok-hyeong and watch how all of the guys have crushes on Song-hwa. In the hall, Ik-joon runs up to Song-hwa and asks if she’ll be late to practice. This was great and yeah I also think he's divided because he might see this as a huge betrayal to his religious commitment but clearly his yearning to become a priest became his identity and now he's perplexed. Let's watch them together. I mostly agree with your sentiments regarding Gyeoul and Jeongwon's current status in terms of romance. regarding her one sided crush on dr.ahn i think he does feel something for her either its attractn or curiosity. Yoo Yeon-seok sebagai Ahn Jung-won, seorang asisten profesor bedah anak. ha ha.,, i just realized! Jun Wan the heart surgeon rarely shows his emotions, but he turns into a giddy lovestruck schoolboy when it comes to Ik Jun's soldier sister Ik Sun. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on Pemeran Utama. Yes, it might get kinda awkward if they got together, since they've been friends for sooo long, but we believe that these two are made for each other. I hope the main cast fr S1 will be the same for next season. 12. js = d.createElement(s); = id; -Kim Gab Soo being so perfect for this role and his pretend "bored face" while silently getting into the groove You can’t help but to laugh along with the characters or laughs at the characters. The simplicity and the positive tone of the drama. Like @sorayalatina, you made my day with this news. Other than the reason her GS fathers didn't mentor her objectively, it could also possibly be that she didn't really feel strongly for them as her role models as a doctor that she didn't really pick up many things from them through her 3 years of residency. Lee Ik-jun (played by Cho Jung-seok) is the life of the party and super hilarious. The passion is just too great for him ya know? Most of my fave scenes were covered by many beanies. Heh. I think he doesn't allow the possibility because he is unwilling or scared to jeopardize his dream of going into the Priesthood. Ugh, kyeopta. Don't read if you haven't seen the latest episode yet! The show is written and directed by the same team behind the Reply series, after all! They are always there for each other. Your comments are getting longer with each recap and I am loving it. ♥️. Of course, I am a sucker for romance so I can't say I am not enjoying the romances, mutual and one-sided. Something about her vulnerability and caring heart that shows through her logical, blunt, fiercely intelligent personality gets to me. So satisfying. And yes, a break for the actor too. ASFDGFSDGRFTH, pls let them be happy together next season, so i initially giffed the chose up scenes as well but the kissing was hella awk, song-hwa: *twirls as much spaghetti as possible onto her plastic fork*, I almost didn't want to make one of these because I just wanted to bask in how great the show is, but then making it allowed me to re-experience how amazing it is, this is the first show on mydramalist I've given 10s in every category, imagine being hungry and coming across rosaries, my draw looks almost exactly like junhwans lmao im all about that snack hoarding life, I know why I don't like to make several gifs in one gif lol, non of the main characters fit the fourth one so I went with ik sun, and for ik jun I had to come up with something... doesn't fit the pattern but I still like it haha. Tvn released a video of their band practice and I am just so blown away by their dedication. How many K-dramas do you know does this. He relieves Song-hwa of her duties—thankfully, just in time since she almost had to marry Seok-hyung—and Ik-joon tells Seok-hyung’s mom that her son is adopting him.

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