Rescue Me! All rights reserved. No dog with a history of biting people will be a suitable candidate for PWDCC Rescue. I have had Portuguese Water Dogs since 1993. Alaska Portuguese Water Dog Rescue Groups. Ian Koturbash Taking care of a dog is a responsibility that often requires continuous expense. This expulsion will be published in the Waterlog and on our web site. Health problems and vaccination updates will be addressed at this time. All dogs are spayed and neutered. Dog training schools offer courses that cost around $125 for 1hr a day 6-week program of basic obedience training. Failure to pay this fee is liable to action by the PWDCC Board. I've been a member of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America since 1994 and have attended every Portuguese Water Dog Club of America (PWDCA) National Specialty since 1994. The Pacific Northwest Portuguese Water Dog Club (PNWPWDC) welcomes owners, breeders, and enthusiasts living in the Pacific Northwest to join together in sharing information and resources surrounding the Portuguese Water Dog. Portuguese Water Dogs are wonderful with children, get along well with other dogs, and can be socialized to tolerate cats. The coat on these pups is also very high maintenance and can become more costly and time consuming than some owners realize, leading to … All dogs taken into PWDCC Rescue will be examined by a Veterinarian, including a stool sample taken and assessed. Prices can vary depending on the course and the fee each trainer may charge. If an intact dog is placed in an adopter home, see Policy 3. above, registration papers will only be provided to the adopter when a veterinary certificate of spaying/neutering has been received by the Rescue Coordinator. For Porties, these can include hip dysplasia and eye disease. You can take them swimming with you or simply walk them along the beach. Failure on the part of the breeder to pay this bill within the calendar year of its occurrence will result in a Board hearing and possible expulsion from the club. Look at pictures of Portuguese Water Dog puppies who need a home. Rescue Coordinators, please contact if you know of a PWD in need of rescue: Program Coordinator and Central Region Jennifer Byers London, Ontario Portuguese Water Dog Rescue Information: The Portuguese Water Dog is a loyal, loving dog that makes a wonderful family companion. Portuguese Water Dogs are good for people with allergies because they do not shed. CKC, AKC or other Kennel registration papers will be given to the adopter(s), if available when the adoption is deemed to be permanent by PWDCC Rescue. Click on a number to view those needing rescue in that state. This map shows how many Portuguese Water Dogs are posted in other states. If a PWD is found in a shelter, and the breeder cannot be determined, PWDCC Rescue will attempt to obtain the dog, or work with the shelter to provide breed specific information to assist in a successful placement by the shelter. Portuguese Water Dogs are excellent swimmers. Donate. Portuguese Water Dogs, like many breeds, have been irresponsibly bred leading to increased health issues. A donation to PWDCC Rescue is required for each dog placed by the adopter. Look at pictures of Portuguese Water Dog puppies who need a home. The Portuguese Water Dog is a breed of dog. Call (519) 504-1023 to learn more about our Portuguese Water Dog puppies for sale, or click on an individual puppy’s photo to see more pictures and information about the puppy. This breed can live in an apartment if it gets enough exercise. Portuguese Water Dogs adopted on Rescue Me! The Portuguese Water Dog is a great dog to take into a pool with you or to the beach where he can get wet. Rescue Groups by State: Alabama Portuguese Water Dog Rescue Groups. Click on a number to view a list of all Portuguese Water Dog rescue groups in that state. List Grid Map. Follow up calls will be made and adopters must agree to a pre-planned in-home visit at the Coordinator’s discretion. To assist owners with problems so that Rescue is not required. The price of … A list will be kept by PWDCC Rescue Coordinator of all call contacts and a separate list of approved and pre-screened adopters. Any behavior issues will be noted on the dogs records and divulged to prospective adopters. 514-773-9376. The club aims to encourage responsible Breeding and Ownership of Portuguese Water Dogs offering help, support and advice to breeder and owners. A favorite treat for many is to retrieve a ball or stick from the water that their master has thrown. Dogs turned over to PWDCC Rescue must be accompanied by vaccination and health records, sales contract, completed PWDCC Rescue Surrender form. Anything Look…Weird? To liaise with breeders to inform them of their dogs in need. PWDCC will only take into Rescue a dog when the breeder of that dog declines to take back the dog. If they cannot, and the dog comes into PWDCC Rescue, the breeder must be responsible for all costs incurred in assessing and placing the dog in a new family. PWDCA Rescue, Inc. ~ ME/NH/VT/RI-Dogs Portuguese Water Dog … Portuguese Water Dogs are smart and need firm, consistent training. A one-year PWDCC membership is provided on adoption. However, free Portuguese Water Dog dogs and puppies are a rarity as shelters usually charge a small adoption fee to cover their expenses (around £100). PWDCC Rescue will endeavor to provide as much help and support to each adopter. Placement is not by order on the list, but by suitability of each adopter to the dog(s) in question. This breed can live in an apartment if it gets enough exercise. Portuguese Water Dogs are smart and need firm, consistent training.

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