In quoting and applying this passage from Psalm 16 to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, Peter showed an inspired understanding of the work of Jesus on the cross. Psalm 16:1. Par - This es ful joy that in hert es resayved, and with toung schewed, and over that joy in hert and mouth, my flesch sal rest in hope of rysyng. These verses can be used to preach the Gospel truth, which is Christ to people to accept Him and believe in the great and mighty things He will do. Lord es part of myn herytage and of my chalyce; thow ert that sal restore myn herytage til me. There was a standing and security in David’s life that would not have otherwise existed. This word “hasten” appears only one other time in the Old Testament. The Psalm describes God as our keeper; he keeps us In a way that no man can. But again, I think this happens with other psalms and they’re not called Michtams. It is now left for us to hold unto His promise as believers, to trust in Him, and have His fear in us. And because David senses that the Lord is near him and with him, David is confident that he won’t be moved. And this might be the hardest part. I will bless the LORD who has given me counsel; My heart also instructs me in the night seasons: David’s heart was instructed first by God and His Word, and therefore his heart could also instruct him in the ways of God. I sal noght gadyr the coventes of tha of blodes; ne I sal be menand of their names thurgh my lippis. It also shows that this payment of sins was perfect and complete, the only type of payment a Holy One could make. David was confident that God would maintain what He had first given to him. When David needed guidance, God gave it to him, and therefore David praised God. He’s constantly mindful of the Lord. i. Other men cheses tham what tham lyst: my part es God, and he es part of my chalyce: that es, he es my copp of al my delyte and boor. It is a good thing to speak good things to our own soul. Ecclesiates says that there’s a time for every “activity” – that’s the word – under the Sun. Psalm 16:5; Dominus pars hereditatis mee et calicis mei, etc. Psalms 16 Commentary, One of over 110 Bible commentaries freely available, this commentary is one of the most respected interdenominational commentaries ever written. None of these should exist under the Christian dispensation; Jesus Christ's offering upon the cross being the accomplishment and termination of all such sacrifices. This divine nearness has an effect on the whole person. So, we’re notified right away that this psalm is a “Michtam” of David. JOSEPH A ALEXANDER Psalms Commentary (1864) Spurgeon had high praise for Alexander's work writing that it "Occupies a first place among expositions. For those who do not live out a true commitment to God, it is easy for them to think of what such a commitment costs them. I have set the Lord always before me - This verse, and all to the end of Psalm 16:11, are applied by St. Peter to the death and resurreetion of Christ. And so David continues in verse 4 to vow that he will never offer the drink offerings of these other gods. There are things for humans to do all day long without His minding in the least – sleeping, washing, eating, drinking, making love, playing, praying, working. He’s constantly giving the believer counsel. He makes no secret of it; at His right hand are ‘pleasures forevermore’. - David flees to God's protection, with cheerful, believing confidence. The verses further explain that we should find comfort in the Lord. King David trusted God and still found a way to praise Him even though he was in despair. 1 The prayer of devotion begins with a petition for protection and a confession of dependence on God (verses 1-2). ii. i. But even though David works with them, apparently they’re turning from the Lord – at least some of them are. In Your presence is fullness of joy; His word counsels us. Lord God, help my faith in you never to wither. This cloudy understanding of the afterlife in the Old Testament does not surprise the reader of the New Testament, who knows that Jesus Christ brought life and immortality to light (2 Timothy 1:10). They desire to look into these things; and the victories of the cross in the conversion of sinners cause joy among the angels of God. King David knew the importance of serving the true God; he knew what it takes to be obedient to God and also the wrath that awaits those who will not fear the Lord. The Septuagint, Στηλογραφια τῳ Δαυιδ, "The inscription on a pillar to David;" as if the Psalm had been inscribed on a pillar, to keep it in remembrance. God is pictured then as upholding David’s allotted territory – which of course poetically is the Lord, anyway. I have a goodly heritage - A Church, an innumerable multitude of saints, partakers of the Divine nature, and filled with all the fullness of God. And David says that this poetic dividing of his portion of land from others has happened to him “pleasantly”. ... Scripture: Psalm 16:11, Philippians 1:20–25. It is God who has given me this lot - to redeem mankind - to have them for mine inheritance. I believe that no Christian should be oppressed by the devil, we have the Power to live and walk in dominion through Prayers and the Word. Psalm 16:4; Multiplicate sunt infirmitates eorum; postea acceleraverunt. They could hardly do anything without land. Copyright StatementThese files are public domain. Trans. Yet the first-person singular pronouns (in English: I, me, my) found so frequently the Psalms are not marked for gender in Hebrew. That they are “noble” indicates that they have been blessed by God and benefited from God’s protection. iii. See the notes on the parallel places, Acts 2:25; (note), etc. This book of Psalm, like many other books of Psalms, was written by King David, the greatest King in the land of Israel. Article Images Copyright © 2020 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated. a. I will bless the LORD who has given me counsel: The false gods of the nations could never give counsel the way the LORD gave it to David. Or only like foam on the sea shore. And you and I know what that’s like. Attributing these words to David, Peter sees them as a prophecy of Jesus’s death and resurrection, that Jesus “was not abandoned to the realm of the dead, nor did his body see decay” (Acts 2:31). So, in the translators’ minds, verse 3 is tied to verse 2 where David is saying that his own goodness doesn’t extend to God but rather it extends to these saints in the earth – these excellent ones in whom David delights. 1 John 3:10; Quoniam non derelinques in Inferno animam meam, etc. Yet when a community pledges itself to other forces of power, violence results and relationships are destroyed. The psalmist then aligns herself with those who have also devoted themselves to God (verse 2). How? Land was a big deal to Old Testament Israelites. a. “The refugee of verse 1 finds himself an heir, and his inheritance beyond all imagining and all exploring.” (Kidner). Hence the need for us to always praise God. Preserve me, O God — Hebrew — שׁמרני, shamereeni, keep, support, guard, or defend me — These words are evidently spoken by one in trouble and distress, or in danger, either from his enemies or in some other way. Psalm 16 is the prayer of one who has devoted herself entirely to God’s care. And all of that is reason for David to be satisfied with God. Thy right hand - The place of honor and dignity; repeatedly used in this sense in the Scriptures. The psalm puts no limits on who can take up the prayer. But what is this word “michtam?” And the rather unsatisfying answer is that ultimately it seems that no one knows for sure. Think of duration in the most extended and unlimited manner, and there is still more; more to be suffered in hell, and more to be enjoyed in heaven. Finding the new version too difficult to understand? John Piper Nov 10, 2019 3.9K Shares God is most glorified in us So, anyway, as I said – we don’t really know what this term “Michtam” ultimately means. They would not have the true Christ; they have sought, and are seeking, another Messiah; and how amply fulfilled has the prophetic declaration been in them! Psalm 16 is the prayer of one who has devoted herself entirely to God’s care.1 The prayer of devotion begins with a petition for protection and a confession of dependence on God (verses 1-2). The sorrows, troubles, tribulations of those who serve other gods shall be multiplied. Due to security reasons we are not able to show or modify cookies from other domains. They are so negative about the people of God that they find themselves unable to see any excellence in God’s people, unable to delight in them. In thy presence - פניך paneycha, thy faces. 3, 6), “pleasant” and “pleasure” (vv. 9, 11) is expressed in words like “delight” (vv. This faithful community stands in contrast to a violent community with a different set of allegiances (verse 3). Therefore, he would not follow the pagans in their vain practices. Out at sea, out in His sea, there is pleasure, and more pleasure.

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