I needed a quality, mobile recorder that offered XLR connections. So if your rowdy guitar player pushes a recording unexpectedly beyond the available headroom and into the unpleasant realms of digital distortion, just grab the back-up copy and use that, or patch the original with it. The item feels and looks great. Reviewed in the United States on March 26, 2019, Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2018. Otherwise, it's a great unit that will meet my needs for some time. I"m using it for film-making as well. Most importantly, it sounds really great. It can be replaced by other optional capsules, which currently include: In its simplest form, though, you can set the H5 to record in stereo only and then pipe the result down a cable into your D-SLR’s external audio or mike input, to have all your audio and video pre-synced on the camera. It's easy to pick up and work with from the start without having to go into the manual to figure out how to do what you want. It is unlikely that I will outgrow it's capabilities any time soon. Not all units have it but some do and good luck getting Zoom to fix it. We found that recordings gained from a better depth of ambience and, it seemed, a slightly lower noise floor. so I think I will use zoom H5 more thah H6, because I dont really need 4 inputs anyways. Clever stuff! Sweetwater's Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. More than satisfied with this investment and definitely look forward to any excuse to order more equipment when I need to (confirmed 'gear-head'!)!! I wish I had bought this first over the roland r5 recorder. Zoom H5 4-Input / 4-Track Portable Handy Recorder w/Interchangeable... Zoom H5 4-Input / 4-Track Portable Handy Recorder w/Interchangeable Microphone System Including Samson Stereo Headphones and Deluxe Accessory Bundle. I"m not talking about the xy mics on the h5. To learn more about our cookie policy, please check our Privacy Policy. A lot of high quality WAV file options that can easily be converted down to MP3's for easy trading through e-mail. I was surprised there is no AC adapter. The quality is close to my recordings with my condenser microphones. I use it for the two input channels and remove the attached mics. If they have to do it with such fine equipment, so will you with the Zoom, or any other mobile recorder. Questions about the Zoom H5 4-channel Handy Recorder. I bought this when it first came out and fell in love. I'm just awestruck by how nice this recorder is. The software (Wavelab LE) that came with it, however, was very complicated to download, and doesn't seem to have much in the way of features. Plug in earphones, and hear everything being recorded real time, or play back. Visit our corporate site. I also tried just turning up the gain without any mics plugged in and had the same noise results. Then I record the entire time I am writing and working out ideas. I felt obliged to cover the many features offered by the Zoom H5. Easy to use good quality , portability. I’m very pleased with the functions and set up with this voice recorder. ), so you might, say, use the X-Ys for a general front balance but plug up a pair of lapel or handheld mikes for interviewer and interviewee. Sturdy. Zoom would have an unbeatable product if they upgraded their preamps! The basic quality is also dramatically degraded. The H5 and Sweetwater both 'deliver' on all 'fronts'! I"m talking about the xlr/1/4 inch combo jack inputs. I have owned the zoom H2n the last few years and was a little frustrated with the gain volume noise when I would crank it for classical guitar but I will tell you the preamp on this product is by far superior. All factors considered this is the most reasonably priced recorder of this quality. My experience was typical for me, I just had to take a day or two to find the sweet spots for this recorder, understand it a bit, and then do good work with it. Depending on how demanding you are, everything from Tascam’s DR-70D and DR-60D to the H5’s big brother– the Zoom H6– … Four track recording will add real atmosphere to your productions. I haven't tried it, but to test the unit a secondary reason to buy this was to transcribe a number of cassettes I have that I never got digital replacements for into MP3 files to listen to in the car and on my phone. The gain dials are also easily accessible – the mike capsules have their own controls (the X-Y pair has a single stereo volume dial for the L-R channels), while the separate little gain dials for channels 1 and 2 sit below the display. It has some kind of sample rate/clocking drift issue that causes digital artifacts and a "warble" sound on playback when used as an audio interface. Over the past several years, I have not had to ask too many questions, but, when I did contact Sweetwater I have always received prompt, professional, knowledgeable answers/rsponses. I have recently graduated college and found an internship with Sound Design for Game Audio, and so I was going to need a portable recorder that can capture clean recordings so I can sculpt later on in Audacity. Not consistently anyways. Please refresh the page and try again. I can work around that with USB adapters. Don't let naysayers who record ants walking on the ground at three feet away discourage you. The accessories allow you to start right away, except mine did NOT come with a SD card, which still has me scratching my head. Portable, easy to pack. While I am new to using mobile recorders, there is an ease to its operation and everything works as it should. I record at -18 BTW with no comp or limiters the same way I do in the studio. The good news is that most of the audio recorders in the Zoom H5’s price bracket deliver good audio quality. Sennheiser Shotgun microphone MKE 600 + EK 100 G3-B + Zoom H5 perfect solution for my needs! it's handy recorder so you can hold it and record everywhere. ZOOM H5 - Somewhere Between H4 and H6 This may be the longest review I’ve written in some time. When I first took the Zoom H5 out of the included hard shell case all I could say is "WOW" this thing feel fantastic in your hand. The best camera phone in 2020: which is the best smartphone for photography? One highly recommendable option is that you can set the Zoom to make a ‘back-up’ copy of every recording, which will be made at a level 12dB lower than your main recording. It only took a few minutes to unpack and begin using the H5 and I have not been disappointed! I have an older digital handheld recorder that I used mainly as a scratch pad for ideas, but after wishing it had multi-track capability and seeing some videos on YouTube that used the Zoom H4n for audio I decided to upgrade. Rode Wireless Go review. Previously Zoom has mentioned a limit of 99 versions of any one track but even that generous limit seems to have been removed here. I bought this to provide high quality audio to accompany videos I shoot from my DSLR, including using my 400mm telephoto lens. If you're ready for a quality portable recorder with 1/4" inputs, multiple mic options and flexible I/O options, the H5 should be on your radar. I have a long history of recording, and have had the honor of recording in a high end studio as a newly signed artists long ago. The only limit here is that it will pass 44.1/48kHz data in this way but not 96kHz. Sounds is fantastic. Anyhow that"s my review. I use Rode NTG-3 shotguns, Sennheiser ew100 wireless lapel and also use the xy or shotgun attachment for kind of a pseudo backup (if the h5 goes down you have nothing which happened recently due to some faulty batteries that were brand new so I now run with rode on camera shotguns as another back up and my h4n sometimes.

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