ghee, butter, etc.) The coating was crispy and the fish was moist. Before and allow to heat/melt in the pan. I did make just a few minor changes to this wonderful recipe! Best of all, the entire meal is ready in less than 45 minutes! pan searing plain old fish filets, flavors. And, rhubarb is highly nutritious—with and season to taste with salt and pepper. Assuming you prepare about eight tacos total, each taco with slaw will have about 224 calories, 7 grams of fat, 22 grams of carbohydrates and a whopping 20 grams of protein! Finish whole dish in the pan with lemon zest and juice, and sprinkle toasted almonds onto snow peas. Skip. has a the same satisfyingly crunchy texture. it’s heated, press each tilapia filet into the Parmesan and almond flour Which keeps these healthy skillet dinners totally gluten free and grain free! filets in a way that leaves room for the snow peas! Since pan seared tilapia doesn’t need to cook for very long, the fish is less likely to become dry and rubbery like it might in the oven. Top each almond crusted tilapia Then, add both almond You won’t hear any complaints, and you just might feel like you’re on vacation in the sunny Baja peninsula (margaritas optional)! First So glad to hear this recipe turned out well for you, and that it worked baked in the oven! And, for cook! Heat a large skillet or pan over medium-high heat for 2-3 minutes and add cooking fat of choice (i.e. coating as needed to cover any areas that are lacking. Nancy's Tilapia (or Chicken or Veal) Piccata. mixture to coat them on both sides. Required fields are marked *. ready to serve on top of your almond crusted tilapia while it’s warm! Home Holidays & Events Holidays Cinco de Mayo. lime juice, and salt. a fun crunchy element, I mixed some toasted slivered almonds in with my snow In a separate bowl, combine salsa ingredients and mix well to integrate. I made this last night for my husband and he loved it! On the other half of the pan, add seasoned snow peas and saute while the fish cooks. That coating should be a nice Once Brown fish on both sides (about 2-3 minutes per side). Yields 2 servings almond crusted tilapia skillet meals. on each side. Press each tilapia filet in flour mixture to coat both sides, using hands as needed to get a nice even coating. salsa. your best to keep your tilapia on one side of your large pan, or orient the Once the tilapia was coated, I put it on a baking sheet, sprayed it with some cooking spray, and cooked it at 375 for about 30 minutes. But, unlike golden-brown color when you flip them! Nutrition per 6-oz almond crusted tilapia filet ONLY (without salsa or snow peas): 452 calories | 43g fat | 15g carbs | 2g fiber | 1g sugars | 51g protein | 13g net carbs, Recipe yields 2 servings, nutrition provided below per meal: 6-oz almond crusted tilapia filet, topped with mango rhubarb salsa, served with garlic snow peas, Parmesan Crusted Salmon w/ Carrots, Potatoes & Fennel – Easy Sheet Pan Dinner! As the if you like—just know that cooking for too long can cause your tilapia to dry out. Sauté fish in a single layer without moving until... Flip each piece of tilapia … Here are some toppings that go well with the fish tacos: This Mexican-inspired fish taco recipe pairs nicely with any of your favorite Tex-Mex sides, such as: The tilapia is lightly pan-seared, rather than breaded and deep-fried, making these fish tacos a healthier alternative to many of their restaurant counterparts. Most importantly, these healthy almond crusted tilapia filets turned out to be unbelievably tasty. hands so everything is coated, and now you’re ready to grab your skillet and saying goes: bada bing, bada boom. Bonus: without that usual breaded coating, this almond crusted tilapia recipe can be a great low carb dinner option, too. Crispy and comforting like you’d expect a pan fried breaded tilapia recipe to be, but it’s just as light and wholesome as a pan seared filet! fish like tilapia. On its own, without the side of snow peas or the salsa on top, each 6-oz almond Parmesan crusted tilapia filet has only 13g net carbs! I get my pan fried tilapia filets AND a side of garlic snow peas cooked together, at the same time, all in one skillet! Using a spatula flip the fish fillets after 3 minutes. opposed to a traditional pan fry. coating your tilapia filets or firing up the stove, prep your garlic snow peas. How many ingredients should the recipe require? Fill each warm tortilla with flaked tilapia, slaw and other toppings of choice. Add coated tilapia filets to one half of the pan and cook for about 3 minutes on each side, until golden brown. filet with a generous helping of that gorgeous fruit salsa and DEVOUR. Cover and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, or up to 8 hours. A freelance writer and food photographer, Blair shares easy, quick-prep recipes for busy families on her blog. flip your almond crusted tilapia filets to cook on the other side. Season on both sides with salt and pepper. What better way to introduce your kids to mild, flaky whitefish than when it’s seasoned with familiar spices and wrapped in a warm corn tortilla? Flake into large chunks. the pan from the heat and—in less than 10 minutes—these healthy dinners for two ... Pan Fried Tilapia FredLaxton. one pan meals for two, that are ready in 30 minutes, Lemon Parmesan Crusted Salmon Sheet Pan Dinner, Sheet Pan Shrimp and Asparagus One Pan Dinner, Sriracha Mayo Baked Salmon Sheet Pan Dinner, Baked Coconut Sesame Salmon Sheet Pan Dinner, One Pan Baked Chicken Wings & Veggies | Sheet Pan Dinner, Honey Walnut Baked Salmon with Goat Cheese | Sheet Pan Dinner, Spicy Salmon Poke Bowl Recipe | DIY Poke Bowl, Wild Caught Salmon vs Farm Raised: Pros and Cons. seriously takes this meal to a whole new level of YUM. peas. time against the heat of the pan. In that delicious middle ground between indulgent and fuel-filled, these one skillet meals are a MUST try. dish off with lemon zest and a squeeze of lemon juice to brighten up the things first, start by prepping your mango rhubarb salsa. I did not add the lemon (I didn t have any on hand), and I added a salt-free garlic and herb mixture to the eggs instead of what the recipe called for. I chose snow peas for these skillet dinners because they’re thin and Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. Sweet, mild, healthy, non-fishy tilapia is complimented by lemon, capers, butter, broth, and white wine in this satisfying and deceptively easy meal. Like me, you’re probably on a constant mission to find quick, family-friendly ways to add more seafood to your diet. First, heat a large pan or skillet (I used a 12-inch nonstick pan) over medium-high heat for a few minutes. Add a drizzle of oil or the cooking fat of your choice (i.e. You want that pan and your cooking fat to be good and heated before adding your almond crusted tilapia filets so they get a nice sear! are DONE cooking! On the other side of the pan, Heat the olive oil in a skillet over medium-high heat; cook the tilapia in the hot oil until the fish flakes … … Top crusted tilapia with rhubarb salsa, serve on a plate with cooked snow peas, and enjoy. Cook the This Parmesan and almond crusted tilapia is one of my favorite healthy dinners for two because it’s so quick and easy. those garlic snow peas regularly (as best you can) so they can all spend some You And, I’m left with just the one skillet to wash! Add the tilapia and lightly coat on both sides. say this recipe definitely shows you how to pan sear tilapia on the stovetop, as Our best selling ebook turned into a course – Meal prep ignite! Perfectly crisp on the outside, but still deliciously juicy on the inside! There are so many fun and tasty ways to enjoy the classic dish! and nicely browned. What a great recipe! Now Most importantly, those sweet, tangy flavors are the perfect complement Here’s my fish taco recipe—easy to make, easy to love! these almond crusted tilapia filets crisp up beautifully on the outside! Note: All burners run a little different but I have … It makes for a deliciously salty, savory, flaky bite that pairs beautifully with the umami goodness from the garlic snow peas. Instructions Preheat oven to 200 degrees. onion powder, salt, and pepper. I’d Chicken wings…, Honey Walnut Baked Salmon with Goat Cheese, Beets & Green Beans – Easy Sheet Pan…, Homemade Salmon Poke Bowl with Kelp Noodle Slaw Whether you’re a poke fanatic like me…, Baked Dijon Salmon with Roasted Garlic and Sweet Potato – Sheet Pan Salmon and Vegetables!…, Wild Caught Salmon vs Farm Raised—How to Make the Right Choice Where do you stand…. Toast the corn tortillas in a dry skillet over medium heat for about 30 seconds per side. If you prefer a. slight crunch! Thanks so much for giving it a try , Your email address will not be published. If you love the convenience of one sheet pan meals and recipes, it’s time to give one SKILLET meals a try!

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