Scoop out the flesh with a spoon and remove as many seeds as you can before placing in the processor. The guava is a prime host of the Mediterranean, Oriental, Mexican, and Caribbean fruit flies, and the melon fly–Ceratitis capitata, Dacus dorsalis, Anastrepha ludens, A. suspensa, and Dacus cucurbitae. Zinc deficiency may be conspicuous when the guava is grown on light soils. (Also Read: 15 Amazing Guava Benefits: Heart Healthy, Weight Loss Friendly And More). A false spider mite, Brevipalpus phoenicis, causes surface russeting beginning when the fruits are half-grown. Raw guavas are eaten out-of-hand, but are preferred seeded and served sliced as dessert or in salads. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. In areas receiving only 15 to 20 in (38-50 cm) rainfall annually, the guava will benefit from an additional 2,460 cm (2 acre feet) applied by means of 8 to 10 irrigations, one every 15-20 days in summer and one each month in winter. Their antioxidant properties diminish free radicals and balance skin when used topically. It is occasionally seen in Algeria and on the Mediterranean coast of France. 'Red' X 'Supreme' X 'Ruby' X 'White'–large to very large, pear-shaped, with creamy-white flesh; good for eating fresh and for juice and nectar. For fresh marketing and shipping, the fruits must be clipped when full grown but underripe, and handled with great care. Combined fungicidal and double-wax coating has increased marketability by 30 days. The canned product is widely sold and the shells can also be quick-frozen. They were all vegetatively propagated and tested as to performance. Researchers at Kurukshetra University, India, have shown that treatment of harvested guavas with 100 ppm morphactin (chlorflurenol methyl ester 74050) increases the storage life of guavas by controlling fungal decay, and reducing loss of color, weight, sugars, ascorbic acid and non-volatile organic acids. As a thank you for joining our campaign, we’ll gift you our brand new eBook,. The fruit is large, with thick, deep-pink flesh, and fewer seeds than 'Beaumont', and is less acid. It is corrected by two summer sprayings 60 days apart with zinc sulphate. 1. The tree is drought-tolerant but in dry regions lack of irrigation during the period of fruit development will cause the fruits to be deficient in size. and also a source of charcoal. 'Blitch' (a seedling which originated in West Palm Beach and was planted at Homestead)–of strong odor, medium size, oval, with light-pink flesh, numerous, small seeds; tart, pleasant flavor; good for jelly. Some have been test planted and evaluated at the Waimanalo Experimental Farm. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. Sometimes aphids are prevalent, sucking the sap from the underside of the leaves of new shoots and excreting honeydew on which sooty mold develops. 'Acid Speer'–large, round, with pale-yellow flesh; acid; recommended only as source of pectin. Let us know your favourite one in the comments section below. To poach your guava, bring 1 liter of water and 1 1/2 cups of sugar to a boil, then add 3 quartered guavas and turn the heat down to medium. Not popular. Luscious, pink, fragrant guava jam like I had in Hawaii! For pink sherbet, French researchers recommend 2 parts of the cultivar 'Acid Speer' and 6 parts 'Stone'. After washing and trimming of the floral remnants, whole guavas in sirup or merely sprinkled with sugar can be put into plastic bags and quick-frozen. Uniquely sweet and musky, guavas are surprisingly easy to prepare as well as quite versatile. Although they are native to Mexico, and to Central and South America, guavas now grow in most places where the climate is warm, sunny and relatively dry, like the southern United States and parts of Asia. Bobby's guava glaze and orange-habanero mojo add a sweet kick to the tenderloin. After grading for size, the fruits should be wrapped individually in tissue and packed in 1 to 4 padded layers with extra padding on top before the cover is put on. So grab a guava and eat it fresh or in your favorite recipe, reaping all the benefits along the way. 'Smooth Green'–of medium size, with thick white flesh, few, small, hard seeds. The green shield scale, Pulvinaria psidii, requires chemical measures in Florida, as does the guava white fly, Trialeurodes floridensis, and a weevil, Anthonomus irroratus, which bores holes in the newly forming fruits. Halves are firm, good for canning. Planting 16 1/2 ft (5 m) apart is possible if the trees are "hedged". 'Webber' (formerly 'Riverside'), of medium-large size, pale-yellowish flesh, good flavor and 9.5% sugar. In Hawaii, old seedling orchards have been topworked to superior selections by patch budding on stump shoots. In India, cockchafer beetles feed on the leaves at the end of the rainy season and their grubs, hatched in the soil, attack the roots. Here Are The Best Guava Recipe To Prepare At Home: 1. Among the few named cultivars are 'Corozal Mixta', 'Corriente', and 'Seedling 57-6-79'. If trees bear too heavily, the branches may break. Valerie makes a tropical dessert with crispy baked banana chips. 'Nagpur Seedless'–small to medium, often irregular in shape; white-fleshed. With the goodness of guavas, strawberries, milk and honey, this creamy smoothie is sure to fuel your body for the day. 'Red' X 'Supreme' X 'Ruby'–large, ovoid, with deep-pink flesh; agreeable for eating fresh. The fruit can be eaten … More commonly, the fruit is cooked and cooking eliminates the strong odor. Using guava as part of a weight loss regimen can help keep you feeling full and may help regulate the metabolism. There are innumerable recipes for utilizing guavas in pies, cakes, puddings, sauce, ice cream, jam, butter, marmalade, chutney, relish, catsup, and other products. In India, discoloration in canned guavas has been overcome by adding 0.06% citric acid and 0.125% ascorbic acid to the sirup. About Aanchal MathurAanchal doesn't share food. (As grown in Hawaii it is highly acid and best used for processing). Exudates from the roots of guava trees tend to inhibit the growth of weeds over the root system. Cooking with guava is an excellent way to excite the taste buds while enhancing nutritive health. In recent years, the Cooperative Extension Service in Dade County, Florida, has distributed wasps that attack the larvae and pupae of the Caribbean fruit fly and have somewhat reduced the menace. The leaf infusion is prescribed in India in cerebral ailments, nephritis and cachexia. The trees will shed many leaves and any fruits set will drop. Guava Thandai Leaves and bark: The leaves and bark are rich in tannin (10% in the leaves on a dry weight basis, 11-30% in the bark). Under tropical conditions (high heat and high humidity), mature wood 3/4 to 1 in (2-2.5 cm) thick and 1 1/2 to 2 ft (45-60 cm) long, stuck into 1-ft (30-cm) high black plastic bags filled with soil, readily roots without chemical treatment. When grown from seed, guava trees can bear fruit in two years, and can continue to do so for forty years. In South Africa, guavas are mixed with cornmeal and other ingredients to make breakfast-food flakes. Grilled meats lend themselves to a guava glaze or sauce, with a smoky, sweet finish that appeals to all parts of the palate. The versatility of this wonderful fruit is no secret. 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The coconut mealybug, Pseudococcus nipae, has been a serious problem in Puerto Rico but has been effectively combatted by the introduction of its parasitic enemy, Pseudaphycus utilis. Special thanks to, © 2020 CHOWHOUND, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Four more were ordered from Coimbatore but arrived dead. Guatemalans use guava wood to make spinning tops, and in El Salvador it is fashioned into hair combs which are perishable when wet. In many parts of the world, the guava runs wild and forms extensive thickets–called "guayabales" in Spanish–and it overruns pastures, fields and roadsides so vigorously in Hawaii, Malaysia, New Caledonia, Fiji, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba and southern Florida that it is classed as a noxious weed subject to eradication. Remove the guavas when they become soft, after about 10 minutes.

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