Work Record ID 152748 Image Record ID 688822 Classification Filing Number 275 C615 6SXV 2 [9], Claudel's plaster sculpture may have been influenced by Rodin's 1882 sculpture The Kiss (Le baiser) and his c.1884 Eternal Springtime (L'Éternel Printemps), but in turn it inspired Rodin's 1890-93 sculpture The Eternal Idol (L'Eternelle idole), and there are further echoes in his 1889 L'homme et sa pensée. Blot intended to make and sell dozens of copies, with a planned edition of 25 large casts (of which only 18 numbered casts were made up to 1937) and 50 small casts (of which 14 are known). The fresco decoration of Vertumnus and Pomona in the Medici country villa at Poggio a Caiano (near Montalbano) was painted by Jacopo Pontormo. He eventually refused to marry her, reluctant to end his long-term relationship with Rose Beuret, mother of his son and later his wife. Vertumnus and Pomona | Rodin Museum. [11], Years later, Claudel was commissioned to create a smaller marble version of the sculpture by the Comtesse de Maigret, the wife of Christian de Maigret [fr], whose bust Claudel had made in 1899. Ein Fest der Pomona ist in den Kalendern nicht belegt, es gab aber einen Flamen der Pomona, den Flamen Pomonalis, einen der zwölf flamines minores, was sowohl für Alter als auch Bedeutung des Kultes spricht. VERTUMNUS AND POMONA. It was retitled Vertumnus and Pomona, referring to the characters from Greek mythology, Pomona and Vertumnus, whose tale is recounted in Ovid's Metamorphoses. [10], In a 1988 biography of Rodin, Claudel's brother Paul Claudel was quoted as saying, "In my sister's group, spirit is of the essence: the man on his knees; he is pure desire, his face lifted, yearning, clasping that which he does not dare to seize, this marvellous being, this sacred flesh which, at some higher level, has been bestowed on him. Claudel donated the plaster version to the Musée Bertrand [fr] in Châteauroux in 1895. She never went near the springs, or lakes, or rivers, nor near the wild woods; she cared only for places where grew trees that were laden with fruits. The villa is set among orchards and gardens, and in summer, served as a retreat from the heat in Florence. Blot exhibited a cast in December 1905 alongside other Claudel works that Blot had cast in bronze, including her Entreaty in two sizes, Perseus and the Gorgon, Dream by the Fire, Fortune, Intimacy, The Old Woman, The Mermaid, The Waltz and The Gossips. It combines both a debt to Rodin and her autonomous style. Mit diesem Werk erreichte sie ihre künstlerische Anerkennung. 1864, Fêre-en-Tardenois, d. 1943, Montdevergues). At his point, it was entitled Vertumnus and Pomona. Full of intensity and emotion, this group is a marvel of affection and modest sensuality. One of the large bronze casts (#2) was sold at Christie's in 2013 for £1,071,650,[12] and another (#15) was put up for sale Sotheby's in 2014. Her brother Paul was particularly annoyed at any comparison with The Kiss as he considered Sakuntala to be far superior. [4], Claudel started on the work c.1886, with two designs in terracotta, and a third (now lost) probably in clay or plaster. Once, when the kings of the Silvian House reigned over the Latin people, there lived a nymph whose name was Pomona. Pomona and Vertumnus . Even as she collaborated on Rodin's major commissions in the studio, Claudel continued her own creative work, which the master supported and attempted to promote. She became a student of Auguste Rodin in 1884, and she became his associate and lover. Inspired by an Indian play about Sakuntala’s reunion with her husband after a long separation caused by a magic spell, the work was first modelled in plaster circa 1886.

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