The laboratory in engineering education is a place where theoretical and conceptual knowledge can be applied to practice and where theoretical and conceptual knowledge can be developed through practice (Bernhard, 2010). 6). This includes the debate around instructional online lab design, intended learning outcomes, student assessment, and evaluation. Although online labs have been around for some time, the questions around their pedagogical solutions, challenges and future directions haven’t been sufficiently discussed with a thorough engineering education research perspective so far. the project ELLI (Excellent Teaching and Learning in Engineering Sciences). David Boehringer, University of Stuttgart Muenchen: Herbert Utz Verlag. 8). Over the last years, the introduction of digital media not only affected the general way of teaching and learning in higher education, but especially effected laboratory learning. Gomes, L., & Zubía, J. G. (2007). Despite the many potential benefits of this general-purpose technology, there are significant challenges and risks, ranging from privacy, security, ethics, transparency and regulation. Check out this call for papers for a special issue on Ethical, Legal and Responsible AI, to be published in the Journal of Ethics and Information Technology, by Springer. Abdulwahed, M., & Nagy, Z. K. (2009). Dr. May is Vice-President of the International Association of Online Engineering (IAOE), serves as Editor-in-Chief for the ‘International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)’, and is program committee member of the annual REV conference by IAOE. In B. Berendt, H.-P. Voss, & J. Wildt (Eds. Deusto, Bilbao: Universidad de Deusto. Felix Arndt, Peter Galvin, Rob Jansen, Gerardus JM Lucas & Peiran Su. Full paper submission due date ………………………………… 15 April 2021 Stuttgart: Dr. Josef Raabe Verlags GmbH. Special Issue Journal of Management. Notification of invitation for full paper submission …… 15 December 2020 The dynamic capabilities framework “was created with an ambitious agenda in mind, namely, to … 31 October 2020 Notification of invitation for full paper submission …… 15 December 2020 . Claudius Terkowsky, TU Dortmund University Submissions should draw conclusions from empirical investigations or research reviews. Applying Kolb’s experiential learning cycle for laboratory education. This special issue is the result of collaboration between the EU Horizon 2020 projects HumaneAI-Net, TAILOR and AI4EU. Laboratory education furthermore aims at the students’ development of technical knowledge, empirical skills, practical skills, and field-specific as well as overarching competences through independent scientific inquiry (Feisel et al., 2002; Gustavsson et al., 2009; Kammasch, 2006). Department of English, for technical questions, email, cultural studies and historical approaches. This roundtable … Journal of Management & Organization Call for Papers 2020. and Organization. Extended abstracts are submitted here. Planned Submission Process. Deadline 30th January 2021. Labordidaktik in der Diskussion: Das Labor und die Nutzung seiner methodischen Vielfalt im derzeitigen Umstrukturierungsprozess der Hochschulen. Australian learning and Teaching Council, Sydney. Kammasch, G. (2006). All of the above-mentioned approaches include opportunities as well as challenges in terms of flexibility, capacity, range, audience, and teaching and learning methods. Deadline for extended abstracts (800-1000 words) ……. This special issue invites international researchers in the area of online laboratories to come together and display the current status, recent research results and future directions of online laboratory design, development efforts, and scholarly research. Virtual laboratories refer to virtual environments and make use of simulations instead of real equipment for the experimental procedure. David has coordinated several large-scale projects, including the European project “Library of Labs, LiLa”, which involved building and sharing a repository of online labs, the BW-eLabs project, that aimed at the cooperative usage of remote laboratories in research and the reproducibility of research results obtained by remote labs. Dominik May is Assistant Professor in the School of Environmental, Civil, Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering and member of the Engineering Education Transformations Institute of the University of Georgia (UGA). Because of its importance for engineering education, the integration of laboratories has a long tradition and practice-oriented laboratories are an essential part of nearly every engineering curriculum (Abdulwahed & Nagy, 2009; Feisel & Rosa, 2005; Sheppard, Macatangay, Colby, & Sullivan, 2008; Tekkaya et al., 2016; Zubía & Alves, 2012). Azad, A. K. M., Auer, M. E., & Harward, V. J. Hence, the special issue will enable both practitioners and research scholars to identify challenges and opportunities for laboratory education in the context of online distance engineering. This special issue calls for research papers, project reports, or position papers focusing on, but not limited to, the following topics: This special issue welcomes submissions from a wide variety of disciplines, including computer science, statistics, law, social sciences, the humanities, and education. Hence, this special issue focusses the educational perspective (in comparison to the technical view) on the introduction and usage of online laboratories. Feisel, L. D., Peterson, G. D., Arnas, O., Carter, L., Rosa, A., & Worek, W. (2002). Advances on remote laboratories and e-learning experiences (Vol. They should present relevant theories, justify the research design decisions, and describe the research methods to permit an evaluation of their quality. Call for papers: Special Issue on Ethical, Legal and Responsible AI Published on November 25, 2020 November 25, 2020 • 13 Likes • 0 Comments Online-Labore-Formen, Einsatz in der Lehre, Beispiele und Trends. Background to the Special Issue. Internet Accessible Remote Laboratories: Scalable E-Learning Tools for Engineering and Science Disciplines: Scalable ELearning Tools for Engineering and Science Disciplines. Research reviews should clearly state the purpose, scope or research questions addressed by the review. Learning objectives for engineering education laboratories. Virtual and remote labs in education: A bibliometric analysis. Sheppard, S. D., Macatangay, K., Colby, A., & Sullivan, W. M. (2008). Mujkanovic, 2015; Azad, Auer, & Harward, 2011; Gomes & Zubía, 2007; Gustavsson et al., 2009; Heradio et al., 2016; Lowe, Murray, Li, & Lindsay, 2008; Pester & Auer, 2011). His research fields are teaching and learning in the engineering lab, fostering creativity in engineering education, engineering education cultures, and innovative teaching and learning scenarios at the intersection of man, technology and digital media. Journal: Ethics and Information Technology (Springer), Editors: Virginia Dignum, Fosca Gianotti, Raja Chatilla. Book Highlights. Papers submitted to the Special Issue will be subjected to normal thorough double-blind review process. Pettersson, M. I. (2015). Reviewer feedback …………………………………………………. European Journal of Engineering Education, 35(3), 271-287. Augmented laboratories include experimental setups, which are enhanced with augmented reality during experimentation, e.g., to display real time data at experimental equipment’s point of origin. Afterwards he trained to IT. The data must support the interpretation of the results. Feisel, L. D., & Rosa, A. J. ), Neues Handbuch der Hochschullehre. (2009). Fundamental disagreements about online tools By Mandi Astola (Eindhoven University of Technology) My colleagues and…, The 5th Transnational Project Meeting of the A-STEP 2030 Erasmus+ project took place online on…, Yolande Berbers, president of SEFI, took part in the High-Level Roundtable on Skills for the…, Freely Available Learning Resources For Sustainable Design in Engineering Education, Fundamental disagreements about online tools, 5th Transnational Project Meeting of the A-STEP 2030 project, ASEE & SEFI Joint Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, SEFI President on the High Level Roundtable on Skills for the Microelectronics Sector.

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