Among the myriad festivals that are celebrated in the Hindu month of Kartik, the Tulsi Vivah finds a special mention. | The Newshour Agenda, 26/11 terror attack mastermind could be in custody soon, Blow to Islamist deniers? As the name suggests, the festival is about the marriage ceremony of the sacred Tulsi plant. Tulsi plant is said to be an earthly form of the goddess Tulsi. However, some sects celebrate Tulsi Vivah on the Dwadashi Tithi, Tulsi was a woman named Vrinda in her previous birth. Plus if you’re a Garden Club member you can take part in the Yates Growing Community - a blog to share successes, get advice & win prizes in fun challenges along the way! Therefore, on this day, devotees perform the marriage ceremony and recreate the wedding of the two deities by dressing them as a bride and a groom respectively. Holy basil is a plant that has violet flowers and blossoms; the stems are green, but sometimes have a purple tinge. Hence, the significance of the Tulsi Vivah. This unique festival is celebrated on the eleventh day, i.e. An aromatic grass with a subtle citrus flavour. Soon after seeing him, Vrinda touched his feet to take his blessings, and as a result, her Sankalpa (pledge) broke. Move Tulsi plant indoors in the winter if you live below USDA zone 10, place the plant near a bright sunny window, where the temperature is kept above 50 F (10 C). During her previous birth, Tulsi was a woman named Vrinda (Brinda), who was married to a demon named Jalandhar (a great devotee of Lord Vishnu). In India and other subtropical and tropical climates, Tulsi is a perennial shrub, but in temperate climates, it is grown as an annual. In Hinduism, Tulsi is revered as a holy plant, and this purple variety is considered especially sacred to Lord Krishna. Aromatic Tulsi is traditionally used in India in herbal teas and as an Ayurvedic remedy. | Newshour Debate, Is The Bitcoin Mania Back? Even Lord Shiva wondered how Jalandhar could be eliminated. Once, Vrinda promised her husband that she would do pray for his victory until he would return home. Tulsi is hardy in zones 10 and 11, and can be grown year-round in the very hottest parts of the US that never see a frost. Jun 9, 2016 - Growing tulsi plant at home brings too many benefits • Creates positive energy in the home • Wards off evil spirit • Should be planted in odd numbers-1, 3 or 5 • Should be planted in North or North-East direction of the home #vastutips #tulsibenefits However, some sects celebrate it on the Dwadashi Tithi. Cover with Yates Black Magic Seed Raising Mix, firm down and keep moist. She cursed Lord Vishnu by saying that he would turn into a stone and also get separated from his wife. Can also be grown indoors in pots. For the rest of us, tulsi can be grown as an annual outdoors, or as a perennial houseplant. But he had grown so greedy and vengeful that he waged wars and created ruckus in the Devaloka. Sign up to join the Yates Garden Club for monthly e-mails packed with seasonal inspiration, tips for success & exclusive promotions. However, when Vrinda learnt about the truth, her anger knew no bounds. Aromatic Tulsi is traditionally used in India in herbal teas and as an Ayurvedic remedy. It becomes even more significant because it concurs with the most important day associated with Lord Vishnu. Tulsi Plant Care. Hence, Lord Vishnu appeared as a stone in his Shaligram avatar and got separated from his consort, Sita in the Rama Avatar. Moreover, she was blessed with the boon of becoming the wife of Lord Vishnu in her next birth. Tulsi leaves are still used in worship in India, and an old Indian healing text reported, “Even the soil under the Tulsi plant is holy.” It was introduced into Europe in the 16th century. Holy basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum), commonly known in the Hindi language as tulsi, is quite possibly the most revered medicinal herb on the planet. Use as a herbal tea, or chop to add fragrant lemon flavour to recipes. Jalandhar lost all his powers on the battlefield, and Lord Shiva severed his head to bring an end to his tyranny. Remove no more than half of the growth of stem while pruning. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we'll email you a new password. « 5 Best Vegetables to Dehydrate for Winter Soups, Canning Tomatillos ~ Homemade Whole Canned Tomatillos ». As the name suggests, the festival is about the marriage ceremony of the sacred Tulsi plant. Prune Tulsi as needed throughout the year to control its size and promote bushier and more compact growth. Water regularly. Read on to know the legend of Tulsi Vivah to understand its significance. Among the myriad festivals that are celebrated in the Hindu month of Kartik, the Tulsi Vivah finds a special mention. Foodie Pro & The Genesis Framework. Sow direct into the garden or in pots. 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