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Every 15s, the next attack will give one random ally full energy, and deal, Once every 6s, silences lowest-ATK enemy for 3s and deals, Every 6s, gives two lowest-DEF allied Food Souls a, When any ally casts a skill, it will deal, Every 8s, grants CC immunity to three random allies for 8s and gives them a, When three nearest allies take dmg, it dispels debuffs from self (3s CD) and reduces dmg taken. 3.5 (4.6,5.8,7.1,8.4,9.9,11.7,13.9,16.6,20), 8.8 (11.6,14.68,17.77,21.13,24.77,29.26,34.86,41.59,50), 7.04 (9.28,11.75,14.21,16.9,19.82,23.4,27.89,33.27,40), 35.21 (46.42,58.75,71.08,84.53,99.1,117.04,139.46,166.36,200), 3.52 (4.64,5.87,7.1,8.45,9.91,11.7,13.94,16.63,20), 28.16 (37.13,47,56.86,67.62,79.28,93.63,111.57,133.09,160), 10.56 (13.92,17.62,21.32,25.36,29.73,35.11,41.83,49.91,60), 45.77 (60.34,76.37,92.4,109.89,128.84,152.15,181.3,216.28,260), 17.6 (23.21,29.37,35.54,42.26,49.55,58.52,69.73,83.18,100), 1056 (1392,1762,2132,2536,2973,3511,4183,4991,6000), 28.16 (37.13,47,56.86,67.62,79.28,93.63,11.57,33.09,160), 14.08 (18.56,23.5,28.43,33.81,39.64,46.81,55.78,66.54,80). I froze. "Eh, oh...There's a group called "chronicler" in the story right? "It's the thoughts and feelings I had today... almost like a diary of sort. Shun Horie Food Info ", "Yeah, this really allows one to witness how vast the world is.". During my travel, I came across the solo traveller, Umeshu and the eccentric artist, Hot Dog. Yet, the world will never cease to spin. Is it a novel or a travelogue?" Me, or should I say we, the "Chroniclers". The house was quaint but presently, quite a number of travellers were squeezing inside there. Natto is a traditional food usually consumed at Japanese breakfast tables together with miso soup, fish and rice. Mix the natto thoroughly. However, he can be a little clingy. He isn't good at showing his emotions and sometimes cover his face with a mask when he's feeling happy or embarrassed. Almost as if she sensed that my eyes were on her, she looked up. Food Fantasy PV - 1st Anniversary Event (JP Version), "Natto, have you written down today's observation?". A very troubled look materialised on Milk Tea's face. Curiously, I examined the surrounding people, and unexpectedly discovered a girl who was writing something with a pencil and paper in the corner. I tilted my face up and took a deep breath. The world I've seen during the past decades is merely a single part of the whole thing. "You wanna...create one?". I've never thought anyone would raise this request in my life. 160 cm By right, travelling signifies encounter and farewell, and the latter would also signify a reunion next time. She questioned. The secrets of nature, the link between humans and Food Souls, human's resolution is fighting the Fallen Angels... And it's because of their existence that made the world vast. It was almost as if we opened our mouths concurrently. Tofu, tempeh, miso and natto are all whole food forms of soybean. Still hungry for more, I passed the book back to Milk Tea. Love and adventure. As for the text, it's...alright.". ✔️. ", "Eh, writing a diary in broad daylight? I shifted my mask aside and spoke softly. This world is tremendously vast. Icon She walked towards where I was and stood firmly next to me. Refreshments Natto is also a living food and contains the highly beneficial probiotic enzyme nattokinase. We'll show everyone in the world the cruelty and beauty we have witnessed. I tried to organized my words as much as I can. Food Fantasy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. A wooden slip excavated in Heijō-kyō bore the word "chi" on it, the same as the Chinese word for fermented soybeans. My eyes lit up and I understood what she meant. As such, the members are called "Chronicler". Thus, I gathered my belongings and said my farewell to Master Attendant. It must be hard on you.". Umeshu was the last to arrive. Ascended How to Consume Natto. This will be the last time I'm recording something down here. Although the description tells us that the organization is quite large, there isn't any development in the story.". "For years, you've seen many scenes of hardships in place of me. Usually, in this kind of situation, I would hide my expression by wearing my mask. Unknowingly, she was holding a pencil and jotting down something. In "Tou Daiwajou Touseiden" published on the 10th year of Houki era (779 AD), there's a record that a Chinese monk named Jianzhen brought a thirty-stone ship full of "Touchi" to Japan. FF:NJ "...I have, Master Attendant." First, open up the package and take out both the special sauce and Japanese mustard packs. Milk Tea's eyes were shining in interest. The members narrated what they see and heard. Origin CV JP ❌ ", "Oh, right. Rarely do I ever talk to girls. Soybean Natto Powder 2 Pack 100% Natural Nattokinase Freeze-Dried Fermented Food Vitamin K2 Total 600g(21.1oz) 4.7 out of 5 stars 27 $42.75 $ 42 . If I can just obtain a one or two sentences of guidance, it would be superb. I wasn't used to being praised by others. But today, I have no room in my mind to think about things like that. "You've provided a great help. Class I stayed by Master Attendant's side, watching until he took his last breath, and then wrote it down in great details. A few decades had passed ever since Master Attendant lost his eyesight, and I became his eyes, recording everything that happened each day wherever I go. Natto takes his pen and blocks enemy vision with ink, immobilizing them and dealing, Natto opens his scroll and writes a mystic curse rune, summoning a divine curse and lowering DEF 50% for the enemy with the highest HP %, lasting 5s, and dealing, Natto opens his scroll and writes a mystic curse rune, summoning a divine curse and lowering DEF 60% for the enemy with the highest HP %, lasting 5s, and dealing, Casts 1 special basic skill every 18s: Stuns highest-ATK enemy for 2s, deals, Casts 1 special basic skill every 18s: Charms highest-ATK enemy for 2s, deals, Each combo skill cast gives invincibility to 3 highest-DEF allies for 2s (5s CD), and reduces ATK, Once every 20s, after an attack, you deal, Once every 20s, after an attack, all enemies are stunned for 2s, and if any enemy's HP is below 40%, all enemies will take, Self immunity to stuns and silences. ", "This amount of praise is kinda superfluous...". "As long as anyone has a strong passion in travelling and wants to explore the world, they can join. However, unlike many other soy foods, natto is fermented, which accounts for many of its health-promoting properties. ❌ As I gazed at Master Attendant's wrinkly, calm visage, I felt an intense emotion, nothing like anything that I've felt before, surging from the depth of my heart. Under her rounded-glasses were a pair of shimmering eyes that intercepted my vision. On the other hand, the story's plot made me forget the flow of time. Members would also move around the whole world...", "However, the members I described are only Romeo and Juliet. Links with Master Attendant sat down facing west, quietly meditating for the last time. Live, growing old, falling ill, then died. When they meet, she'll undoubtedly pester Natto to pass the book he wrote to her. Once I unconsciously flipped to the end of the book, the heavy rain has already ceased. Rarity Regardless whether they are based on actual events or things he heard from others, he would jot them down. Every time he feels shy or excited, he'll put one on to cover his face.

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