being small and side address, you can work the mic in anywhere easily. Issue #27. I ended up using the front (warmer) side of the KSM313 for both recordings. Bottom line, if you’re looking for a microphone with lots of character and tonal options, look no further. Die Roswellite Technology sorgt für besonders hohe Dehnbarkeit und Belastbarkeit des Bändchens und einmalige Robustheit. One particularly great application to note of is as a guitar amp microphone. The good news about this is that it provides a very convenient mount for a singer. [Shure comments that the output level of the mic has been set up to be roughly equal to that of their popular SM58 dynamic design. This is a good thing. You can no longer have an excuse with Shure KSM313. This mic does have a poorer-quality null than typical figure-8 mics like the RCA BK-11, and my attempts at using it for a guitar player (putting the guitar in the null of the vocal mic and the vocal in the null of the guitar mic) were not as successful as with either the BK-11 or the AKG 414B/ULS. Just keep it simple with this: Typically priced around $1300 it is a more expensive microphone but you really do get what you pay for. Like the older Crowley and Tripp mics, it uses some sort of foamed metal alloy they call Roswellite, instead of conventional Duralumin. The Shure has an exceptional build quality. This side is IDEAL for voice. In applications which would cause an aluminum ribbon to immediately rip or jump out of the motor, this Roswellite stuff seems to just bounce right back. The Shure SM33 was a classic design and could be seen on Johnny Carson’s desk. I wasn’t crazy about the mic on a bass amp. Some of the improvements in this microphone may be the result of Shure’s engineering folks going over it. I put it on my Fender Deluxe Reverb amp and found perfection. No one has mentioned the Roswellite's indestructable unlike aluminum ribbons. Sooo nice for guitars, treats a sultry voice right too! The Shure is priced on the higher end of the microphones that I think also fit into its price bracket: Royer, AEA, and coles. Best ribbon for those who dont have mic lockers to keep murphys law away. On a Mesa Express 5:50 guitar amp however, the mic sounded fantastic with any kind of playing style. Pulled back six feet in front of a bel canto singer it seemed a bit thin but the room acoustics were not exaggerated in any bad way. With its bright red grille and heavy-duty gloss-black casing it reminds me of an angry little wasp perched on its unusual ‘monocle’ mount. It was a very in-your-face sound; for this application, I put it back and put up an Electro-Voice RE20 instead. Now, a number of newer ribbon mics do this (including some other Shure mics and some of the Royer mics), and it provides a larger palette of sounds for close-miking. The KSM313 is supplied with what Shure calls a “monocle mount,” which is a fairly long lever arm with the mic on one side and a 5/8''-27 screw for a mic stand on the other side. Next I tried it on bass and guitar amps in the studio. Mic Database | Mic Reviews | Microphone Sale, Recording Magazine: April, 2010 | by Scott Dorsey, Click to see specifications & reviews for the Shure KSM313. There are probably more myths and misconceptions about ribbon mics than just about any other piece of studio kit. So nice.. However, Shure has remedied this now and offered a free upgraded mount that is much easier to use. Brad's guitar sound was often 2-3 amps blended in a live room so it was great to have a dependable warm sounding mic I could monitor with at high levels when the whole band were in the control room. I was fortunate enough to have one in my possession to write a longer in-depth review for another website. The front side is warmer, thicker, richer - like a more "common" ribbon sound. Before having to ship the microphone back I did have a chance to use it on two electric guitar amp recordings. This microphone has two distinct sounding sides of it's figure 8 polar pattern. I think this is a great sonic compromise where you’re looking for brightness and punch to get through a dense mix, without being over the top for a pop music mix. It’s a figure-8 mic, so you have a lobe in front that picks up sound, a lobe in back that picks up sound, and nulls (angles at which there is significantly less sound pickup) around the sides… but the frequency response of the front lobe and the back lobe are slightly different from one another.

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