Finding a drill under $100 is not that difficult. Makita Australia want AUD209/USD155 for it, ouch. 5” rigid random orbital ive had for years and works great. The big deals are the variable speed and controllability. Movable and removable handle for using 2nd hand - this is really nice, because you can put the handle where you want it, or remove it so it's entirely out of your way. Makita makes good tools and the Makita RT0701C reviews on Amazon shows that with over 250 reviews drawing a rating of 4.5 starts. And you can get the DeWalt DCD771C2 cordless 1/2” compact drill / driver with a battery and charger for $99. If you’re going with a corded drill, I think this one is the one to get. Have you found a good hose or way to connect it to a dust port? You can find some off brand ones for less than $50 however, I would not recommend those. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I think that is a great price for this saw. Dewalt is great. I want a good performing sander but not prepared to drop the money for a Mirka. It was a big upgrade from my mouse. Las lijadoras excéntricas para bricolaje son eficaces para el uso doméstico. Anyhow, after using the makita for a while, I'm seriously impressed at how much nicer to use it is than the dewalt. I still have a 2030 jointer/planer combo that runs great, ascwell as drills,polisher,grinder,routers, and an old contractor TS with base and fence as accessories that has to be over 20 yesrs old. I have this same sander as well. I have a DeWalt variable speed ROS. It has good reviews and might be worth taking a look at if you like Porter-Cable tools:, One of the highest rated corded drills on my list is the DeWalt DWD112. Esta tecnología funciona mediante un sistema electrónico de acabado que regula progresivamente la velocidad: reduciendo el arranque de material durante el inicio del lijado y aumentándolo a medida que el usuario aumenta la presión. Pero se ve que no es exactamente así… y es que de los dos movimientos que tiene (orbital y rotatorio), me hice la idea (cosa mía, no culpo a la maquina) de que el movimiento circular iba a ser más potente y estable, pero no… se revoluciona mucho en vacío pero al apoyarla en la madera se viene muy debajo de revoluciones de giro, con lo que creo que solo sirve para que el plato vaya cambiando de posición, no para arrastrar material. the ceros sander is the only one i've used that is better. You will be able to round over edges, cut small holes, etc. Used it for months and eventually replaced it with a DeWalt. It works but find that the plastic parts don't snap together as easily as they should. Se trata de uno de los modelos más ergonómicos de Makita: su empuñadura frontal se puede regular para una mejor postura de lijado (se regula como la empuñadura auxiliar de los taladros percutores). For sandpaper I recommend the multipacks of the Mirka Gold 50 Sheets for $20. I use them myself! Feels ok in my stupid large but bony hands and it won't break the bank. The Skil 5820-01 can be purchased for around $60 as well. I've owned several and the Makita BO5041 is the best I've used: ... /r/woodworking is your home on reddit for furniture, toys, tools, wood, glue, and anything else that has to do with woodworking as a hobby or profession. Buying one under $100 will be a trim router and not a full size, full powered router. It is worth checking out coming in under $90 Dewalt DWE6421 will save you some money over the other DeWalt I recommended above because it doesn’t have variable speed control. En calidad de Afiliado de Amazon, obtengo ingresos por las compras adscritas que cumplen los requisitos aplicables. I don't believe that exact model is still made, but they have some something similar. I recently asked this same question, and was told to get the hook and loop kind. I've got a corded AEG one (Rigid in the US) and I'm fairly happy with it. Makita offers three different 5" sanders, which all share a similar look and internal components. La DWE6423 es una lijadora rotorbital de 280W de potencia con velocidad variable y de baja vibración que permite sesiones prolongadas de lijado sin fatiga. It combines a high-speed motor with a comfortable design to make large jobs fast and less fatiguing than they are with other sanders. Well I suppose chord less could be considered if it's dewalt. This was another one I had my eye on. DeWalt fue uno de los pioneros en el diseño de lijadoras sensibles a la presión del usuario. Así que pensé que esta máquina iba a ser algo parecido a la radial pero no tan revolucionada y con el añadido del movimiento orbital. The Makita BO5041 is another good choice in my opinion if you are a fan of Makita tools. Dispone de un disco de 125 mm y un potente motor de 300W que la hacen adecuada para lijar grandes superficies de madera, plástico o metal. I don't have any experience with the Dewalt, but I reviewed the Bosch and its bigger brother earlier in the year.I really liked the bigger version, though the small guy isn't too bad. Vibran menos. I have worked with numerous Bosch tools in my construction days. I currently have a Bauer one from Harbor Freight. It's about as smooth and quiet as you'll find in that price range. My main complaint is that the dust-bag keeps on detaching itself. It is variable speed, soft start and has a fine depth control. I have no experience with Wagner products but it seems comparable to the HomeRight mentioned above. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the woodworking community. Así que pensé que iba a comer más, como se ve en algunos videos de YouTuve de personas usando lijadoras orbitales de todo tipo de marcas, pero no es así en la realidad. There are Amazon affiliate links used in this post. I am very happy with it. /r/woodworking is your home on reddit for furniture, toys, tools, wood, glue, and anything else that has to do with woodworking as a hobby or profession. This sander is under $90 most places and comes with a tool bag and dust collection bag. HomeRight sent me their HomeRight sprayer to try and I have to say, I think it is a good spray gun. What brands are the good value these days. This may get deleted because I think there is a subreddit for tool recommendations but I can’t find it. It comes in at less than $65 and is very highly rated on Amazon. Come big equipment, I look to other brands (and usually vintage), but I'm definitely sold on Makita for pretty much all the smaller tools; miter saw, circular saw, cordless stuff, etc. A random orbital sander will make your life easier. I’d take a look at the Bosch 1006VSR 3/8 inch keyless chuck drill. But I am looking for a good orbital sander for the value. I would recommend this SkilSaw SPT67VM-22 one for $99 and it comes with a Diablo blade!

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