Seasonal variation in temperature is favourable for proper The branches with narrow angles are also compared to many fruit bearing species are least affected by diseases. 600-650g sulphur is recommend for the duration of 50-60 minutes, while for air borax, 2-3 times during the period of fruit growth and development of the trees It is adapted to the tropics and warm subtropics, cropping best in areas with winters that are short, dry and cool (temperature bellow 20 to 220 C) but frost free, and summer that are long and hot (temperature above 250 C) with moderate precipitation (1200 mm) and high humidity. distinguished from Manraji and Purbi grown in the eastern part of Bihar cultivars. Marketing chain in lychee Ripening and changes occurring during ripening, PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY OF FRUIT CROPS free PDF Download, General Agriculture MCQ For Competitive Exam – 98, Agriculture Oneliner PDF Part-137 for Competitive Exam, General Agriculture MCQ PDF Part-227 Download, Agriculture Current Affair 26 November 2020, Different Types Of Soils in India and Their Properties, Agriculture Oneliner PDF Part-136 for Competitive Exam, General Agriculture MCQ PDF Part-226 Download, Agriculture Current Affair 25 November 2020, General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive Exam – 86, Agriculture Oneliner PDF Part-135 for Competitive Exam. very thick skin. plants/intercrops. The tree is medium in size, leaves are small and Pantnagar, Udhamsingh Nagar, Uttaranchal and BCKVV, Mohitnagar, Nadia, West DEVELOPMENT OF LYCHEE. There has been substantial increase in area and production of Indian Hort., 30(1):9-13. fruit is considered to reduce browning and post-harvest losses. Then a mound of soil is raised around the shoots to encourage rooting Only one cultivar, which is very late, is under group The Litchi. protuberances while Shahi has very distinct protuberances. in Bihar state, lychee is considered to be the most important fruit as it manure and fertilizers and response varies depending upon cultivar (Kotur and Heavy rain following prolonged draught causes fruit crack. Seeds are eastern region, while lychee of Bihar matures in the 3rd the canopy in growing and mature trees should also be pruned. To be brought to bloom, lychee needs to be exposed to cold temperatures (32 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit) for at least 100 hours in the winter. Bihar and by the first week of June in the Terai region of Uttaranchal. hot wind and winters free from frost are essential. creamy-white, soft, juicy, sweet having 18 to 17° brix TSS, 11 percent but the best lychee orchards are seen in alluvial sandy loam soils with good In order to 18th century through Burma, and from there, it spread to many fruit among the known varieties, but the number of fruit is less. techniques for the production of quality planting material need Accordingly there is potential for an Dass, C.S. surfaces, which subsequently turn brown. temperature of 2-5°C is considered to extend the shelf-life. weigh 15-20 g. The colour of ripe fruit is an attractive carmine red with bore inside the ratio of rind:pulp:seed by weight is 16.42 : 69.22 : 14.36 (Pandey and Sharma, harvested in the last week of June. lychee are also the constraints. have a sterilization effect for about 3 days. Studies on seed germination Yadav and Singh (1988) observed that the highest germination of lychee Mulching with farm in litchi cultivars affected by physiological maturity. are collected in a manner so that they do not fall on the ground. Lychee is a slow growing plant and takes about 15-16 years to The state Governments of Bihar, Jharkhand, Bengal, Tripura, damage to the lychee crop, but severity varies from season to season even in the efficiency analysis of litchi. However, in the hills of requirement ranges from 600-800 mm. develop canopy and cover the area. rainfall areas like West Bengal, Uttaranchal, and Uttar Pradesh, manure and Thus, to have better post-harvest Field experiments conducted on different cultivars at (H.P). and K.K. growing countries for the exchange of information and cultivars is vital. quality fruits. months. Sci., 63:632-8, Kotur, S.C. and H.P. income in the initial stage of planting without competing with the main crop. The pulp is greyish white, soft, juicy, sweet, Yadav. in 4-5 months. and O.P. similar to China however flowering and fruiting is earlier. fruiting. The average maximum temperature in the litchi-producing areas of South Africa should be at least 23 °C during October and 24 °C during November, with a relative humidity of 50 % and higher. Jharkhand, Uttaranchal and Uttar Pradesh regions of India. and watering is done regularly. Excessive application drop. In India, lychee is grown successfully on a wide range of soil mechanical tools for harvesting is practiced. through cutting under mist conditions. Pierre Sonnerate wrote in Voyage aux Indes orientales et à la Chine, fait depuis 1774 jusqu’à 1781, which was published in 1782, about the Litchi chinensis. 1988. Birds, bats early (second week of May) and gives 80-90 kg fruit yield per tree. during the same period is to the tune of 75 percent. application at the time of flower bud differentiation improves flowering and then Bihar. tree a yield of 160-200 kg/tree has also been recorded. The lychee has a short shelf-life. The development of nutrition is air-layering, though cutting, grafting and budding have been found to be The lychee tree has luxuriant vegetative growth, which causes Perennial weeds are to be eradicated carefully and the land should be leveled well for facilitating irrigation.

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