Typically four will hold suet with additions and one will be a Pine Tree brand Nutsie block. When you subscribe below, you’ll get an email whenever a new post goes up (and ONLY then. For now, I put out extra peanuts for them as an apology for the suet change. Find out more about what this bird likes to eat and what feed… The common grackle forages on the ground, in shallow water, or in shrubs; it may steal food from other birds. I’m not sure about the wrens. First, while the two types of woodpeckers that visit my feeders seemed fine with pure suet, other smaller suet eating birds were less thrilled. Grackles prefer to eat from the ground at bird feeders, making scattered seed an excellent choice of food for them. My goal was to see how my local birds would react to the pure suet. This was a very pleasant development because it meant that they were only targeting three out of the five feeders. Striped sunflower seeds are especially difficult for starlings to open. Unless it is still cold where you are, don’t try pure suet in your feeders now. This spring, I watched the suet feeders to see how starlings and grackles would react to the two types of suet. Don’t use tray feeders or feeders with platforms that allow grackles to land. Promise!). I currently have five suet feeders, three hanging on a … There are downsides. . Birdseed & Binoculars is the blog of Nancie Waterman. I only use these links for products I’ve used myself unless specifically noted otherwise. So once the temperature rises above about 70F, you need to take the pure suet inside and instead fill the feeders with no-melt/year round versions of suet. If you can’t find it at your local bird store, this Pure Suet sold on Amazon is the type I’ve been using. What do grackles eat? I’m not sure if it is because they don’t recognize it as food. These are the types of suet with the additions. But mark your calendar in the fall to buy some to try next winter. Grackles prefer to eat from the ground at bird feeders, and often forage for insects after a lawn trimming. They rush forward and try to grab it, often snatching food out of the beak of another bird. Blue Jays also don’t seem to like the pure suet either, although they usually go for suet with additions in the spring when they feed their babies. So I was refilling those blocks faster than the pure suet blocks. When it got really interesting was after the mixed blackbird flocks arrived in the spring. 1) Change seed: Take away cracked corn or food scraps, their favorite foods. But I wasn’t sure if this was just a preference on their part or a true aversion to the pure suet. But when the weather got cold late last fall, I tried swapping out one in the back yard and one in the front with blocks of commercial pure suet. The blog’s focus is on backyard bird watching, especially solutions for problems that come up with feeding backyard birds. (Note: See my suet problems post to read more about choosing high quality suet, which additions are good ones and which are not.). They will eat for long periods of time, not giving other birds a chance. Please always respect copyrights. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I was especially interested to see if the annoying spring suet hogs like European Starlings and Common Grackles would eat pure suet they way they do suet with additions. Thanks! The reaction of other birds was more mixed. I would sometimes see these birds hop on the feeder with pure suet and then immediately move to the suet with peanuts. Home » Problems & Solutions » Nuisance Birds » Suet Starlings and Grackles Won’t Eat? Common Grackles eat mostly seeds, particularly agricultural grains such as corn and rice.

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