LINK VRAINS was filled with a wind which Duelists used to Duel and ride D-Board's in Speed Duels. During this Duel, Varis tried to use his Skill Storm Access but was unable to, Kogami appeared and gave his last strength to Varis to fulfill the Knight's mission. On the other hand, some avatars do not seem to be available for public use, as Gore had to seek help from SOL Technology to get the Knight of Hanoi avatar in order to lure Playmaker out. They can give orders and capture people in virtual nets if they disobey. The future circuit that lights up our path!" As Frog yelps in pain, Pigeon nervously asks who these people are, and Frog angrily asks how he should know. However Playmaker has shown to be able to transport himself back onto his D-Board if he has enough time to aim at the D-Board. Playmaker appeared and saved Blue Angel from an attack. Haru is tasked by Lightning to face Blue Maiden. As Jin approaches him, Specter muses that he never though that he'd meet Lightning in a place like this (in the dub, he claims Lightning shares his taste in dramatic entrances). VRAINS anime where duelists can take the form of an avatar and take part in Virtual Reality Duels. Prior to this, Playmaker and Ai had sensed something via their Link Sense. Ai then went back in for more but Varis was lifted away by a beam. LINK VRAINS appears to be able to change color and brightness of the "day" as Ghost Gal and Playmaker's Duel took place under street lamps. VRAINS. Ray was surprised to see him. The boy embarrassingly was forced to log out. The duel between Bohman and Soulburner continues. Regardless Playmaker defeated Faust, freeing Naoki in real life. Frog transferred his and Pigeon's future bonuses to pay for it, much to the shock of Pigeon. Aoi and Aqua face him together in Blue Maiden's first duel. As Specter controls a Plant Normal Monster, he Special Summons "Sunseed Shadow" (0/???) Her personality changed and begun screaming with pain and tears in her eyes. They would also have only six hours to stop it as each hour, the tower would gain a ring and would be complete once all six are set. Afterwards Hanoi's plan begun as a giant tower emerged inside the network. Emma chose to go right leaving Playmaker and Ai to go left. Their goal is to destroy the "AI World" known as Cyberse that exists somewhere in the depths of the Network.[1]. Ghost Gal and Ai took part in a game where whoever drew the best looking card from her deck, would choose which path they went down. The sensation travels up his body, and he mutters that it was gross. Suddenly the engines of everyone's Duel Boards deactivate, and they begin to fall. Ai then went back in for more but Varis was lifted away by a beam. Ai asks if they'll have to search on foot for Lightning without any Data Material, but Playmaker notes that may not be possible. Mirror LINK VRAINS Bohman (ボーマン, Bōman) Voiced by: Kenji Matsuda (Japanese); Sam Black (English) He was a third generation AI created by Lightning as a vessel to unify all of the Ignis into one perfect body. The A.I. He created AI Duelists to take down hackers[13] and later sent them to battle an army of Hanoi soldiers. Yusaku, Gore and Skye all logged into the network and the three united. Playmaker felt his Link Sense again and a creature emerged from the sewers, chasing the two down. Inside LINK VRAINS, a mysterious hacker group that hacks via Dueling has appeared: The Knights of Hanoi. Lightning narrows his eyes as Specter states that Lightning could do so if he was a normal A.I., but not if you have free will. and sets "Genius Loci" to Link Summon the Link-1 "Sunavalon Dryas". [28], Playmaker and Varis begun a Speed Duel which resulted in a DRAW. He thought this mean the Knights weren't gone but in fact in hiding with their leader.

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