​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Please be aware that area winds can blow in gusts up to 40 mph and create five-foot waves on the reservoir. Prices are subject to change at any time. The lake is stocked with kokanee salmon. Inspection straps from Eleven Mile will no longer be honored since that body of water is now known to contain ANS. Infants and children under 30 pounds count as a person, 2 Hours / $150.00 18’ Pontoon $175.00 20’ Pontoon, 4 Hours / $225 18’ Pontoon $255 20’ Pontoon, Additional Hour (after 4) 18’ $45/ 20” $50. Windsurfing with a full body wet suit is recommended due to the very cold water temperatures. This is a criminal offense in Colorado and you can be arrested for it. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Boaters are advised that by law in order to be allowed on the reservoir or leave the reservoir, every trailered vessel must be inspected. Sagebrush & Sage Species Conservation Strategy. Spinney Mountain State Park-Fishing. Map: Spinney Mountain Brochure (PDF) Website: cpw.state.co.us/… Belly boats, canoes and kayaks without motors are exempted. In order to be inspected, 1) the hull of every trailered vessel must be free of all debris, mud and ice and 2) the interior of every trailered vessel must be cleaned, drained and dry prior to the inspection and regardless of prevailing weather conditions. Fish species include: Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Brown Trout, Cuttbow trout, yellow perch, and Northern Pike. Please click here for our camp site rates. The marina may be contacted at 719-748-0317. Chaparral Park General Store offers camping sites, including RV and camper sites and tent sites. Spinney Mountain Reservoir opens after ice-out usually sometime around mid to late April. Season: mid-April-mid-November. Visit the Eleven Mile State Park office​ to borrow a child’s life jacket from the Life Jacket Loaner Program. DO NOT operate your vessel while under the influence. The lake is classified as Gold Medal water and may be fished with artificial flies and lures only. *High Season: All motor watercraft $25.00 more on Holidays and all Weekends June 15 – August 15. *High Season: All motor watercraft $25.00 more on Holidays and all Weekends June 15 – … We're located just north of the Gold Medal waters of Spinney Mountain Reservoir State Park and "The Dream Stream" section of the South Platte River, west of the scenic Eleven Mile State Park, east of Antero Reservoir, and just miles south of Tarryall Reservoir recreation area. There is an enforced five-minute use limit while mooring at the dock. Our campground is open . Overall parks Zebra Mussel strategy – Call Elizabeth Brown 303-291-7362. NZMS primarily feed on algae and aquatic plants, and can crowd out other desired fish and invertebrate species. They can also help to refine your casting techniques and give you tips on flies and lures to try out. Please click here for our camp site rates. Belly boats, canoes and kayaks without motors are exempted. Holds up to 10 persons depending on weight. Ice fishing is prime in the winner. Sagebrush & Sage Species Conservation Strategy. But, we need the help of every boater and fisherman that uses the reservoir. Phone: 719-748-3401. They are knowledgeable about what the fish will be biting on during specific times of the year, what time of the day will produce the most action and at what depths they might be found at. Fishing guides and outfitters who use the park for commercially guided fishing or recreation activities are required to purchase a special-use permit each year. Co Rd 59 8.5 miles to Spinney Mountain Reservoir. Infants and children under 30 pounds count as a person. For additional information, see the Spinney Mountain Reservoir fishing  or boating  pages. Statewide Zebra Mussel strategy – Call Greg Gerlich 303-291-7360.​. are perfect for producing and maintaining a healthy population of large trout (we are measuring in pounds here, not inches). ​​For current ramp conditions, see Spinney Mountain's Conditions Page. Boat ramps are located on both the north and south sides of the reservoir.

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