lol. If you're going to buy one, buy snappy 100 times on 100. Except Tibalt. So while having better cantrips in legacy does make it more playable there, you can't pretend that means it's definitively bad in modern, because standard easily has even worse cantrips. Now, I don't play vintage, the format is too expensive for me. The way you guys talk about Jace and delve, I keep thinking you mean dredge. And, ever since they said that he's seen play in every format and has more than doubled in price because of the amount of play he is seeing. I feel like he is in the same situation that Courser of Kruphix was in. Also with walking balista out is it good to use it with the infinite combo and just shoot everyone down? Because if your literally just talking being able to recast Dig Through Time then Jace isn't benefiting from delve, he's benefiting from a really great draw spell.  Flip is replacing Snapcaster Mage in modern". Initially maligned by pretty much everyone as the worst flip-planeswalker of the cycle, Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy has stepped up in a big way, shutting down those nay-saying Mage-Ring Bullys and igniting his spark to greatness. And now we all cry in a little corner in a dark room, because we didn't buy the jaces when he was 5$. In case you weren't aware. "While Snapcaster still sees very little legacy play". You shouldn't be able to take that many turns. However, Long Island is one of, if not the, biggest Vintage hubs in the states. Higher power level than standard but fewer 1-2 mana cantrips than legacy/vintage to exploit. Recently got into EDH and built a Stitcher Geralf deck, after playing with my friends tho i quickly realized that all of their decks are very competitive, and my "just for fun brew" stood no chance. cost can be applied to a spell - thus you have to pay the full when Snapping a FoW.  Flip is replacing Snapcaster Mage in modern. Lack of Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time severely limit his impact in Modern (and make him a monster in Standard). Aside from that scenario, I do not think is that hard to maneuver him to reach 4 cards in graveyard and flip him, especially post-sideboard when people board out their removal spells. Because the object of jace isn't always to flip him? I remember when it first caught on, Wizards's first reaction was this: "I'll be real with you. @Unforgivn_II wasn't trying to be condesending. He's probably at his weakest in modern (EDH excluded), as you can't protect him nearly as well as you can in legacy and vintage, but he's still very good in modern. This site © 2020, LLC Sweet, I just got a free Hymn to Tourach. After all, 6 months ago I had a (small) chance when going against twin players with my land destruction deck, but now they either have Tasi or Tarmo out early enough or they can do it off so few mana that I don't have a chance. My question becomes how is he in other formats? (Dig Through Time currently has Legacy by it's britches.). Just no. If he continues to top 8 in the coming months after new cards arrive then I'll believe you. Note: running a couple of Dig Through Time does not make your deck a delve based strategy. I do think that we'll see Jace having continued success in both Modern and Legacy for a while, but that doesn't mean you should buy up a set. did you put in gilded drake? Something that becomes increasingly harder to do if your consistently delving your graveyard away. 1 is bad. Contact | But in legacy you want to squeeze out every bit of value you possible can, and Jace allows access to the graveyard in decks that generally wouldn't run snapcaster, or decks that want more than four snapcasters. I think Jace, Vryn's Prodigy Unless a deck he is a major part of grows to be a large percentage of the Modern meta soon, expect him to drop once Delve leaves standard. I was just stating facts. Doesn't insta-win. I could be completely wrong, but I really feel he has to be at least a 2 of. Economics forum Posted on Oct. 17, 2015, 10:11 p.m. by 2 a u s t i n 5. Don't get me wrong, he's a solid card but he will almost always eat a bolt before you can do anything with him. New Jace is pretty useful in most senses and lets you use alt cast options of the spell your targeting in your grave, meaning you can delve among other things. FNM level, if you're wondering. It'll settle somewhere between $10 and $20, which is fair for a good (but not "insane" card that sees play in one T1 deck and has potential in a couple of T2/3/unranked ones). Point being obviously the card is good in standard, we get that. Hey just a question, I know you haven't updated your list but with the conpsiracy 2 out and torrential gearhulk how would you change this deck. This site is unaffiliated. This is also the reason why he's being used in Legacy at the moment. Between one and two weeks after Origins was released, Jace saw no play and was being talked down about by everyone on the internet. 2 top 8s does not mean that he is a modern staple, and deserving of his price tag. June 15, ... so I am inclined to be ... which isn’t that hard in blue decks. I've been kinda out of the Modern meta for a bit, what does he do? i think he will be a staple in grixis delve strategies in modern for awhile hes very good in those. If I didn't think the FNM thing was relevant, I wouldn't have added it! And then gives you access to those bolts and terminates AGAIN with his -3. I would like to experiment with a sultai list and i think flip jace could work well. @Tibbles He'd be played all day if that were the case, despite his other lackluster abilities. Grixis Delve is all about getting a tasigur or gurmag angler onto the board on turn two or three, and then playing a tempo game with counter spells and kill spells. It's so annoying seeing everyone go on and on about how horrible and unplayable every card is the second it's spoiled. And do your friends like playing you with this deck? This site © 2020, LLC If you could stop being so condescending, I'd appreciate it. So I'd say it's definitely a big player in the meta, at least right now. Cruel Ultimatum is a bad card in modern. However, that have seemed to turn into fights about the love of Jace. These planeswalkers are completely unplayable in the wrong deck but "insane" in the right deck. He was 30 dollars on release, and has only fluctuated between that and 40 since then. Maybe Putrefy went a little out on a limb by saying insane (especially after saying legitimately), but that doesn't mean Jace isn't still great. Umm... delve is counter-productive with Jace. He can't be used as an attacker, has to tap to activate the ability, and doesn't actually generate card advantage while he's a creature. He certainly doesn't justify a $40 price tag. I've got a bunch of friends who play, and they've all said he's quite playable, and are looking for foil copies as they think that's going to continue to rise. Jace on the other hand works very poorly in such a deck due to the timing limitation of his -2 ability (can only be activated as a Sorcery, thereby making it very poor with counterspells). Snapcaster is an instant and can beat down. Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy in Modern. So yes, he deserves his price tag. Having just begun collecting my goyfs (dont tell my wife) ive been pondering which BGx i wanted to pursue. what do you think about- Land: Cephalid coliseum, I absolutely love the deck. He has seen play in Legacy, but like other people have said, Modern lacks the powerful 1 mana cantrips to abuse with his planeswalker ability, so I don't think he'll ever hit Snappy prices. There may be a few niche decks that want Jaace but in terms of card quality, Jace is completely inferior to Snappy. Nobody ever attacks Tibalt because nobody cares if you kill yourself for them. lol. Also, Jace was used to good ends in Micheal Majors' Grixis Control list at the SCG Modern Open in Charlotte. A short while later, Jace was 90$, and Gideon was bulk. @Putrefy You're right. Raise Dead-style effects have traditionally not been eternal-playable, and neither are Shock, Smelt, nor Raven's Crime (8-Rack notwithstanding). Using Snapcaster to give flashback mean you're already paying an alternative casting cost, and only one alt. But I also switched mana drain and the arcane counter spell for counterspell and mana leak, Switched scroll rack for thassa,God of the sea. He could break out there and probably maintain a $15 tag post rotation, assuming he stays fringe in Modern. The price is just from him being everywhere in standard and seeing some modern play. kmcree He's trying to say that Snappy is a better Jace, Vryn's Prodigy in a comical/sarcastic way.

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