whatsoever, &c.--"Strange rumors have reached our ears of Thy doings at Capernaum; but if such power resides in Thee to cure the ills of humanity, why has none of it yet come nearer home, and why is all this alleged power reserved for strangers?" Elijah was sent to a heathen woman, and a heathen man was sent to Elisha: and both of them were turned from heathenism to the true religion. And when Jesus had risen out of the synagogue, he entered into Simon's house. 33. Mark expresses it more fully, by adding a contrast, that it was unlike the manner of teaching of the Scribes As they were false expounders of Scripture, their doctrine was literal and dead, breathed nothing of the power of the Spirit, and was utterly destitute of majesty. The first objection is met by the following reply. All rights reserved. Nor ought we to imitate the madness of those who throw away Scripture, as if it admitted of every kind of interpretation, because the devil misapplies it. He rebuked the fever. Mark 3:16. To preach the acceptable year of the Lord. Using a Hebrew idiom, he calls them discourses of grace, -- that is, discourses which manifested the power and grace of the Holy Spirit. Fevers and other diseases, famine, pestilence, and calamities of every description, are God's heralds, [347] by whom he executes his judgments. Matthew 4:3. Thus ungodly men not only resist, with obstinacy, the judgments of God, but rise into cruelty against his servants. And the wise men say, 'Every book by itself.'". This is not inconsistent with the shameful weakness which he manifested in denying his Lord: for this title showed his invincible power and steadiness, which continued till his death. 7. Seeing, therefore, that the book of that Law was sometimes divided in this manner, into distinct books, we may judge as well that the greater prophets might be thus divided also, and the twelve lesser made up into one volume. Christ is said to have been placed on the pinnacle of the temple. The same also is supposed concerning Elijah, 1 Kings 18:12; 2 Kings 2:16. 20. 19. acceptable year--an allusion to the jubilee year ( Leviticus 25:10 ), a year of universal release for person and property. If, therefore, bowing down before me, thou shalt worship, all things shall be thine. He therefore makes the time of redemption to depend on the purpose, or good pleasure, of God. Those masters do indeed thunder out whatever they think proper in a sufficiently magisterial style; but as their manner of discoursing about divine things is so profane, that their controversies exhibit no traces of religion, what they bring forward is all affectation and mere drivelling: for the declaration of the Apostle Paul holds true, that the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power, (1 Corinthians 4:20.) This mode of expression, which Luke employs, conveys the idea, that the man was driven by the impulse of the devil. 23. this proverb--like our "Charity begins at home." [324] 30. By explaining a passage in Isaiah, and applying it to the instruction which was immediately required, he turned upon him the eyes of all. All rights reserved. We see also that, though the Jews were become very degenerate, though every thing was in a state of confusion, and the condition of the church was miserably corrupted, one good thing still remained: they read the Scriptures publicly, and took occasion from them to teach and admonish the people. 7. hal. Now what quantity of time a moment contains, if it be worth the while to inquire, the doctors tell us: How much is a moment?

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