Victorio canner’s built-in temperature gauge. Whether you make this recipe in Victorio’s steam canner or in their beautiful traditional water bath canner, which can be used for either steam canning or water 01/02/2018 Introducing the Victorio Kitchen Products Outlet Store. Be sure to check out my article on Canning Mistakes you want to avoid. A steam canner is a canning tool used to preserve foods that are high acidity. It has a built-in temperature gauge. There are plenty of these free canning recipes that will be great for beginner canner as well as veterans. A steam canner is perfect for canning high acidic items such as jams, jellies, juice, pickled items, salsa and sauces I absolutely love my steam canner, it uses only 1 1/2 inches of water and the canning process is completed through the use of steam! Approved recipes for boiling water canning may be safely adapted for use in a steam canner. But don’t let fear keep you from canning; it is an amazing vintage skill to keep in our modern world. Place a large bowl under the strainer guide for the applesauce, and place another bowl beneath the waste funnel for the refuse of apples skin, cores, etc. This rack enables the canner to be used as either a steam or water bath canner depending on how it … Assemble the Victorio Strainer as per the manufacturer's instructions, and attach/clamp it to the edge of the kitchen counter or a table edge. Figure 4. Once jars are filled and ready for Photo: Courtesy of Victorio. Follow the instructions on an approved boiling water canning recipe for food preparation, jar size, etc. Double-Sided Jar Rack: The Victorio Canner has a stainless steel double sided jar rack. This canning tool has revolutionized how jams, jellies, fresh fruit, fruit juice, pickled items, and many more high acidic foods are preserved at home. Victorio multi-use canner can be used for either water bath or steam canning.

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