Ideally, use a separate keyboard, mouse and screen with your laptop, and set each of these in comfortable positions. Your working environment should have a minimal number of these distracting and disruptive sounds. And keep yourself fit – daily exercise (even just a brisk walk) will repay you many times in the extra hours of productive work you’ll be able to do as a result. 700 mm is a good desk height, but lower for lots of shorter people. For fixed height work surfaces the minimum height of the knee space shall be 645 mm. Standard Desk Height. You might also be interested in Dohrmann Consulting’s Office Ergonomics Checklist. A desk should be 900 mm deep (front to back)for comfortable screen viewing, and your desk should not be thick (30 mm maximum). Fortunately, Unplggd has a good strategy for checking if a desk is the right height for you: Think of your back, and the frequency with which you’ll need to be getting things in or out of whatever you buy. For meetings, there is plenty of software enabling virtual conferencing (with video) – eg Microsoft Teams. Leg space depth should be available over the full 650 mm width. Most desks are around the same height, but a few inches can make a difference in your level of comfort. Put the things you use a lot within a comfortable arm’s reach (eg phone, notepad, reference files). Does the chair have a strength and durability rating from AFRDI (the Australian Furniture Research and Development Industry). NOHSC (Ergonomic Principles and … and compliance to Australian Standard or comparable. “Bargain” chairs usually have poor or average-strength components and assembly, and usually break down after a year or two – so be prepared to spend a bit more if you want something to last. Standard desk chair heights range from 16–21 inches (40–53cm). Many desks are still far too high. As we said before, it depends on the individual and what feels comfortable to you. Here’s a few things that you can do to adjust your chair to suit you. Now we believe that you don’t have to be accurate to the smallest degree, in fact, many websites will give you slightly different numbers when it comes to the best height. Get the largest desk that fits comfortably in your space, as you can never have enough work surface. This amounts to a maximum viewing distance of 700mm for typical letter heights of 3.1 to 4.2mm. To get access you may need to have VPN (Virtual Private Network) software installed on your computer, with access rights granted at the other end. The desk top is correct when the tips of the elbows are one or two … Use curtains to control screen reflections or bright sunlight, and don’t sit facing a screen with bright daylight (like a window) beyond and behind the screen. Get up and get things. Correct seated desk height. Put the most-used things closest to you, and consider mobile drawer units which can be moved around according to your best seated position. Most work desk heights are between 28 and 30 inches, which is really only a suitable height for people from 5 ft 8 inches to 5 ft 10 inches (173–178cm) with a conventional desk chair. This is obviously not an ergonomic option for everybody. There’s nothing like barking dogs or noisy playtime sounds to send you to the brink. adjust the backrest into the small of your back; The seat pan should be flat or sloping slightly downwards. Frequently! Alternatively, lower your desk (if you can) as well as your chair; Learn the elements of correct posture, and practice it. Most email services have a 10 MB limit on email attachments. You don’t need to overdo it, though. Put the things you use a lot within a comfortable arm’s reach (eg phone, notepad, reference files). Correct Seated Desk Height. The appropriate chair height ideally occurs when the front edge of the seat is at the same level as the point of flexion at the back of the knee. Of course, if you’re taller or shorter, you’ll need to adjust accordingly, by using a desk riser block or an adjustable desk. Get the largest desk that fits comfortably in your space, as you can never have enough work surface. © 2014 Dohrmann Consulting. But while the flexibility for employees is seen as a perk, as an employer, it’s your responsibility to make sure that home offices meet ergonomic safety standards. Ergonomists refer to this as the popliteal height. work tables, height-adjustable tables, meeting tables and desks. Ask your employer for help. Don’t put up with a dark or shiny desktop: they should be a light to medium color, matt finish. As we said before, it depends on the individual and what feels comfortable to you. Laptops are wonderfully convenient devices when on the go – but are not designed to be used on their own for prolonged periods. Remote technologies and flexible working arrangements mean that more employees are working from home offices. The height of the desk top is best determined after the correct seat height is chosen. You may need to access your workplace server, to receive files (perhaps large ones), send reports or data to others, and participate in meetings remotely. Office Chairs. Armrests are usually unnecessary, and can get in the way or push your shoulders up, so consider a chair without them. Download your free guide: How to set up a home office, on Managing the safety of an ageing workforce, Online Training: Ergonomics – working from home, Hazardous Manual Task Risk Identification and Control Training, System Safety Incident Investigation Training, Obligation-Free Preliminary Liability Advice, Managing the safety of an ageing workforce, How to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders while working from home, Zoom Meetings: 8 tips for more productive and engaged virtual meetings, Working at home – “Employer Liability” and what you need to do, 5 tips for managing the safety of an ageing workforce. As you can see, the standard desk height of 29 inches fits someone of around 6 feet tall. Deliveries are made within business hours. Climate control in your working environment should make you comfortable, but not sleepy. However, if you must use your laptop as your screen, lift it up so that the top edge of the open screen is just below your eye height. You can adjust it to suit (a good distance: about an arm’s length away, with the top of the screen level with your forehead), then use the handy space under it to move your keyboard out of the way. It applies to tables that are fully assembled and ready for use. The standard desk height is 75-80cm. This is obviously not an ergonomic option for everybody. 700 mm is a good desk height, but lower for lots of shorter people. Concealed fluorescent lighting is good (tubes are cool, light well dispersed, long life); consider an extra desk lamp as well, but ensure that the light source itself is covered, and is kept out of your field of view. Computer “towers” on wheels are good, too, but not for long periods (unless they’re highly adjustable – keyboard height, screen height, etc) – perhaps a standing desk might be more suitable for you. “Kneeling” type chairs are “odd-ball” – good for exceptional tasks or certain types of crook back … but they create problems, too (like lots of pressure on the knees). This elegant home office accommodates a large freestanding desk. It’s bad for you and you need to get moving….

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