Because the holiday falls during lent, meat is … Create a makeshift St. Joseph shrine and dinner festival to share delicious treats with those less fortunate. As the patron of workers and the protector of the family, he is honored with a feast on March 19. Generally, a statue of St. Joseph is placed at the head of the table and is surrounded by gifts of various foods, citrus fruits, and of course, breads. Holy Mother Church in Her liturgical tradition has ascribed to different days of the week particular focal points for reflection. ​ While fava beans, lemons, breads and seafood are frequently eaten on the feast day of San Giuseppe, and are certainly delicious; my all time favorite food to enjoy is the Zeppole di San Giuseppe. We now unite Italian Americans across states nationwide to celebrate our culture and preserve the traditions our ancestors brought with them from Italy. And if your name is Joseph or Josephine, you will also be celebrating your “onomastico.”. Even small details like adding the invocation, “St. Lemons, like fava beans, are said to bring good luck, particularly to the single ladies looking for a husband. In the Western Church, the feast of St. Joseph wasn’t fixed until the 15th century. This means that the middle of the week is the perfect time to reflect on, be grateful for, and intercede on behalf of holy fatherhood, both spiritual and biological. An onomastico honors your “name,” and St. Joseph, St. Francis, St. Anthony, St. Anne, St. Catherine and so forth, are all celebrated name days in Italy. In a similar way the Church has assigned a special emphasis to each month of the calendar year. This makes three opportunities to draw closer to our … Fava beans, one of the spared crops, represent good luck and abundance, so be sure to add them to your table on March 19. It is also the day in which Italy celebrates Father’s Day. The Year of St. Joseph in the Diocese of Charlotte is an ideal time to “go to Joseph” for all the help we need to be holy. After it’s fried, the zeppola is cut in the middle and filled with various flavored creams or sweetened ricotta. If you are struggling, turn to St. Joseph, especially on May 1, the feast of St. Joseph the Worker. Recite a daily novena prayer in praise of St. Joseph’s virtues and to obtain his blessing for a special intention. On a practical level, resources like The Little Oratory: a Beginner’s Guide to Praying in the Home by David Clayton and Leila Marie Lawler (Sophia Institute Press, 2014) can be helpful for sanctifying everyday life with a liturgical rhythm, thus making the family home a place of prayer in union with the Holy Family. (This information is adapted from the Wikipedia St. Joseph’s Day article.) The Solemnity of St. Joseph is one … We’re privileged to celebrate St. Joseph three times on the liturgical calendar: his solemnity on March 19th which honors him as the Chaste Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary; his May 1st feast which honors his vocation as a worker; and on the Sunday during the Octave of Christmas which honors his role as the guardian and protector of the Holy Family. This makes three opportunities to draw closer to our spiritual father and learn from the holy example he gave us as a devoted follower of Jesus and Mary, a diligent worker for the Kingdom of God, and the supreme model of a quiet and humble spiritual life. In 1962 his name was added to the list of saints in the Roman Canon (the First Eucharistic Prayer). The month of March is known as the Month of St. Joseph and is punctuated by the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary on March 19th. Because the holiday falls during lent, meat is generally not eaten on the feast day. There is always hope that celebrating St. Joseph’s Day will continue since even in cases where much has been lost, some traditions are continued to be passed on – such as making the special pasta. Go to Jesus through Mary, as modeled by St. Joseph. According to some traditions, March 19 was the day of Joseph’s death, … It has the rank of a solemnity in the Catholic Church. Founded in 1930, ISDA has kept its strong sense of community alive and thriving to become one of the largest and most financially successful Italian American organizations in the country. Saint Joseph's Day, 19 March, also called the Feast of Saint Joseph, is in Western Christianity the principal feast day of Saint Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and legal father of Jesus Christ. Italian Sons & Daughters 419 Wood St., #3 Pittsburgh, PA 15222 T. (412) 261-3550 E., © 2020 Italian Sons & Daughters of America. Saint Joseph is one of the most beloved saints among Italian-Americans. St. Joseph is credited to have saved Sicily’s residents during one of their many devastating droughts. March 19th has been a … St. Joseph’s Day Traditions. Regardless of the demands of your state of life or busy schedule, simply being aware of these devotions of Holy Mother Church can give us a “lens” through which to view the workings of God’s grace in our daily lives. Fridays are dedicated to Christ’s Passion and to His Sacred Heart, while Saturdays honor Our Lady, because it was on Holy Saturday that She waited in joyful hope with the fearful disciples for the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. St. Joseph's Day (Feast of San Giuseppe)is an Italian feast day that is celebrated on March 19. It is widely believed that this is the reason the celebration is held in March. Saint Joseph's Day is the Patronal Feast day for Poland as well as for Canada, persons named Joseph, Josephine, etc., for religious institutes, schools a… The Feast of St. Joseph the Worker is not a holy day of obligation. A highlight of the meal are the fried or baked pastries (zeppole, sfinci, frittelle) that are served for dessert. On the feast day, an open house is held, inviting friends and family to join in the celebration of eating the gifts left on the table. Placed in private homes, churches, social clubs and even cafes, creating a table for St. Joseph is commonplace. Holy Mother Church has given Wednesday, “the day the week turns on”—as author David Clayton highlights in his book The Little Oratory—to St. Joseph. By: Francesca Montillo, Lazy Italian Culinary Adventures, Celebrated on March 19, the feast honors Joseph, husband to the Virgin Mary and earthly father to Jesus. Considered by Sicilians as the Patron Saint of their region. The rain came, and as such, their spring crops were spared from being destroyed, preventing a widespread famine for Sicily. Joseph’s Table” is also popular in Italy. Tradition has it that residents prayed to St. Joseph for rain. As with anything in Italy, the menu for a St. Joseph celebration is rooted in tradition. Fava beans, one of the spared crops, represent good luck and abundance, so be sure to add them to your table on March 19. Some older traditions become rekindled by the younger generations, such as creating altars like their grandparents did. The March 19 date is of comparatively recent years (1621) and is formally named the Solemnity of Saint Joseph Spouse of The Blessed Virgin Mary, the traditional day in the Western Church. During this Year of St. Joseph, “Go to Joseph; what he says to you, do.” (Genesis 41:55). Tracing the Evolution of Italian-American Cuisine, Coming to the Rescue of Italy’s Ghost Towns. Tuesdays lay claim to the Holy Angels, and Thursdays are devoted to the Blessed Sacrament and thus the Holy Priesthood. Want to celebrate St. Joseph’s Day in a special way? While St. Joseph and Father’s Day are celebrated all over Italy, the celebration of St. Joseph is more prominent in Southern Italy, particularly Sicily. St. Joseph has long been the saint to turn to when experiencing problems with employment. Using visionary tactics, businessmen and entrepreneurs breathe life back into the country's abandoned villages and towns. Louisiana used to be a popular arrival port for Sicilians and at one point, the French Quartes was known as “Little Palermo.” Celebrations occur, even to this day, with traditional foods and festivities. Joseph Table” of food (“ la tavala di San Giuseppe ”) has its origins in Sicily. Native Italians don't typically approve of Italian-American food, but hey, the old rules were made to be broken. Not quite a birthday, an onomastico is an occasion for Italians to celebrate with family, friends, and of course, a cake or pastries. Along with this 8x10" print of St. Joseph with the child Jesus is a St. Joseph holy card with the prayer to St. Joseph … It is a feast or commemoration in the provinces of the Anglican Communion, and a feast or festival in the Lutheran Church. Join the conversation, and share recipes, travel tips and stories. Joseph, pray for us!” following grace before meals, marking the top of your notepad or homework assignment with “JMJ”, or setting an alarm on your phone to spend a moment with the holy Patriarch can be effective reminders of the closeness of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

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