Superior Standards - University Inspected. Learn more about cooking with summer savory here! We are always adding new things to excite you about gardening. First of all, we have humidity- and temperature-controlled storage, and we never treat any of our seeds with chemicals or pesticides. It is a component of the traditional French blend herbes de Provence and is used in Germany as a sausage seasoning. The perfect gift for all the gardeners in your life! Summer Savory is a native of the Mediterranean that has been cherished as a culinary herb in the western world since ancient times. What is ideal temperature to germinate most seeds? Everything you need to know when planting your seeds from Eden Brothers. All Rights Reserved. Be the first to write a review of Summer Savory Seeds. Summer Savory is a reseeding annual herb that has a wonderful pungent fragrance with thyme and oregano overtones. The seeds only need a light covering of soil, and they usually start to germinate within a fortnight. You'll save 10% on today's order and receive special offers, gardening tips and helpful resources daily. However, as we are a company engaged in what Mother Nature provides, we do sometimes experience shortages and crop failures beyond our control. Bee Attractor (1) Filter by Life Cycle. What are pelleted seeds? Most of our seeds, with the exception of our retail packets, are sent to you in moisture resistant re-closable bags. Plant your Summe Savory with other herbs. list! You may have to order the seeds online, rather than purchase them at a garden center. You may also direct sow. Plant seeds 1/8" deep into soil, but do not cover as these seeds need light to germinate. To thrive, Summer Savory benefits from temperatures between 60 to 85°F. Use the leaves fresh or dried in salads, dressings, soups, sauces. Quick-growing, Summer Savory doesn't need too much water or extra feeding. 10am-3pm EST All Rights Reserved. If you do want to use some, a small amount of all-purpose type will work fine as the plant is growing. Seeds can be potted up in late winter if you plan to start the process indoors. After seeds have germinated and are about 2″ tall, space them to at least 6″ apart to produce happy healthy plants. Summer Savory seeds are very small and require light to germinate. Once it's well established, it won't be a problem if the soil is on the drier side, although daily watering when temperatures are high will still be beneficial. It's sometimes used as a substitute, or in conjunction with Rosemary, Thyme or Sage. This plant doesn't do well in cold conditions. When sowing the seeds outdoors, you want to wait until the end of the frost in the Springtime. Select a cutting that is around four to five inches long and make sure that the bottom half has all the leaves removed. Our favorite? I received my seeds promptly, thank you. Summer Savory Seeds $ 1.79 – $ 149.00 Select options; Showing the single result. © Copyright San Diego Seed Company | All Rights Reserved |, Be the first to review “Summer Savory Seeds”, | Note: Most orders are shipping same day but please expect some delays from USPS, Growing Vegetables in Southern California: Microclimates. Once the plant has started to flower, a lot of the aroma and flavor will be lost. Join the movement to create a Million Urban Farmers. Heirloom Seeds are open-pollinated -- they are not hybrids. Use finely sifted soil to cover them. Savory is primarily a culinary herb used in many dishes, including lentils, beans, chicken and beef soups, eggplant, stuffings, sausage, sauerkraut, liver, and fish. Perennial  Summer savory is easy and quick to grow, and a single plant provides plenty of seasoning for a family. Pkt is 100 seeds. Hybrid seed are the product of cross-pollination between 2 different parent plants, resulting in a new plant/seed that is different from the parents. As you would expect from a plant of Mediterranean origins, it does best in hot and relatively dry conditions. Suggested Planting Requirements: Starting seed inside or in starter pots is recommended to reduce competition with weeds. This is actually the recommended method if you live somewhere that can have a flash of cold weather even in the summer months. We try our utmost to maintain reliable inventory of all products, and are very proud of our record in doing so. You can add savory to any dish but we love to add it to bean recipes, cabbage soup, and sauces. When the plant gets a bit lanky, simply cut back the herb. Seeds are very small and need light for germination. For best germination, cover seeds with finely sifted soil or potting mix and then press down gently to keep the tiny seeds in place.

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