Beta Function. The triterpenoid which acts as the precursor of all animals sterols: a.      Lanosterol Chapter 9: Multiple choice questions. Fatty acids are partially soluble in water. Math Article. Sorry!, This page is not available for now to bookmark. b.      Lanosterol b. The triterpenoid which acts as the precursor of almost all plant sterols: (21). b.      Ricinoleic acid c) Both a and b. d) None of these . (13). Loading... Unsubscribe from BK Classes? Stay tuned with BYJU’S – The Learning App and also register with it to learn all the important Maths-related articles. A naturally occurring fatty acid with C-C triple bond in the hydrocarbon chain: a.      Digitoxin Increase with increase in chain length and fewer the double bonds, b. b.      Trans conformation Where, p and q stands for the shape parameters. Please feel free to inform the Admin if you find any mistakes in the answer key.. Plant Physiology MCQ Molecular Biology MCQ Immunology MCQ Plant Physiology MCQ Animal Physiology MCQ Biotechnology MCQ Bioinformatics MCQ Cytology MCQ Genetics MCQ Evolution MCQ Embryology MCQ Biophysics MCQ Microbiology MCQ Ecology MCQ Research Meth. What will be the probability of someone to agree to go on for a movie outing with you follows a Beta distribution with α = 2 and β = 8. Fatty acids are partially soluble in water. Ans. Scientist Dr. Bognar at the University of Iowa devised the calculator for Beta distribution. 14. b. c.       Waxy consistency B. Potassium salt of higher fatty acid is called soft soaps The beta function is defined in the domains of real numbers. d.      Dolichol, (4). Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams. Vegetables b. (c). Increase of LDL (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}), 10. Even number of carbon atoms in an un-branched chain of 12 – 24 carbons. A, B, C d.      Oleic acid. B (α, β): The designation of a function in the denominator of the probability density function. d.      B, D. (17). Good cholesterol and bad cholesterol Answer the following questions and then press 'Submit' to get your score. In such a case, why ask you to stand firm and use the beta distribution over the arbitrary probability distribution. Bad cholesterol and good cholesterol One reason that the function of beta distribution causes confusion is there are 3 “Betas” to encounter with in the mathematical tomfoolery, and they all are individualistic having different meanings: β: The designation of the second shape parameter in the probability density function. The beta function also has the formula. 5. The beta distribution is specifically appropriate to project/planning control systems like PERT and CPM mainly due to the reason that the function is contrived by an interval with a maximum (1) value and minimum (0) value. Which of the following molecule acts as a sugar carrier in animals? One is a beta function, and another one is a gamma function. Less reduced Ans. d.      Ergosterol. Dolichol is an alcohol functional group containing long chain organic compound made up of many isoprene units. At room temperature (25oC), a fat with saturated fatty acid of  12 – 20 carbon have: b. Blood HDL in female is less than male, c.       Blood of female individuals do not contain HDL, d.      Blood of female individuals do not contain LDL, A. b. d.      Cholesterol is completely absent in liver cells of cold blood animals. Ans. a) Oil. b.      Linoleic acid Solid consistency Solid consistency It is also symmetric function, such as B(x, y) = B(y, x). (b). a. It is defined as a special association between the set of input and output values in which each input value correlates one single output value. D. Potassium salt of higher fatty acid are called hard soaps, a. The Beta distribution is the conjugate before the binomial, Bernoulli, negative binomial and geometric distributions (appears like those are the distributions that include success & failure) in Bayesian hypothesizing. The solubility of fatty acids in water ________________

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