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If an Xyz Monster's effect is activate that inflicts damage to its card controller's Life Points is activated: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; negate that effect, then this card gains ATK equal to the damage you would have taken. This monster is so small that all that can be seen of it in the anime is a tiny, green speck. It's not a legendary number wich mean it have chances to get a buff. This monster appears in the artworks of ". Detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; this card cannot be destroyed by that battle, you take no battle damage from that battle, also place 1 "Hallucination Counter" on 1 face-up monster on the field. Property "Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL episode appearances (linked)" (as page type) with input value "Yu-Gi-Oh! the Shaitan, Number 76: Fei Lian, the Wind Dragomaster, Number 76.5: Battle Kombatant King - Lightning Lord Rai-Den, Number 77: Dynasty Commander - Oda Nobunaga, Number 77: Gravekeeper's Spirit Phoenix Atem, Number 78.5: Portiere Fantastico Settantotto, Number 78.5: Tarotius Fortune, The Master Seer, Number 81: Ultimate Light and Darkness Dragon, Number 83.5: Furious Max's Avatar - Black Hole Knight, Number 84.5: Madness Embodiment - Heart of Darkness, Number 86: Solar Ray Dragon/Overlimit Mode, Number 87: Cobra King, the Ultimate Veene, Number 89: Gymnastic HERO - Triple Fold/Overlimit Mode, Number 89.5: White Grandmaster Archfiend Shatron, Number 90: Constellation Scorpius/Overlimit Mode, Number 91.5: Madness Embodiment - Infernal Train, Number 99: Neo-Voltanis, Divine Champion of Justice, Number 101: Silent Honor ARK/Overlimit Mode, Number 108: Galaxy-Eyes Photo-Phoenix Dragon, Number 109: Volleyball Queen Superstriker, Number 110: Alphcenturion, Warrior of the Galaxy, Number 110: Specter HERO - Alucard-Necroshade, Number 111: Specter HERO - Dullahan-Voltic, Number 112: Full Armor Justarmament - Blade of Destiny, Number 114: Technorganic Dinoid Galactasaurus Rex, Number 117: Barian HERO - Tabris the Restricted, Number 118: Intercontinental Ballistic Mech - Peacebreaker, Number 121: Akasha the Metamagic Materia Elemental, Number 130: Galaxy-Eyes Great Space Dragon, Number 139: Raidraptor - Hawker Hurricane, Number 162: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Cipher Dragon, Number 164: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Tachyon Dragon, Number 169: Hearth Phoenix, Divine Solar Avatar, Number 172: Odd-Eyes Zarc Pendulum Dragon, Number 201: Imprisoned Armored Dusk Dragon, Number 205: Legendary Six Samurai - Ryoma, Number 209: Super Chemical Beast Nova Dragon, Number 211: Neo Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth, Number 216: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Darkspace Dragon, Number 228: Performapal Terrifying Vampire Dragon, Number 230: The Phantom Knights of Soul Reaper, Number 252: The Cursed of the Millennium Belt, Number 413: Kali, Mother of the Archfiends, N. Number 3: Jurrac Gluttony Indominus Rex, N. Number 18: Elemental HERO Brawler Smasher, N. Number 23: Nightmare Horse of the Night, N. Number 62: Eve, the Warrior of Darkness, N. Number 109: Red-Eyes Diamond Venom Snake, N. Number 118: Evil HERO Brutal Terror Smasher, N. Number 150: Aura, the Beautiful Angel of Hope, N. Number 151: Dusk, the Fiend of Shadow Moon, N. Number C3: Jurrac Supreme Indominus Rex, N. Number C70: Barian Galaxy Space Airship, N. Number C80: Necro Nightmare Chaos Warlock, N. Number CC80: Necro Nightmare Doomsday Skull, N. Number iC89: Supreme Queen of the Chaos Forest, N. Number X36: Jurrac Indominus Rexastonia, N. Number X36: Jurrac Ultimate Indominus Rexastonia, N. Number X708: Evil HERO Sloth Brutal Terror Archfiend, N. Number X880: Terror Nightmare Necro Ghost Warlock, N. Number X6649: Red-Eyes Fury Diamond Knight, N. Number X22650: Halo, the Ultimate Angel of Chaos, Number A33: Atmos the Sovereign Creator of Flight, Number A33: Spiracron the Flying Weather Manipulator, Number A42: Galaxy Cluster Mothership Brahmos, Number B7: Gymnastic HERO - Lucky Cartwheel, Number B10: Gymnastic HERO - Illumibackbend, Number B39: Gymnastic HERO - Contortion Utopia, Number B41: Gymnastic HERO - Queen of the Knots, Number B66: Gymnastic HERO - Master Key Split, Number B83: Gymnastic HERO - Galaxy Scale, Number B87: Gymnastic HERO - Queen of the Splits, Number B89: Gymnastic Triple-Fold Ultrabender, Number B90: Gymnastic HERO - Constellation Scorpius Split, Number B98: Gymnastic HERO - Galaxy-Eyes Graviton Handstand Dragon, Number C1: Primordial Goddess of Light - Archangel Gabriel, Number C3: Chaos Cicada King - Plague Locust King, Number C4: Destroyer Poisonous Jellyfish - Stealth Chaos Kragen, Number C8: Heraldic King Chaotic-Heritage, Number C15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Destroyer, Number C18: Heraldic Chaotic Progenitor Destruction Plain-Coat, Number C22.5: Galactic Imperial Superroid - Destruction Star U, Number C24: Dragon Nosferatu Imperial Dragulas, Number C30: Corrosive Golem of Devastation, Number C31: Heartbreaker - Widow Havisham, Number C33.5: Chronomaly Awesome Pyramid Golem, Number C36: Ponterus Pilot, the Atlantean Sentinel, Number C36: Ritualiberator, the Unchained, Number C50: Gravitia-Queen, the Metallic Tyrant, Number C51.5: Dark Lifeforce Master Mephisto Rampart, Number C51.5: Lifeforce Medic Rampart Extreme, Number C51.5: Lifeforce Medic Rampart Grace, Number C74: Supercosmic Tech Police Force Chainlight ZW, Number C81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Elite Dora, Number C81.5: Cyber-Troll Admin, ENBA-JAMMA, Number C81.5: King Cyber-Troll, FOTONKRIOS99, Number C83: Galaxy Interdimensional Queen, Number C84.5: Pure Madness Embodiment - Heart of Chaos, Number C85: Cube of Eldritch Horror - Rh'B'X, Number C85: Hypocentral Warplord - Bakushin-chi, Number C87.5: Pure Madness Source - Dark Dollmaker, Number C89.5: Red Grandmaster Archfiend Chatu-Rangan, Number C90: Neo Infinity-Eyes Nebula Dragon, Number C91.5: Pure Madness Embodiment - Train to Ruin, Number C95: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon, Number C96.5: Inter-Dimensional Core Matrix, Number C99: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Baryon Dragon, Number C99: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Mystic Dragon, Number CP32: Shark Drake Veiss Astral-Barian, Number C105: Battlin' Boxer Meteor Cestus, Number C105: Battlin' Boxer Shooting Star Nova Cestus, Number C105: Battlin' Boxer Star Shower Cestus, Number C107: Galaxy-Eyes Mythical Tachyon Dragon, Number C107: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Tachyon Dragon, Number C109: Volleyball Chaos Repelling Queen of the Light Ball, Number C110: Chaos Alphcenturion, Dark Monarch of the Cosmos, Number C112: Chaos Armor Justarmament - Dark Destiny Blade, Number C113: Comics Hero Ultimate Pen-Born King Prometheus, Number C114: Technorganic Dragonoid Quantum Hydrone, Number C121: Akasha-Victoria the Witch of Light, Number C128: Yugen Eva the Illustrious Lifelord, Number C130: Quasar-Eyes Titanic Cosmic Dragoon, Number C144: Utopic Ray the Harmony Melodious, Number C169: Hearth Phoenix Itsu, Spark of Hope, Number C202: Evilswarm Darklord Starscream, Number C203: Star Seraph Supreme Judgement Dragon, Number C204: Nightmare Ghost Horror Walking Tree, Number C205: Legendary Six Samurai - Fury Ryoma, Number C207: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cosmic Dragon, Number C208: Infector Improved Virus Master, Number C209: Ultra Chemical Beast Super Nova Dragon, Number C228: Umbral Horror Nightmare Vampire Dragon, Number C934: Super Terror Nightmare Train, Number CM105: Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus, Number CM107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon, Number D23:Ignoble Knight Of Hellfire Medraut, Number E35: Superbioluminous Relatifungus Mushramjet, Hyper-Rank-Up-Magic Amplification Condenser, Number F-4: Enraged Phantom Beast Chimera, F. Number 18: Ancient Mechanical Predator Mermaid, F. Number 20: Rebellion HERO Shadow Moon Magician, F. Number 21: Gaia, the Fierce Cosmic Universal Dragon Champion, F. Number 30: Ancient Mechanical Predator Ocean Phantom, F. Number 67: Rebellion HERO Atomic Explosion, Number F-90: Dark Rebellion Armored Xyz Dragon, F. Number 92: Clear Wing Mechanical Dragon, F. Number 99: Odd-Eyes Hope Pendulum Dragon, F. Number 108: Rebellion HERO Neo Shadow Moon, F. Number 115: Ancient Mechanical Predator Ultimate Beast, F. Number 4517: The Ultimate Seven of Darkness Beast, Number F15: Gimmick Puppet Grinder of Future, Number F55: Spearholding Hopeful Charioteer, Number F89: Gymnastic HERO - Triple-Paradise Fold, Number I40: Forestclearing Ranger Brutsmoke, Number K65: Judge Knight the Adjudicutter Djinn, Number K107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Knight, Number L38: Shining Legendary Knight Mordred, Number L89: Gymnastic Master Triple-Split, Number L98: Galaxy-Eyes Final Graviton Dragon, Number N33: Chronomaly Eldritch Machu Mech, Number N62: Galaxy-Eyes Quantum Photon Dragon, Number O4: Immortal Stealth Kragen Hydrozoa, Number O17: Prehistoric Levia-Dragon Stronsay, Number O36: Ponterus Maximus, the Atlantean Protector, Number P15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Pendulum, Number P38: Shining Knight from the Event Horizon, Number P40: Gimmick Puppet of Pendulum Strings, Number P88: Gimmick Puppet Paradoxical Leo, Number P90: Constellation Future Scorpius, Number P97: Utopic-Eyes Pendulum Hope Dragon, Number P98: Galaxy-Eyes Past Graviton Dragon, Number P107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Barian Dragon, Number S62: Shining Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon, Number S156: Light Destruction Xyz Dragon, Number T*24: Gimmick Puppet Twilight Wing, Number T*90: Constellation Twilight Scorpius, Number T*90: Infinity-Eyes Regulus Dragon, Number T*98: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Graviton Dragon, Number U108: Ultimate Loyal Warrior Noruzah, Number V-15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Crusher, Number V-105: Battlin' Boxer Rogue Star Cestus, Number V-107: Galaxy-Eyes Entropic Dragon, Number X(1337)34: SuperTeraBLECodeRedDoo.vrs/Crashbug/@p.idmc, Number X4T: Chrono Convergence Star Tesseract Jiffy, Number X9T: Chrono Canopy Star Dyson Jiffy, Number X13T: Chrono Link Star Paradise Jiffy, Number X17T: Chrono Dragon Star Levia Jiffy, Number X18T: Chrono Magna Star Valkyria Jiffy, Number X19T: Chrono Cryo Star Freezer Jiffy, Number X25T: Chrono Accel Star Sonic Jiffy, Number X32T: Chrono Predator Star Shark Jiffy, Number X34T: Chrono Cyber Star Tera Jiffy, Number X39T: Chrono Wishing Star Utopia Jiffy, Number X42T: Chrono Base Star Tomahawk Jiffy, Number X44T: Chrono Horizon Star Pegasus Jiffy, Number X46T: Chrono Ethereal Star Long Jiffy, Number X49T: Chrono Secret Star Fortune Jiffy, Number X54T: Chrono Battle Star Lion Jiffy, Number X57T: Chrono Nebula Star Dust Jiffy, Number X61T: Chrono Pyro Star Volcano Jiffy, Number X64T: Chrono Tanuki Star Sandayu Jiffy, Number X65T: Chrono Blade Star Judge Jiffy, Number X69T: Chrono Sigil Star Arms Jiffy, Number X73T: Chrono Shower Star Abyss Jiffy, Number X74T: Chrono Dancing Star Blade Jiffy, Number X87T: Chrono Seasonal Star Queen Jiffy, Number X90T: Chrono Infinity Star Nebula Jiffy, Number X94T: Chrono Crystal Star Zero Jiffy, Number X96T: Chrono Shadow Star Dark Jiffy, Number X101T: Chrono Honors Star Silent Jiffy, Number X102T: Chrono Seraph Star Noble Jiffy, Number X103T: Chrono Maiden Star Ragna Jiffy, Number X104T: Chrono Chaos Star Mask Jiffy, Number X105T: Chrono Fist Star Caestus Jiffy, Number X106T: Chrono Mega Star Hand Jiffy, Number X107T: Chrono Superluminous Star Tachyon Jiffy, Number X495: Ancient Gimmick Puppet - Walpurgris Mach, Number X544: Gnashing Leviathan Beast Sharkragon, Number X2336: Shark Drabyss the Roaring Sea Dragon Lord, Number X6240: Judge Mist the Adjicutting Destroyer, Number X6784: Sandayu-no-Kyojin the Legenuki, Number X8722: Gymnastic HERO - Triple Fold Graviton Dragon, Number X8820: Galaxy-Eyes Graviton Constellation Dragon, Number X10807: Silent-Eyes Honor Tachyon Dragon, Number Z104: Umbral Horror Vampire Masquerade, Number Z105: Battlin' Boxer Star Skull Cestus, Number Z666: Necro Shadow Grandmaster Dragon, https://ycm.fandom.com/wiki/Number_2:_Microscopic_Mosquito_Ninja?oldid=194834.

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