Twenty years earlier, Cosimo's friend Albizzi tells him that his family lost a valuable ship at sea and Giovanni uses the information to have Albizzi's father declared bankrupt and thrown off the Signoria. Upon witnessing the deprivation over the Florentine public under excommunication, Clarice warns Lorenzo. 7.5 (283) 0. Riario attacca la città di Ferrara, alleata di Firenze, sperando di far saltare il trattato inducendo Lorenzo a tornare alla guerra aperta. Show Information. Maddelena is pregnant with Cosimo's child and Contessina decides that Cosimo will acknowledge and raise the bastard. Spotnitz has revealed that season 2 will jump ahead 20 years and will focus on Lorenzo ‘the Magnificent’, Cosimo’s grandson who reigned for more than 20 years but drove the family bank to ruin. Milan acquires the city of Imola. This article examines aspects of the relationship of Lorenzo de’ Medici and Ippolita Sforza, Duchess of Calabria, through a close reading of two familiar letters by the latter dating from 1480 and 1486. Rate. Rate. 0. However a delay occurs. The Sforza duke having been murdered on Pazzi orders, Jacopo plots to hire condottiere count Montesecco to seize Firenze and eradicate the Medici. Rosa (2 episodes, 2016) Andrea Tidona. 8. The senior Pazzi seeks to use Francesco's wife as a wedge between Francesco and Lorenzo, and when Francesco investigates further the circumstances of Novella's arrival in the city, he sees her arrival as part of a Medici plot, and throws her out of his house. Piero de' Medici still incarnates honorable business, but the bank is now is too deep trouble to hide, as he must even call small debts from local merchants and borrow against future papal income, so rival Jacopo di Pazzi and his ruffian nephew Francesco smell Medici blood, planning to oust them from the council, provoking and setting up Giuliano Medici to be abused yet seem a false accuser. Medici: Masters of Florence is the lavish new Netflix period drama. 25 Jan. 2019 Old Scores. He said: “We all feel we had an extraordinary cast in season one, and we want to do as well in season two. While the Pope blesses Cosimo's cathedral, Albizzi and his son are murdered in the woods by the mercenaries. Ippolita was born in Cremona on 18 April 1445, the eldest daughter of Francesco I Sforza, Duke of Milan, and Bianca Maria Visconti. Both of their characters will be dead by the time Lorenzo comes into power, but fans are hopeful that they could appear through flashbacks. The boy is embraced by Lucrezia and Clarice, but Lorenzo first denies acknowledgement of him as his nephew, before eventually witnessing Giuliano's ring in Giulio's hands, and accepting the boy. 7. Menu. Cosimo finally makes up with Contessina and ends his relationship with Maddelena. It's denied as the Pazzi man in the Roman Curia trumped the adopted Medici priest Carlo, but Lorenzo's mother gets mighty cardinal Orsini to promise his crucial support if Lorenzo weds his beautiful niece Clarice, who is quickly charmed but can't talked out of joining a nunnery. The Pope seeks sanctuary with the Medici when Rome is attacked. A Firenze giunge un frate domenicano che sembra capace di leggere nel cuore di Lorenzo: Girolamo Savonarola. Lorenzo goes to Rome, asking pope Paul for an extension of the Medici bank credit from the papal tides. The first season charted the rise Cosimo de' Medici (Game Of Thrones’ Richard Madden), who became head of the Medici family after his father Giovanni (Dustin Hoffman) was murdered. Giuliano is distraught at the end of his affair and travels to Citta di Castello to try to quell the riots against Castello's leader. Luca's son Bastiano is installed on the council, and Lorenzo wins the vote. Sisto IV è morto. Rate. Tra i Priori c’è chi dubita di Lorenzo, ma il Magnifico, deciso a non lasciare che Firenze si arrenda, trova uno stratagemma per esautorare il consiglio sostituendolo con il Consiglio dei Dieci con uomini a lui fedeli. I Medici troveranno un’inaspettata alleata in Caterina Sforza, moglie di Riario, ma la vittoria finale non sarà senza sacrifici. 1. Personal Details Spouse (s): Alfonso II of Naples. EXCLUSIVE: Reign’s Toby Regbo is to star in the third and final season of Italian drama Medici.. However the senior Pazzi's plotting through his cousin Salviati leads to the threat to excommunicate Milan if he does not sell Imola to the Papal States.

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