To keep your pizza from sticking, use a bit of corn meal on the peel. I am happy you’re here today, as I have a fun recipe to share with you. What a unique assemblage. I’m Beth Djalali, a girl that grew up in Omaha, Nebraska – a city and state that’s smack dab in the middle of the country. The pickled onions are homemade. . Mexican-inspired Pizza. trends come and go, but true style is ageless. This combination of toppings is one of my favorite ways for pizza. xo Kelly. JR, this one’s for you! Don’t worry though. Thank you so much Suzanne! I have saved the recipe and will give it a try. We have a smoked poblano pepper cream base, mexican chorizo, cotija cheese, cilantro and pickled red onions. Alternatively, you can spoon the cream sauce on. Have a great rest of your weekend! Btw, you can get those squeeze bottles at the $ store! Happy weekend! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The exciting part comes with what goes on the pie when it comes out of the oven: another drizzle of the poblano cream, cotija cheese crumbles, pickled red onions and fresh cilantro. I love the flavor combinations you used here. Place beef, onion and garlic in a skillet over medium heat. Give your peel a few quick flicks from side to side to ensure your dough is not stuck. If it’s in a casing, remove the casing and chop it up in the skillet while cooking so it’s a ground beef consistency. Go ahead and crumble your cotija into a bowl. – 2 large, thin-crust pizza bases (not ready-sauced), – 3 Tablespoons tomato paste, thinned with 1 Tablespoon water, – 2 small handfuls sliced chorizo salami (check sugar content), – 1/2 x 400 g can kidney beans (in brine), drained. Cook up your chorizo and spoon it out onto a paper towel-lined plate or tray to drain. I think you’ll like this one! Crush using a fork. I will say too, that the poblano puree makes a great salsa and will freeze well, too. I used store-bought pizza bases, but feel free to make your own. Typically Mexican chorizo is a more liquid-y sausage that firms up as you cook it. Once the dough is stretched out about 12 inches, flour your peel again and lay your dough down. Hi Judy, you are absolutely right. Generously flour a pizza peel and place your dough ball on the flour. A tablespoon or two makes a really nice seasoning for chili, soup or you can add it to a marinade. xo Kelly. . Thank you for sharing your tip! Your email address will not be published. Have a great weekend!xo Kelly, I am so happy you approve Christian! But, with its crispy crust, shredded chicken, chorizo, spicy crushed beans, double cheese, and blob of cool sour cream . Mexican Pizza Ingredients. Thanks for the recipe! It’s ok if you lose a couple toppings. Sprinkle with parsley flakes if desired, and top with sour cream. Modifying your squeeze bottle is totally optional! The menu includes classic options, like pepperoni, as well as the Michoacana and El Tapado, which are topped with asada and carnitas, respectively. Happy weekend to you too! Mexican Pizza (Clare Barboza/Bonnie Matthews) Mix it up next pizza night with a taco-inspired pie. It is an interesting recipe and so good! Flip the dough over and flatten the center with your hands. When the pizza is out of the oven, drizzle on more cream sauce. The acid from the pickled onions rounds it out very nicely. Then, with one hand lift up the dough and flip it onto the back of your other hand. An aluminum peel is a great tool for turning the pizza and for pulling it out of the oven. Don’t forget you can find me on Instagram and Facebook too! Now for the cheese. Mmmm, can’t wait to try this! Hello and welcome back to Kelly’s Kitchen! Take care, be well, xo Kelly. The first requirement was obvious: it had to be super quick and easy, because that’s the exact reason we resort to fast food in the first place. Thanks for sharing. With your hands cupping the sides of the dough, shape the dough into a disc. Add the pickled onions and the cilantro. Tools for making easy Mexican Pizzas: Wood cutting board – wood won’t dull your knives like plastic and if treated properly, has natural antimicrobial properties.. Good knife – Global is my … Cook until beef is evenly browned. The flavors are fresh and unexpected. I’ll let you know how it turns out. . I suppose this is a bit of a mixed recipe, incorporating Mexican spices into an essentially Italian idea. Hey Mom! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. YUMMMMMMMMMM I would eat the entire pizza if this was in front of me! While my pizza was cooking, I actually cut the spout of my squeeze bottle about halfway, to create a larger opening for my chunky cream sauce to squeeze out.

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